Open Thread: Evaluating RAB

Strike out-happy Yanks down punchless Padres
DotF Lite: Where's Mike?

So things are good in Yankee-land tonight. While the Yanks have the evening off, an afternoon win brought the Bombers their seventh victory in a row. With a plethora of open threads lately, we figured now would be a good time for some site evaluations. Thanks to Mike’s tireless draft coverage, we’ve had a huge month traffc-wise, and today, Joe debuted first RAB podcast.

So I want to take this opportunity to ask you, our readers, to evaluate the site with a critical eye. If you think we’re doing a great job and shouldn’t change a thing, thank you, but we’re not fishing for congratulations. We’d rather reserve this thread for comments about what we aren’t doing or aren’t doing well. What would you do to improve the site? What would you like to see added to our coverage? Leave your ideas in the comments, and we’ll sift through ’em over the next few weeks. The feedback would be a massive contribution to the site.

Strike out-happy Yanks down punchless Padres
DotF Lite: Where's Mike?
  • pat

    site is great layout wise like the tone and freqency of the posts. DoF is by far my favorite feature. keep it up boys

  • joba

    Dotf is the best….would like some DSL coverage tho

  • UpstateYank

    I am a long time reader but have never posted but I figured now is a good time to tell you guys you do a great job. You bring insightful analysis of both the majors and minors as well as inject some much needed humor into what is a long and stressful season. Down on the farm is a personal favorite and the draft coverage was excellent. Keep up the good work.

  • b/c

    More posts are always better but everything is great.

  • Big B

    It would be really cool if you could get Phil Hughes to do a guest blog…the guy must have tons of free time on his hangs hanging out in Tampa.

  • Jamal G.

    No complaints, keep up the good work.

    Brett Gardner just gunned down a runner at home from CF preserving the 3-3 tie.

    • Jamal G.

      Sorry, it’s 4-2 Toledo. Kinda spaced out there.

  • Oscar Azocar

    This might sound totally nuts (and I’m mostly a lurker), but what about allowing more user-generated content? (e.g. user registration, allowing user diaries, comment tracking, etc.). A good example of this format is, a very successful political blog. You and the rest of the site authors could control the front page, but users could post their own stories, which could be somehow sorted based on recommendations from other users.

    • Pablo Zevallos

      but the more relevant Minor League Ball went awry that way

  • Miles Roche

    First let me start by signing off on what is mentioned above.
    The DotF is by far and away the most exciting aspect of your site. Hands down. . .

    Only thing i can think of which shall be added, is the occasional feature story and/or interview with our top prospects that some other Minor League Blogs have. . .

    But you’re doing great guys. Keep up the good work!

    • Miles Roche

      Let me add by saying that your Minor League coverage – as a whole – blows away the competition, yet the additions that i suggested would broaden the gap even more, IMHO.

      Thanks for giving us readers the opportunity to try and better the quality of this great site.

  • A.D.

    Only things I’d say is, the Guest Posts were great, seemed to of stopped, don’t know if its lack of entries or getting away from it.

    Also some more/continued open feed discussions would be excellent.

    Otherwise think it’s an excellent site, Dotf is great, always on top of the news

  • Lou

    Best site around of it’s nature, and you don’t need to change a thing. I do love baseball history though, any back stories on past yankee exploits would be welcome in my book.

  • Jake

    Can you get Tabata’s head on straight, get Hughes healthy and effective and sign Gerrit Cole? No, ok, then this site is perfect as is.

  • Old Ranger

    I very much enjoy your site. Keep it easy; to post and comment to others that have already done so. Most of the people posting on this site, enjoy the give and take of information…without the sarcasm or insulting diatribe encountered elsewhere. This (and one other) is the epicenter for information and news of the Yanks and the minor leagues. You have some very enthusiastic and well informed people posting here, keep it up. Being very old, I am a work in progress with the inter-net and just found your site by accident…last fall.

    • Miles Roche

      Where’s the 27/08? on this comment?

      • Old Ranger

        Sorry bout dat! 27/08?

        • Miles Roche

          Ha haaaaaaaa!

          What’s that all about anyway?

          • Old Ranger

            27th WS win for 2008 (maybe)?
            Thanks for asking.

