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I’m tossing this up now because I’m going to bed and don’t feel like waiting for an 8-1 game to end. All I can say is that you should read DotF and that games like this happen. The Yanks played sloppily in the field; they didn’t hit when they had a chance to jump out to an early lead; and the pitching was terrible. I’d rather see games like this happen against a legitimately good pitcher such as Justin Duchscherer than, say, Luke Hochevar or the handful of other mediocre starters the Yanks couldn’t beat earlier this year. We’ve got the A’s again tonight; we’ll get ‘em then.

(On the off chance that the Yanks score eight runs in the last two innings, I take it all back. Except for the DotF recommendation.)

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  1. whozat says:

    Well…Hochevar is actually a promising kid, right? I’m more disgusted by them losing to the likes of Olson and guys like that.

  2. Travis G. says:

    duchscherer is basically a younger, not as good mussina. that’s pretty sad.

    and apparently 2 games over .500 is impossible. god was giambi’s error big. that doesn’t happen i guarantee the A’s dont score in that inning.

    i cant remember a more frustrating team in the last 15 years.

    • Bo says:

      A not as good Mussina? The same Mussina who is on 260+ wins? I think Justin D would take that

    • TurnTwo says:

      by the way, is case those joba-bullpen blowhards werent paying attention, Duscherererer was a dominant 8th inning guy in front of Huston Street before moving back into the rotation.

      just saying.

  3. Brian says:

    last year’s awful starting team has officially eclipsed us as they were 34-32 at this point. we’re even a game back of ourselves.

  4. Yankees=warriors says:

    They showed some fight in the end, but still…
    I’ve run out of words for this year’s disappointing team.

  5. LiveFromNewYork says:

    We can’t afford to lose to good pitchers AND bad pitchers. We can’t afford to lose by sloppy playing. I am losing faith in this team and in Girardi’s ability to assess and manage this team and change things that need changing.

    I’m usually an optimist with unwavering faith in the Yankees and their ability to pull through and I was a huge fan of the Girardi selection (was so sick of Torre and didn’t think Mattingly was ready) BUT I’m just about done this season. Girardi says they’re playing well and as long as he believes that, nothing is going to change and things need to change here. They need to get guys home once they get on base.

    I’m tired of the dugout shots when they’ve just done something well and they’re all patting each other on the back but when things are not going well they look like they could care less.

    Just venting.

  6. pete says:

    hochevar’s got much better stuff than duchsherer in my opinion, and like it or not, he pitched great against the yankees that game. I would have been much more frustrated with a loss last night, though, against eveland who threw 3.4 strikes the whole game. That said, we had to win this game. I know its not that huge of a deal, but that’s about 3 or 4 times now in the past couple of weeks that we’ve put ourselves in a position to go a few games over .500 (to the point where we won’t approach it again if we play decently well), but instead as soon as we get one game over, we fall right back to to .500. However, we are still at .500 which means if we get good starts from pettitte, joba, and moose, we could win all three (assuming – or hoping, more like – that pettitte actually does well, which is far from a given)

  7. Guiseppe Franco says:

    Looks like J.B. Cox has a sore shoulder, according to Chad Jennings.

  8. Mark B says:

    Games like last night make you wonder if it is best for the Yankees to be sellers at the deadline if we continue to tread water and fall further behind the Red Sox. While this would have sounded blasphemous only a few years ago and is totally against the Steinbrenner doctrine of winning now, if we are really committed to making the team younger and going no where this year, fielding offers for older higher-priced stars like Mussina, Abreu, Damon and Giambi might make sense.

  9. flynn says:

    Looks like the Rasner bubble has burst.

    • TurnTwo says:

      no, cant be possible! he is this year’s aaron small!


      • whozat says:

        WEll, he said he was having trouble locating inside, which would make it pretty impossible for him to counteract the A’s plan of “wait on the outside fastball and drive it to the opposite field”

        Obviously he wasn’t going to pitch to a 2.5 ERA. But, if he can get back to locating well on both halves of the plate, no reason to think he can’t continue to be serviceable. They’ll just have to score him runs. Which they can’t do. Whoops.

        Late in the season, if they’re out of it…I could certainly see them sending the vets to contenders. Next year’s draft looks poor, I hear. Would Moose go to an NL contender? If this is his last season…I think he might be willing. I wouldn’t mind packaging Moose and a AAA pitcher for a youngish RF bat so we can let Bobby go in free agency/trade him too.

