• JW

    I’ve seen a few of them here and there. They’re pretty cool. It’s always fun seeing one and not expecting it to be there, and I’ve apparently walked past one (Cubs) that I didn’t see so I’m going to go check back on Monday.

  • Seymour

    I saw one today outside of Modells on 3rd avenue between 86th and 87th. It was the Reds version.

  • kelly finkelstein

    My husband and I have seen every one except Ellis Island, Liberty Island and ESPN Zone (it was closed sunday morning). We did it in 2 days, the weekend of the 4th. Since I am going to the game on the 15th, I’ll go back and see that one.

    We drove up from Va Beach to see the game on the 4th.

  • kelly finkelstein

    I got back to Times Square before the game Tuesday and got my shot of the Diamondback’s statue. Does anyone have a good sized shot of the National League one on Ellis Island?? I need a good one without a fan standing next to it, please!

    Also, did anyone see ASG #3 ?? I can only find it mentioned by an employee of MLB (the marathon guy). He states it was at the Museum of Natural History and then at Fan Fest.

    I think it is a pity that some of the statues were vandalized, and I am not speaking of the White Sox one (written on), that can be cleaned off. I mean the Braves one had part of the crown torn off. And Toronto’s crown points straight up. A couple others were damaged too, but not as bad.

    The All Star Gane was awesome. It was so weird having TWO “stretches”, one after the 7th inning and another after the 14th inning!!!! And the Village People in the 6th dong the YMCA was way cool!!!

    Coming back up for the game saturday, so if the ALL Star Game statue #3 is viewable, please let me know!!