            • Miles Roche

              Ha Ha! That’s a good one.

              Do yourself a favor and keep yourself young, alright?

  • Northrop

    Love DOTF and links to other sites. Would like more coverage of guys on DL. I love the site and visit several times each day

  • b/c

    Getting rid of the ads (i know i know just a pet peeve) and maybe diaries like on John Sickels site

  • dan

    One thing that I would NOT do is make this site into an Athletics Nation or Lone Star Ball kind of site (the SB Nation kind of thing is what I’m talking about). I don’t really know why, but I hate those kinds of sites… they seem phony to me for some reason.

    I definitely enjoy reading the opinions of all three of you, when you offer them… as well as the occasional joke that’s thrown in.

    Something I’ve wondered for quite a while is, what kinds of people are we (commenters) talking to on a daily basis? I’m pretty sure that Jamal is the only commenter here that I know the age of. It always seems a little strange to me if I’m deconstructing someone’s argument without knowing whether they are 16 or 60. I’m not asking for like stalker-ish information (name, address, emails, etc.), just a little to know maybe even as much as the average age (or % by race, % by sex, % currently in college, etc.) of RAB readers. A reader survey of the site itself as well as demographics might be beneficial to you guys as well (probably more so than asking general opinions).

    Last thing: Does Mike not believe in Facebook? I’ve sent a friend request once or twice and he still has the “question mark” picture up.

    • b/c

      um, what your asking for takes away a major benefit of the internet, namely that people are treated by how they present themselves rather than in a manner that would reflect the perception their age etc. would give them.

      I’m very young, does it mean you should look at me as if you know better just b/c of life experience.

      As far as life, yes.

      As far as baseball, well no.

      In this day and age you get judged on what you bring to the table.

      Anonymity helps with that.

      • Babe’s Ghost

        As an old person, relative to Jamal G at least, I disagree. The value of wisdom/experience is very hard to appreciate when you’re young, mostly because by definition it isn’t available to you. To put it in statistical terms, it’s a question of sample size. If someone has watched the game for twenty years or more then they’ve accumulated more data against which to judge the relative significance of a given event. And by judge I mean something more than a gut feeling, but less involved than a true statistical analysis… something akin to what Gladwell talks about in Blink.

        “What about statistical models,” you cry, “Haven’t we left the dark ages of old school baseball behind us?”

        I won’t bore you with the famous Twain quote about statistics, but the fact is that all models have their limitations and the power of self-deception can overwhelm even the best statistical model. If you don’t believe me take a look at the credit markets.

        Alternatively, you can think of wisdom from a neuro-cognitive framework, as the work of Shelley Carson suggests there are differences in information processing between age groups, with younger people able to focus more intently, but older people able to process a broader range of data and draw connections between it.

        Anyway, speaking from my experience as someone who once wrote off the value of “experience”… it’s not without value. It’s not the trump card it once was, but a handy tool to have on your belt and can occasionally save your bacon.

        **This is not to say I am against statistics or modeling, only that it has limitations. Nor is it any kind of slam on Jamal, whose opinion I respect.**

      • dan

        I think we’re misunderstood. I really wanted to know general things, like average age for example. I don’t really care if Old Ranger is actually 14.

        • Old Ranger

          I would not wish to be 14 or even 21…30-40, maybe!
          For the record, I’m 69…going on 100. I have had the great privilege of seeing some of the greatest ball players of the second half of the last century, someone much younger can only read of them…so, to some extent, age dose mater. Be young and enjoy it while you can…you to may get old and tell stories of things you will have seen or done, one hopes anyhow!

    • Old Ranger

      I must admit, the age thing adds/detracts the veracity of many comments made on many blogs. 27/08?

  • Jake H

    Love the site. It’s my favorite Yankee blog. Only would like a little more minor league coverage because I love watching the prospects.

  • shades

    site is amazing. agree with northrop, adding a watch for guys on the dl would be cool. this way i will know when its time to dust off my pavano jersey

  • Steve S

    doing a great job

    But you guys know how I feel about the T-Shirts.

  • dan

    Let me elaborate on the SB Nation thing a little bit….

    If you do decide to go that route (fanposts at random), don’t make it in the way– make it off to the side so we can easily ignore it. I do enjoy the guest posts, but fanposts on Minor League Ball are, for the most part, annoyingly bad.