        • TurnTwo says:

          i think the next 2 weeks are very telling, really for both NY clubs.

          but the yankees have a number of games against .500 and sub-.500 teams, right?

          if they can get 5 games over .500 by July 1st, i view them as legit. winning games they have to win against bad teams… thats when i think about maybe adding a piece or two for the stretch run; where a Sabathia-type move makes sense.

          if they cant, then you have to start realistically evaluating talent for the deadline, and then for 2009… this is when you forget about moving prospects/players for a Sabathia-type player, and take your chances on signing them as a potential FA.

        • LiveFromNewYork says:

          The not scoring of runs is what is getting to me most nights. The pitching has given it up a few times (like last night) but in so many other games it should never have been that close. We should be able to mount an offense to overcome a pitching mistake or two. And we’re not doing that and that is what is really bugging me.

        • Mark B says:

          While I don’t want to write-off the season today, but if we are 10 or more games out come July 15th and Moose is still pitching well, the Phillies and Cubs would probably have a lot of interest. Not sure either has anything to offer the Yanks, though….

          • TurnTwo says:

            this is where it gets messy with the veterans, and their no-trade clauses.

            • Mark B says:

              So true…..while I am totally talking hypotheticals here, I wonder if a trade to Philly, closer to his hometown, would make Moose waive that clause.

              More than likely going to be a non-issue as I doubt it is in the Yankees DNA to trade away any productive player during the last season at Yankee Stadium.

              Worth pondering, though, as we aren’t looking at all like a playoff team this year. Hopefully that will change.

              • TurnTwo says:

                this was the big yankees-fan push in the offseason… trade him to the Phillies, bc its his hometown so he’ll waive his clause and the Phillies need pitching.

                i could be wrong, but the Phillies are i think the only team to use only 5 starting pitchers for the whole season so far… and i think they have the best bullpen ERA in the league, too.

                now injuries could force their hand, but the way they are playing, you wonder if theyd even want to mess with what they have going on right now.

  10. Marsha says:

    At least Mo got the day off. ;)

  11. NC Saint says:

    The big league team gave up more runs than all four farm teams combined last night. The future looks a lot brighter than the present.

  12. Steve S says:

    if the dodgers are actually contemplating trading loney and/or kemp (a sper Rosenthal), then the Yankees should be involved whether its trading veterans or trading kids, especially in the Kemp circumstance.

    • TurnTwo says:

      the yankees dont match up. what do the dodgers need? a slugging, middle of the order bat, right?

      but what are the yankees going to give? Matsui? Giambi? they arent getting you Kemp or Loney.

      • Steve S says:

        Cano, and im sure Torre would endorse that move. And Im saying that I love Cano, but Kemp has a lot more value. Especially considering the Yankees outfield situation for the foreseeable situation.

        • Steve S says:

          foreseeable future, I should say

        • TurnTwo says:

          if you’re talking Kemp for Cano, then youve got a deal.

          i doubt that just a single one for one swap would make sense, though. Kemp, for his career, is supposed to develop more power as he goes than Cano, no?

          and Cano doesnt solve the Dodgers current lack of power… in fact, right now he’d make their bad offense even worse, right?

          • Steve S says:

            I think you could justify it for them by including something else. I think Kemp projects for more power but Im going on the assumption that Ned Colletti doesnt know what he is doing if he is thinking about trading Kemp who can be an all star caliber centerfielder.

            I think you could probably do Giambi and Cano and perhaps a minor leaguer for Kemp and another player.

            Who has a slugging middle infielder that would be available?

            • TurnTwo says:

              Giambi doesnt fit, they have Kent playing 1B, and he obviously cant DH.

              Itd have to be Matsui and Cano, but even then, the Dodgers would have to slide Pierre back to CF, and I;m not sure theyd want to do that… and you better get more back for Matsui and Cano than just Kemp.

              idk, in theory, Kemp is a nice player if you can get him, but realistically, the two teams just arent a match to me.

              • Steve S says:

                I just think Kemp is more than just a nice player, thats why I say try and squeeze the fit. And like I said name the team that has a better fit. What team has power hitting shortstops or second baseman available to be traded?

                And Id be willing to take Andy Laroche if they were stupid enough (since they dont seem to want to play the kid), and let Laroche play first.

              • Steve S says:

                And by the way Loney is playing first and Kent is having an awful season and I dont think they would mind benching him or moving him out all together.

  13. JohnnyC says:

    I think almost immediately Cano would kill in the NL (see Soriano, who is even more of a hacker) while Kemp would need time to settle in (see Cabrera with the Tigers). In the long run, it’s a better deal for the Yankees…so, yeah, let’s explore it, Cash.

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