Crazy idea: Hire Rick Peterson?

Yanks still committed to Phil Hughes
What Hank said

Rick Peterson is currently jobless, and I’m not sure he’ll land a full-time gig before the end of the season. He’ll still be paid by the Wilpons, so you might as well sit back and enjoy the free money. That is, unless another team has use for you.

Is it outlandish to think the Yankees could do some good by hiring Peterson to work with Kei Igawa and Phil Hughes during his rehab? I think it would be a decent investment. If Peterson can do with Igawa half of what he did with Oliver Perez, I’d be more than satisfied. Plus, if Phil really is having mechanical issues, as is the popular theory, Peterson might be able to help out in that regard, too.

Or maybe the Giants will hand him a sack with a dollar sign painted on it so he can get back to working with Barry Zito.

Yanks still committed to Phil Hughes
What Hank said
  • A.D.

    It wouldn’t be the worst idea to have the more major league equivalent of Nardi Contreras, but chances are Rick can get a gig with someone else

  • Rich

    IIRC, he’s from NJ and wanted to move back to this area when he left Oakland. It’s worth exploring. Just don’t ask his opinion on prospective trades.

  • JohnnyC

    He’d be an improvement over Eiland, that’s for sure. Peterson’s not the second coming of Mazzone but I’m a little tired of watching Eiland learn on the job this season.

    • Stryker

      everyone has to learn sometime.

    • whozat

      What is this opinion based on? Is it somehow Eiland’s inexperience as a big-league coach that caused Kennedy and Hughes to be plate-shy and then get hurt?

      Or, is it “the pitching stunk, so the coach is awful” kind of reasoning?

  • Stryker

    while i’m sure peterson could get any job he wanted at this point, i wouldn’t a triumvirate of eiland/contreras/peterson with peterson being an A-ball/spring training instructor.

    though if we’re going that route, why didn’t the yankees just ask mazzone when he was released from the O’s? i’d say that’s a better gig than being a color commentator for FOX.

    • Stryker

      *wouldn’t mind a

  • dan

    I could see him doing something like that for half a season, and then wait for a full-time pitching coach job somewhere during the off-season. The only problem with that is that he will eventually want to become the ML pitching coach for any team he joins.

  • vinny-b

    definitely not the worst idea, in the world.

  • The Fallen Phoenix

    Not a crazy idea at all–even using Peterson’s services as a consultant, either payed or off-the-record isn’t the worst idea in the world. He certainly has connections and expertise, particularly involving biomechanical analysis, that might be useful to the Yankees (and any other organization for that matter), in my opinion.

    I don’t endorse bringing him in just to be a pitching coach immediately, I don’t think anyone here is qualified enough to really judge the performance of Dave Eiland in that regard; that’s something that the Yankees organization needs to conclude for itself. But certainly, if he’s ready (and willing) to perform any kind of role in an advisory or coaching capacity outside of pitching coach, I don’t see the harm in bringing him in.

  • Mike A.

    I’m not crazy about Peterson, he seems stubborn and arrogant and set in his ways. The “I can fix him in 10 minutes” comment about V. Zambrano is a prime example of that. The Yanks do have some excellent pitching coaches/personel in the system, Nardi and Scott Aldred being the most notable.

  • Brandon

    He’s overrated. Even messed up Mike Pelfrey, he helped a little for the Mets but isn’t as good as advertised. Oli, John Maine, Jorge Sosa, Joe Smith, Aaron Heilman ..they have all struggled worse this year and that was on the hands of Rick Peterson. Believe it or not Eiland & Chaves have done a better job.

    • TurnTwo

      messed up Mike Pelfrey? last i saw, Pelfrey was having more success in the majors than the majority of the young yankees arms to come up in the last couple years. seems like as much as you may not like Peterson, im sure he’s had something to do with that.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    This just in: Omar Minaya has hired Bill Bavasi and Scott Layden to be the new co-managers of the Mets.

    • Mike A.

      And Wayne Krivsky to be his designated middle reliever acquirer.

  • Tripp

    I’d rather see Willie Randolph come back to be the Yanks 3rd base coach. I’m not to impressed with Bobby Meachem so far….

  • Brad

    Nah, i don’t think we should slam Eliand this far. He was praised heavily for how he handled the Yankee prospects. Now, he’s in the bigs for 2 months, and he’s useless? Give him a better chance.

    I do think Rick Peterson did wonders with Oliver, struggles and all. But I also think Barry Zito just stinks. Seems LOOGY to me.

    • Joseph P.

      Nah, no one said he’s useless. It’s just a huge job, and if he had some help along the way, as I said, with Hughes and Igawa, I’m sure it would be appreciated.

      • whozat

        I mean, yeah…if he wants to take a roving-instructor type job in which he hangs out with Igawa and/or the rehabbing pitchers, sure. But people who are calling for him to replace eiland are, in my mind, off base.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona Beach

    I would like him to work with Igawa. I know that I am in a very small minoity (2 or 3 tops), but I think that Igawa is salvagable. I don’t think he could win a Cy Young, but he could be a decent pitcher.

  • ChrisS

    I doubt Peterson wants to play second (or third) fiddle to a rookie pitching coach.

    Just a hunch.

  • Wiggum Fan

    Pitching and hitting coaches aren’t always going to connect. Sometimes, the player is just going to have a bad year – regardless who the coach his.

    It just takes one or two bad staffs to ruin a reputation (Hello Leo Mazzone!). Sometimes a change is needed just to have a change.

    Regardless of that, Peterson really doesn’t fit into the Yankee philosophy. Just think how far this sets the Mets back – the ENTIRE PITCHING ASPECT OF THE ORGANIZATION was under his control. They are now starting over – with a barren farm system, an older starting staff with chronic injury problems and a bullpen that is average.

    It’s a no win situation.

    He won’t come to the Yankees, nor would I want him, as his philosophy and ego won’t blend.

    Really, what has Eiland done – he hasn’t impressed me…
    Pettite has stuggled which he didn’t fix. Wang was fixed 6 starts later by Posada. Hawkins is not this bad (But bad nonetheless). Ramirez was fixed by Pedro and Mariano this offseason.

  • mustang

    “if Phil really is having mechanical issues, as is the popular theory, Peterson might be able to help out in that regard, too.”

    Yeah and if Peterson can’t fix it he will probably suggest to trade Hughes to Tampa for Edwin Jackson.
    No thank you, pass.