    • b/c

      Didn’t use to be that way, just since he changed formats and people didn’t re register.

      Used to be really good.

  • Rich

    I have two very minor requests of a technical nature.

    It would be great if there was the ability to edit posts, and two sometimes I check the site and I”m not sure if I have read new posts. A time stamp attached to each post would probably alleviate that.

    • Miles Roche

      2nd that, Pal.

    • dan

      There are already time stamps. (you posted that on June 13th and 9:03 pm)

      • Rich

        Time stamps on RAB’s blog posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    I think this is the best run most interesting Yankee blog. Keep of the great work.

  • The Scout

    This is the first site I check and I visit it a couple of times most days. Your assessments are generally fair and grounded in data and sensible analysis. (Be sure to remind us what acronyms and initials stand for and how they’re calculated — perhaps add a side column glossary of stat-head terms.) Your readers occasionally take off after each other, but that’s the nature of the beast. How you manage to keep up to date without burning out is beyond me. The occasional reader post as a starting point for discussion would not be a bad thing, but that’s a minor point.

  • dave

    Everything is great. Maybe do some prospect retros on players like bernie, jeter, mo. Maybe get some interviews with some scouts to get some first hand information on some of the kids on the farm.

  • Dave

    I would say have some links to the larger scale things, for instance a link to the organizational depth chart. Also, a suggestion of mine would be for the minor leaguers is maybe you could have an ETA on their respective promotions? Obviously it would just be your opinion, but that isnt such a bad thing.

  • jb

    I love the site and don’t think any changes need to be made – and its items like this post that serve to reinforce this.

    The only thing I think you should add is the use your new found exposure (several times in the last weeks you have been hat tipped and linked to on the WWL) to try and get some interviews with new/old yankees, yankee peripherals (think guys that no one has asked the time of day for – bat boys, ground crew guys, the guy who clanks the pan with the spoon [on second thought, he’s way outta your league, I mean he was on the dais for the ground breaking ceremony!] and other guys of that ilk).

    Keep up the great work and lets get a RAB contingent at Stan’s sometime real soon, anyone down for Sunday?

  • Jamal G.

    Yeah, the Rays are for real. What a meltdown by Carlos Marmol.

  • Josh

    I love the site, I would just like to see more minor league stuff like scouting reports. I could endlessly read prospect speculation and analysis.

  • Chris A

    yea a glossary for some stat abbreviations would be clutch, sometimes i have no idea wat u guys r talkin bout

    • Pete

      “RAB’s Guide to Stats” — right in the menu bar. :)

      The content is awesome guys – no need to change a thing in that department. And you know how I feel about the other stuff…

  • Big B

    Off topic, but anybody watching Venditte now? The batter keeps switching between left and right…hopefully this gets on SportsCenter…

    • Chris A

      damn i dont get SI games, we need a youtube clip

      • Big B

        It was on SNY tonight. The final batter of the game was a switch hitter that initially stepped in batting from the right side. When Venditte was about to pitch from the right side, he jumped in the other batters box…this went on for a few times before the game was delayed. It will definitely be on TV highlights later or YouTube.

        • Big Al Sal

          can someone link to the video clip if and when it’s posted? that sounds hilarious!

    • Chris

      LMAO watching them go back and forth. Of course, by the time the batter stepped up he was probably so confused and pissed off I was expecting an easy strikeout.

      BTW, does anyone know the official rule on how to handle a switch pitcher and a switch hitter?

      • Matt M.

        i thought that i saw mike comment on it somewhere to the effect that the pitcher has to declare the side that he’s pitching from before the at bat ie. the hitter would have the final choice. but i could be mistaken

  • nmc

    My favorite thing is that you guys are definitely in the comments. Worst thing about a lot of blogs is that people just post and that’s it. Also I like that you all actually take what commenters on here say and thoroughly evaluate it. civilized discourse and whatnot..

    • Matt M.

      agreed. this site has become the first site i check when i log onto a computer (even ahead of pete abe’s — cuz you guys manage to relay the breaking news fairly quickly from whoever breaks it)

      the fact that you guys are actively commenting adds to the intimacy of the site.

      obviously you guys arent beat writers so you cant contribute that insiderinfo. but you have done well forming your own niche — Dotf/prospect postings.

