Mocking the mock draft

Ross's Redemption...
Game 56: Morgan Ensberg, we hardly knew ye

Last year I represented the Yankees in John Sickel’s mock draft over at Minor League Ball, but this year I decided against it because it was just way too time consuming. Mock drafts are still fun however, so I kept track of who I would have taken in each of the Yanks’ spots. Here’s a little breakdown of my mock mock draft, as well as the picks that were actually made.

Round 1, Pick 28
Mike’s Pick: Robbie Ross, LHP, Lexington Christian Academy (Ky.)
Actual Pick: Zach Collier, OF, Chino Hills HS (Ca.)

Gerrit Cole was off the board, having gone to the Cubbies with the 19th pick. Collier has a ton of helium right now as a toolsy, Austin Jackson type player, and is a very good pick at 28. I went with Ross because, well, I felt he was the best player left on the board. He’s a power lefty with a very good slider and lots of polish. I was really hoping for Illinois prep RHP Jake Ordorizzi, but he went to the Padres at 23. (Ross eventually went to the Royals at #36, and I took him in the sandwich round of the UBBMD)

Sandwich Round, Pick 44
Mikes’s Pick: Danny Webb, RHP, Heath HS (Ky.)
Actual Pick: Anthony Ferrara, RHP, Riverview HS (Fl.)

Frankly, I thought Ferrara was a terrible pick not because he’s a bad player, but because he could have been had later in the draft. He’s got very good stuff with a low-90’s fastball and advanced secondary pitches (curve and change) to go along with command, but he’s had shoulder issues in the past (as recently as last year). He’s a good player, but taking him in the sandwich round is an overdraft. There were still plenty of better players available at this point. I was debating between Webb and Ross for the 28th pick, so I was delighted to get Webb in the sandwich round. Touching the mid-90’s with an electric fastball, Webb also sports power breaking stuff and a strong delivery. (Webb eventually went to the Mets at #68, an absolute steal)

Round 2, Pick 75
Mike’s Pick: Nick Maronde, LHP, Lexington Catholic HS (Ky.)
Actual Pick: Ricky Oropesa, 1B, Etiwanda HS (Ca.)

Three picks, three high school pitchers from Kentucky. How’s that for unexpected? I wrote up Maronde here, so I’ll just refer you to that. Oropesa is a two way talent, but he offers more potential as a power hitting first baseman. He has issues making contact against quality pitchers, which is a red flag. Oropesa is a good pick, but I just prefer Maronde, even if it costs an extra $200,000 to sign him. (Maronde eventually went to the Pirates at #79)

Round 3, Pick 106
Mike’s Pick: Javy Rodriguez, OF, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
Actual Pick: Ryan Westmoreland, OF, Portsmouth HS (RI)

Westmoreland is one of the drafts’ bigger signability guys, reportedly seeking a 7-figure bonus to skip out on his commitment to Vanderbilt. He’s uber-athletic, and does just about everything you could ask him to do. He does need to get stronger, which will allow him to drive the ball with more authority. He’s likely to fall way down in the actual draft, possibly down into the teen rounds, but still a good pick at this spot based on ability. Javy-Rod is a 5-tool outfielder, as in three good tools (hitting for average, fielding, running) and two great tools (hitting for power, throwing). He’ll slow down as he fills out his wiry frame, but that will give him even more power. My original target for this pick was prep 3B Zach Cox, who went to the Blue Jays at #95. That would have given me four high schoolers from Kentucky with my first four picks. I sure as heck didn’t plan it like that.

I stopped paying attention after that, the Missouri-Miami game got really good really quick.

Ross's Redemption...
Game 56: Morgan Ensberg, we hardly knew ye
  • Nefarious jackson

    ensberg DFA’ed

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Thanks for the feedback Mike. Ferrara at 44 was actually a mistake. The co-GM told me to make the selection and I intended to type in Allan Dykstra, but it instead came out to be Anthony Ferrara, as we were just discussing him. It was quite an inept error of me, but I still think we ended up with a good draft. However, what makes Ferrara not as terrible is that he’s actually a LHP. We were thinking Ross in the supplemental round, but he was gone.

    Oh well…

  • Nefarious jackson

    Mike A, if Cole & Collier were both still on the board who do you think the yanks would take?

    • Mike A.

      Cole, wouldn’t even have to think twice.

