SI Yanks on SNY tonight

Hal 'shocked' by the rising sun
Game 71: Rock out with Wang out

Just wanted to mention that you can check out Short Season Staten Island kick off their season against the Brooklyn Cyclones tonight on SNY. The game is at Coney Island’s beautiful KeySpan Park, with first pitch set for 7pm. Man, I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping Pat Venditte pitches. Two innings out of the bullpen, say 4 RHB and 2 LHB would be just perfect. (h/t to commentor JohnC)

Update: Sorry all, looks like the game isn’t on. That’s what I get for not confirming the info before posting it. Thursday’s Yanks-Cyclones game will be on SNY though, at least that’s why my DVR tells me. Again, sorry about that. Feel free to call me an idiot in the comment.

Hal 'shocked' by the rising sun
Game 71: Rock out with Wang out
  • steve Rogowskey

    man talk about a man crush !! hah..

    have they said anything about him being and ambidextrous pitcher or is he going to be strictly righty or lefty ?

    • Mike A.

      They’re going to let him do the switch pitcher act, which is awesome.

      • E-ROC

        What does Venditte’s arsenal consist of from both sides?

        • Mike A.

          That video I linked too is almost 2 years old. Now he’s low-90’s with a big ol’ curveball from the right side, mid-high 80’s with a frisbee slider from the left.

  • Adam

    mike, i am not sure, but in college did vinditte pitch righty one day, lefty another, or did he really match up lefty/righty in-game? any thoughts on how the yankees plan to use him in this regard?

    what happens when he faces a switch hitter? i assume it is easier for him to switch hands than it is for the batter to jump to the other box.

    • Mike A.

      He matches up lefty-righty batter by batter. When he comes in, he makes 4 warmup tosses from each side. For switch hitters, he can only stay on one side during a plate appearances, so they’ll go over the scouting report and force the hitter to his weaker side.

      They say they’ll let him keep it up, which is great. Why not, it’ll be a ton of fun.

  • dan

    I can’t wait for this.

  • Joey

    damn, wish I got SNY now. Mike, do you mind doing a few periodic updates on Venditte and some of the guys?

  • Miles Roche

    Is it pronounced Ven-dit or Ven-ditee?

  • The Fallen Phoenix

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Oppenheimer pronounced it Ven-ditee?

  • NC Saint

    Why does my guide channel claim that SNY is playing something else? It gives me the fear…

  • THU

    same here has beer money and daily news for me.

  • john

    arg. beer money is on :/

  • Mike A.

    I’m sorry guys, it looks I made a mistake. Thursday’s game will be on SNY, not today’s.

  • Chris