  • AB

    I’ve made a couple posts but mostly I’m just a reader and big fan of your site. I don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but I thought I’d let you know how your site fits into my daily yankee blog reading alongside the others. I go to Pete Abe’s site for the gameday updates/lineups/comments and inside scoops for the major league team. I check Bronx Banter for what I consider to be fine baseball writing that oozes with an old school love of the game. I go to Was Watching for the occasional interesting statistical breakdown and the sometimes witty sarcasm. I check Chad Jennings’s blog for updates on the AAA squad.

    I come to RAB for timely Yankees updates that provide the important info without making me read paragraph after paragraph of unqualified second-guessing and overreactions that plague the lesser blogs and forums. You guys have far and away the best site for staying on top of the Yankee organization from the majors to the minors.

    I, personally, would really like to see you guys keep refining the things that you already do really well, rather than trying to expand your site to take business away from the sites that do certain things better than you. To that end, I would suggest you listen to the great community you’ve built around you and make the small changes to the commenting system that would make it easier and more fun. Also, I think that since you guys are the site that a lot of people come to for complete minor league system updates, a little more detail in the DotF series wouldn’t hurt. Occasional updates on the status of top prospects would be awesome. Lastly, I think that making the page a little more interesting graphically wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Other than that there’s not much I would change. You guys run a great site and I wish you lots of success.

    • Matt

      I think I’m a little lost, but what’s DotF?

      • Big B

        Down on the Farm

  • Aaron

    Not much that I would change. I agree that DotF is great. Some interviews or even Q&A email exchanges with players/prospects in the minor leagues would be cool. I don’t know how easy is it to arrange something like that however. Also, keep open the thought of guest posts – presuming I ever get around to writing my submission.

  • Ben NC

    Love this site. Like the anonymity of the site, too. You guys are intelligent and witty. The more posts the better. They keep me coming back — more and more often.

  • Simon B.

    Are you guys ever going to fix the bug where the main page brings me to the cellphone version of the page half the time?

    • Chris

      I’d second that. I’d like to be able to browse the standard version of RAB from my iphone.

  • chris

    as far as 1st base, seattle is supposed to be having a fie sale- whats the word on beltre’s ability at 1st? low avgbut decent power numbers and he is umored to be available.

    also acccording to jayson stark bedard is available. it makes me wonder why they would shop him when selling a bit low, but if beltre could play 1B and spot arod at 3rd a bedard/beltre package.

    • nmc

      you talking about after the season? we can’t really have a full-time 1B otherwise Giambi or Matsui is always going to sit. Godzilla really just can’t play the field anymore. 1 interleague series and his knee is screwed?

      • chris

        actually fo this year – beltreoff the bench and an added incentive for the mariners who want his salary gone in order to get bedard. who knows what the M’s are thinking – they look desperate to shed salay and the yanks taking beltres bloated salary may lowe the prospect price

        the cecil fielder deal worked well way back in 96 and even hayes was brought here too – looked like overkill but really made the bench strong

        this is all based on if beltre can play 1st well. it is the type of deal i could see the yanks make. beltre and giambi and matsui essentially platoon with giambi and matsui rotating at DH depending on the hot bat and gtting most of the at bats.

        agian i do not know if beltre can plat 1st. just with all this talk of needing defense there a 3B may be able to hadle the position easily. absolutly no basis for it and who knows what beltres market is now – could be good and cost the team more in which case it is stupid

  • Dave Bk

    Great site. Read it every day at work. But since you asked… You had a chart after a mussina start once that plotted each pitch on a chart that had speed on one axis and movement on the other. That chart was great – i’d love to see that every day. Also a “leader board” of the Yanks minor leaguers would be cool – something that shows the top 10 in various offensive categories — and another table for the pitchers. Could you add the date of the last game for the 3 TJ Watch guys too so we know when there is something new. Lastly, when I sign on to the mobile version I have to track down a long long way to get to the content — anyway to have the content appear at the top instead? Keep up the great work – you guys do a really nice job with this site.

  • Manimal

    I still think having a Message Board would be better for in-game talks and conversations around here but the comment system works fine.

