The once and former heir apparent

How Joe Girardi mishandled the Joba move
Unsigned Gems

George Steinbrenner‘s Yankees sure have seen their fair share of heir apparents pass through the Front Office. A few weeks after Kat O’Brien checked in on Steve Swindal, Kieran Darcy, the editor of’s Page 2, spent some quality time with Joe Molloy, Jessica Steinbrenner’s ex-husband and one of the key Front Office players behind the signing of Derek Jeter and the construction of the 1990s Yankee Dynasty. For all the young’uns out there who don’t remember Molloy or the folks like me who never realized the impact he had on the organization, Darcy’s piece is a fascinating glimpse at some of the behind-the-scenes history from the most recent great Yankee dynasty. Check it out.

How Joe Girardi mishandled the Joba move
Unsigned Gems
  • JRVJ

    I really liked Molloy’s story, but even moreso, I liked the fact that he seems like man at ease with himself and his life (and THAT is much more important than anything else).

    • Adam

      more important than owning the yankees? really?

  • RustyJohn

    Great story on what appears to be a great guy that has things in perspective- would never want to work for the Steinbrenners in my life- I would last about two days and the first time one of thsoe fat, prima donna silverspooned kids started to tell me what to do I’d get pissed off and beat the shit out of them.

  • Bo

    You can give him a lot of credit for righting the ship. The youngsters here forget how bad the early 90’s and late 80’s were.

    • mustang

      True enough.