      • Pablo Zevallos

        You seem to love Cole. Collier is a great talent in his own right and fills a dire organizational need. We don’t need Cole in the same way.

        • Mike A.

          I don’t agree with that. Yes Collier fills a need, but Cole is the better player. Small market teams need to play it safe and take polished guys that fill needs, the Yanks can afford to gamble on upside because they have the money to cover up any mistakes.

          • Pablo Zevallos

            But we don’t have many prospect OFers to choose from–really just Austin Jackson, Brett Gardner, Jose Tabata, and Abe Almonte. Jackson is somewhere between last year’s breakout and the year before’s flop. Tabata has been shaky at best this season and Almonte is at LoA. We need more OF options because otherwise we’ll be forced to re-sign Abreu for his age 35 season and have Matsui and Damon, to mid-30’s OFers, come back after 2009. Collier has star potential that the previous three prospects don’t quite have, or at least have a lesser chance of reaching it.

            • Mike A.

              The Yanks could draft 50 outfielders this year, and it wouldn’t affect their decision to resign Abreu at all. It’s easier to find good outfielders than it is to find good arms.

              • whozat

                Yeah. And they will certainly not re-sign Damon. Matsui…I think they’re going to need the DH slot for Posada too badly to re-sign him. They’re probably going to hav eto go outside the organization for OFers after 2009. Hopefully, it’ll be via trade to get guys on shortish deals.

  • dan

    I see Maronde being worth more than a late second round pick… if the Yankees could get him there in real life, I’d be very pleased. Hopefully they look at college guys a little more than you and Pablo (and his partner) did. A lot of the young guys in the system are ready to contribute very soon. If there’s an influx of talent that’s not ready to mature for several years then I think it could slow down the process a little bit.

  • r.w.g.

    I’d like to see them take one of the big college bats, like Ike Davis, if they are still available. Then in the supplemental angle for a player like Destin Hood or Cutter Dykstra.

    Cole apparently shows up his fielders (that’s what they mean by ‘character issues’), but maybe that’s just because he’s so good he gets upset with guys who aren’t on his level. There are some reports he’s touching 100.. so you figure, even with him coming back down to earth, he’s a mid to low 90s guy at least. So I couldn’t be upset with the pick.. even though I’m a little of the mind not to bring in guys who might be assholes.

    I’d prefer they grab a guy like Davis, or Brett Lawrie, just because I’m not totally convinced the hitting prospects we have are impact hitters.

    • Pablo Zevallos

      Davis was gone, as was Lawrie before him. Lawrie was actually our favorite for the #28 slot, but he (and then our back-up, Davis) were taken. Hood was too raw for us, and we saw nothing special about C. Dykstra–David Eckstein to me.

      • r.w.g.

        I’d like to have a guy like Eckstein for just a draft pick and a bonus.

        • Pablo Zevallos

          maybe in the 8th or later, but not the 1st supplemental!!! besides the guy is hugely overrated.

          • Mike A.

            If his name was Cutter Globenstein, no one would be so high on him. Same deal with Jemile Weeks. He’s a second round talent with a first round name.

            • Mike R.

              That’s what they said about Payton Manning. Just saying.

  • yankeemonkey

    Mike, what’s the scoop on Colin Curtis? Aside from being a feel-good story, I mean? Is he someone worth keeping an eye on?

    • Mike A.

      He’s legit. Never really thought of his as a feel good story, but I supposed he could be (survived testicular cancer). He’s not in Ajax’s class, but he should be a solid player.

      • yankeemonkey

        Kewl, thanks! And yeah cancer survivor thing = feel good story.

  • BsScion

    Supposedly , signability isn’t gonna be a problem with Collier. He’ll be gone before the Yanks pick at #28. The prevailing thought out there has it that Cole will fall to the us. But what if he doesn’t ?? Do we go with Tanners Scheppers or the best available bat?

    • Mike A.

      Best available talent. Period.

  • http://deleted younguns

    For the love of Mike, if the Tigers do another Porcello this year & jump on Cole…

  • JohnC

    Do you think OF Matt Marquis will still be on the board when the Yanks pick in round 2? He’d be a qulaity pick there.

    • Mike A.

      I’ve heard two things re: Marquis.

      1) He’s more of a 2nd or 3rd round talent that 1st or sandwich rounder.
      2) He’s basically unsignable. Wants a hefty 7-figure bonus to skip out on Vandy.

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