  • CB

    As others have said you guys really have one of the very best yankee blogs out there. The three of you guys complement each other very well and there’s nice balance in terms of content. In particular, the way you guys cover the spectrum of the team – from the farm system to the big league club to the organizational aspects is terrific.

    A couple of issues and these are just purely my opinion so you guys can just forget them as you like

    I find it a bit tiresome when you guys start railing on the mainstream media and make that the focus of posts. Do we really need to hear about that same topic yet again (good at reporting bad at analysis, etc., etc.) Not that much of its not accurate – but its just boring. Its such a redundant, common theme all over the internet on so many blogs (not just sports – political blogs, etc.). Sometimes the focus of some posts just becomes this simplistic meme on how the main stream media is just stupid. You see this over and over and over on blogs and general and its just boring IMO. For instance, there was a post the other day linking to a Dan Graziano interview with some site and whoever posted had to take time out in the post to say how much he hated Dan Graziano, etc., etc because he’s a bad reporter, etc. It’s just not very interesting. If there a specific point of analysis that’s being misreported – fine. But as a general theme/ topic I find it tedious to read, but that just may be me.

    It would be nice if some of the threads were more interactive and discussion based. Don’t know how you change this but a lot of the comments, especially in the game threads are kind of flat comments. In conjunction with this – the reply comment format works well but its also makes discussion a bit difficult as time goes on because the old posts just go by.

    The mobile version of RAB winds up loading all the time on my computer. No idea why but it happens a lot and makes it hard to read your posts.

    Other than that keep it up. I’d love more minor league coverage, specifically player profiles but that’ s because Mike does such a good job with it already it gets you interested in reading even more, but I’m sure that’s pretty labor intensive.

    • Piquay

      I also have the mobile version of RAB randomly load up on my PC from time to time. Never know when or why it happens, but it does, and is kind of annoying.

      • Manimal

        what browser do you two use? Just curious. I use Firefox 2.0 and 3.0 beta no problems like that.

        • Piquay

          I use the same browser(s). Just switched to Fx 3.0

  • Count Zero

    My only desire would be a little more saber and statistical analysis. Dave Bk mentioned the Moose pitch track piece above — agree — that was a great post! Not saying I want the pitch track every day, but similar things would be something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

    But all in all, I echo the sentiments — Best Yankee site on the web. I have all but given up every other Yankee blog except when something really catches my eye. Thanks for all the good work.

  • Todd

    Stop talking about trading for C.C. It makes me sad :(

    In all seriouness, I really appreciate the time you guys put into this blog. I’m learning a lot about the Yankees, enough so that I might one day call myself a fan!

  • Joey

    You guys of course know what I think, you are the best out there by far. I go here for all things Yankees, Pete for up to the minute Yanks news, and Shyster for a take on the game of baseball itself, along with all the ESPN blogs and FireJoeMorgan and such.

    My favorite part of the site in awhile was the awesome draft coverage, Mike, you really nailed that one, and I love DotF but I’m really not as versed in the prospects stuff as readers like Jamal (okay, not even close) but I’m trying to catch up and follow them more. The guest blog posts were great, and brought up some interesting (and civil) debates on different things, more of those in the future would be fun. The Podcasts were a great idea, maybe one day you could pick an RAB day at the park (well in advance seeing I’d have to come from FL!), that would be pretty sweet.

    You know you’re the best Yanks blog, you 3 know the Yankees AND their fans

    • nmc

      It’s funny, I used to do the circuit, checking all these Yankee blogs, but really, now all I check is PeteAbe, BronxBanter, and RAB… sometimes NoMaas for the photoshops… but really, there’s almost nothing out there that is done better anywhere else. so, kudos.

      • nmc

        I also have to say, it must be on account of the RAB site, but the commenters here are the best as well. very few trolls, and those that are are quickly ignored, and I really want to read all the comments. average commenter IQ is much greater here than many other sites.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    You guys are on my favorites for a reason. You’re very informative for both the big club and all the minor affiliates. You’re funny (very important). And you can tell that you guys LOVE the Yankees. You criticize when necessary, but you also understand that players will struggle over a long season.

    Keep the sense of humor up, after all, it’s just a game.

  • Babe’s Ghost

    I would love to see more in depth analysis after the game of pitcher performance on an inning by inning basis. Obviously it would be much more work, but it would be great to get beyond the obvious ball/strike ratios to talk about how Joba pitched in key situations, whether he settled in or weakened as the game went on. How his mechanics held up. Whether he attacked batters or tried to nibble, got hurt by mistakes or just got unlucky. That would be pretty unique and well worth reading.

    The other thing you could do is trim your blog roll… there are a bunch that are inactive and a few that are redundant with RAB, but not up to your standards. If you cut the number by a third it would be painful, but you’d do your new readers a solid.

  • iYankees

    you guys do a fantastic job. if i had to see something, i’d say that i’d like to see some more hypothetical trade scenarios, just for fun. or, i’d also like to see your takes on fantasy baseball situations (if you guys actually play). random, but i had to be because the site is great.

  • Manimal

    I know HTML tables are as ugly as pulling teeth but it would be nice to have a date next to the rehab-guys last appearance.

  • Phil McCracken

    I think you all do a good job in coming up with interesting topics to cover.

    The one thing I’d suggest is that you don’t use Abraham’s site as such a crutch. Not that he does a bad job, he’s just fairly opinionated for someone who is supposed to deliver the news.

    You don’t need to use everything he posts to start a discussion. You’re all intelligent people who can write well. The reason I come here is for your unique thoughts, not Peter Abraham’s.

  • Bill

    I agree with the idea of interviews with scouts and prospects. That would be interesting. Also continued player profiles on some of the lesser known prospects would be nice. I know it’s incredibly difficult to get so many scouting reports done, with such limited ability, but whatever could be done would be great. Also possibly more info on DSL would be nice.

    One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is possibly a tab on the top that links to the profiles you’ve already created. You could possibly list the rosters, linked to the available player profiles.

  • BigBlueAL

    I think this site is great the way it is. I am an ESPN Insider and everyday checkout the MLB stuff on ESPN (found you guys due to a link from Rob Neyer), the Hardball Times, Baseball Analysts etc. I buy the Baseball Prospectus every year, usually have a couple of teams going once in a while at Imagine Sports. I dont think it is necessary for you guys to get more analytical and stuff with the extra stats because you can get those things elsewhere. As most of you guys know by now, I live in Miami so everyday I read the Post and Daily News online and at times try to listen to WFAN or ESPNRadio 1050 to get the pulse of the fans in NY, which is why for me this site is the best because it gives me a forum to interact with fellow Yankees fans.

    Living down here most people either say they are Yankees fans, but know nothing about them, or absolutely HATE them, which are the ones I usually deal with. I like that you guys link stuff from other sites because you usually do it from sites I dont check, and the fact that you guys link other Yankees sites is great too. As you know Ive been somewhat critical about the sometimes too much talk about the minor leagues, so I am not one who could care less if you add more stuff about the minors, hell I think you guys do a great job on that front, even though I dont care too much about it I always read your DotF too.

    Finally the whole thing about ages of the people who comment, I dont think it should be mandatory at all, but it does help sometimes to know a general age of a person not to me to respect their opinion or not but rather to understand where they are coming from in terms of how long they have been following the Yankees. I mentioned this the other day when people were talking about the 1998 Yankeeography how they wish they wouldve been a bit older to really follow that team. It floored me a bit!! Im “only” 28 as I have mentioned before and I felt old as hell!! I’ll admit though I wish I had a site like this when I was that young.

    Anyway again I love this site and appreciate the time and effort you guys put into this site, I understand how difficult it can be running and maintaining websites, so I congratulate you guys on a great job and hope you guys keep this site going for a long time.

    • mustang

      I agree with most of what you said except for the age thing.
      I like the idea that I can discuss things on the pure context of people’s comments.
      However I must admit especially on this site age does play a big role. Just the idea that some people hear may have never seen the Yankees not make the playoff blows my mind. When I went 14 years at one point without a playoff berth. That alone gear a lot of the opinions hear.
      Since we are throwing ages around I’m 38 and have been a proud Yankees fan since the 1977 World Series. Please don’t let this change your opinion of me I’m still the same asshole I was a second ago.

      So BigBlueAL think how I feel.

      • BigBlueAL

        I feel young again!! My main point about the younger fans is I notice a real bitterness, almost to a point jealousy of the Red Sox. Sometimes they sound like Red Sox fans before they won it all in 2004. I have no problem giving the Red Sox their props and admitting that they have been the better team the past few years, hell I have even compared them somewhat to the Yankees teams of the late 90’s early 2000’s in terms of how they always find ways to win no matter what with whomever they acquire/call-up from the minors. The younger fans who didnt really follow/appreciate the Torre championship teams really only know in some ways losing compared to the Red Sox who have 2 titles since the Yanks last won back in the “old” days in 2000.

        I dont care how much the Red Sox win, when I was “younger” the Yankees owned them and I have been grateful to watch 4 chamipnships to the Red Sox measly 2, and I am enough of a historian to appreciate how much better a franchise the Yankees have been compared to the Red Sox no matter how many more titles they win. Anyway again I love most of the people here and again appreciate greatly the hard work they put into running this website. Oh, and one more thing, BOSTON SUCKS!!!!!!

  • mustang

    I love the site the way it is.
    I know you guys are not looking for praise, but I would like to take this chance and thank RAB and all its commenter for making this season so much more enjoyable for me thus far.
    I hope that someday soon we can all come here and comment on the Yankees winning their 27th World Championship.


  • Relaunch

    Think the site is great. Maybe just signing in would be better in some instances.

  • jsbrendog

    my favorite part of this site is that it seems that the commentors have their heads on straioght and there’s no flaming or stupidity and or “internet fights” that mar every other site and make me hate reading them. that says as much about you guys who upkleep and maintain the site as thos eof us who read it. let’s keep it up and keep our nice little world together

    keep up the good work guys. As long as theres a carl pavano, a kei igawa, or a hank steinbrenner then we iwll always be entertained

  • Marsha

    I HEART RAB!!!

    • Ben K.

      Awww. Thanks, Mom!

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I really like it. Even Ben’s conspiracy theories about the new Stadium and other pessimism that he exudes on occasion (though I agree with his initial emotional reaction to the CMW injury although everyone else gunned it down and he re-thought it). (Also I say “conspiracy” tongue-in-cheek).

    The ability of people to admit whenthey’re wrong is great and the minor league coverage is OUTSTANDING.

  • BiilYBall

    Here is my take on this site. If I want to learn about prospects I go to or pending pinstripes. If I want to look at trade rumors I of course go to If I want to debate about what’s wrong with Alex Rodriguez and why does Joe Girardi continue to trust Kyle Farnsworth I will come to RAB. This site at times can get you upset debating hot topics everything Yankees related. But the good thing is that you are debating with fellow Yankee fans and there are not too many intruders that love to enter Blogs and cause fights. The commentators also are quick to squash any potential disputes which is excellent. Overall the site grades out with a solid B.

  • Brett

    You guys are great, you have great insight, and your posts, both witty and intelligent make Yankees baseball that much better.
    I’d to see some more guest blogs, and if possible maybe an interview or two with some Yankees players or brass

  • sms47

    Im a big fan of RAB, and all your minor and big club content. You’ve dug an excellent niche in the Yankee blogosphere, and are a daily read (often multiple time during the day) of mine.

    So, no content gripes, but one technical beef. Over the past few weeks the mobile version has had been very, very slow to load. Script errors in this version also force the device to time out and deny service. I often read RAB on my blackberry, but I’ve stopped due to this issue. I hope its a simple fix.

  • Babe’s Ghost

    Your Free ticket thread gave me an idea… I don’t know what kind of revenue your advertising pulls in, but I bet you could probably cover a pair of tickets per week, bleachers, natch!, for the top rated comment of the week. Half the fun would be sitting with you guys and talking baseball.

    The other idea would be to do a weekly live call in internet radio show. Everyone who hates M&M and the other mouthbreathers of sports radio would probably enjoy it. Not sure about how the logistics would work out, but it would be cool. If you were really ambitious you could try and hook up with other ‘informed fan’ sites from other teams to make it a nightly thing (with different sites taking turns hosting)

  • Joey

    Well, you ask for criticism and no lovey dovey stuff and I’ guessing it’s probably 8% (constructive) criticism and 92% “we love ya” (including myself)

    Lol, nice