A brief note about A-Rod

Indians turned down Yanks' window request in Sabathia sweepstakes
Why we should start stuffing the Final Vote ballot box

Since coming off the disabled list, Alex Rodriguez is hitting .344/.441/.669 with 14 HR and 39 RBI in 45 games. That would put him on pace for 50 home runs and 140 RBI over 162 games. Does anyone really care what else is going on as long as he keeps that up? (And how is that 42 percent of ESPN voters believe A-Rod is least deserving of a starting spot on the All Star team? Jeez.)

Indians turned down Yanks' window request in Sabathia sweepstakes
Why we should start stuffing the Final Vote ballot box
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

    Tony Kornheiser said it best when asked on PTI why the Red Sox players were talking crap about him in the off-season, “He’s better looking than they are, he has more money and he’s more talented”. That’s all there is to it, extreme and utter jealousy.

    • B

      Hahaha. Thats true. I never saw it that way.

    • B

      THIS JUST IN>>>>>

      Family of squirrels found living in Youkilis’ goatee!

      Hope a NL pitcher throws at his head(like when Randy Johnson threw at John Kruek) when he does his stupid little dance in the batter’s box!

      • LiveFromNewYork

        Who’s gonna win the brawl between Youk and Joba. you know it’s coming.

        • murphy

          giambi’s stash is going to challenge youks gay-pirate beard to a fight to the death. i believe we all know the winner of that fight.

  • JRVJ

    Guys, this was not mentioned in the Open Thread about buying and selling at the trade deadline, so I’ll post it here where there’s a chance it’ll be seen (and maybe you guys can turn this into a post).

    There’s one element which has not been discussed in the Yankee plans going forward (particularly from 2010 on). That element is Cuba.

    As we all know, Cuba is subject to a U.S. embargo. As we also know, Fidel Castro has stepped down (he’s still around, but his brother seems to be the big guy now, and he seems a little more pragmatic).

    There is a high likelihood that Obama will win the U.S. Presidential election, AND (check http://www.fivethirtyeight.com), Florida does not seem to be pivotal to Obama’s electoral chances (if he wins Florida, it’s already a landslide. If he doesn’t, he may well still win soundly).

    I submit that Obama will almost certainly change U.S. policy vis-a-vis Cuba, perhaps as early as 2009.

    When U.S. policy towards Cuba changes, MLB teams surely will be in there like hawks trying to sign-up players. It’s no given that Cuba will allow players to leave immediately, but for the sake of the argument, let’s say that it does.

    I’m not sure if there are any All-Star level players in Cuba right now (othen than Gurriel), but surely the 2009 Baseball World Cup will show us the best Cuban players, and there’ll be surprises.

    I am convinced that there a number of MLB level players in Cuba, and surely there are a lot of young prospects which can get to be MLB level players (or even all stars) if they face a higher level of competition.

    The long and short of this is that there is a legitimate chance that the Cuban player spigot will open up by 2010, and I would think that the Yankees should ready to pounce (from reading the Duke of Havana and Michael Lewis’ great Vanity Fair piece on Cuban Baseball, it’s pretty clear that the Yankees are one of the most liked – if not the most liked – MLB team in Cuba, which will surely help Yankee chances of signing good players from Cuba).

    Now of course this is just a pipe dream, and to paraphrase Harold McMillan, we should all beware of events, dear boy, events.

    But the Yankees surely should have a Cuba strategy in place, especially if Obama wins the U.S. Presidential election (or if Fidel dies and/or Raúl Castro opens up the country materially).

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Re: FiveThirtyEight.com

      Nate Silver. ‘Nuff said.

      As for the Cuba talk, that’s a really interesting point, and I have a deep interest in Cuban baseball. But a few points:

      1. Congress would have to approve lifting the embargo, and I’m not so sure they would. I guess much depends upon the makeup of Congress after the election, but unless it’s clear that Raul Castro is intent on changing policies, the US probably won’t lift that inane embargo.

      2. Read this article. It’s great for its insight into the current state of Cuban baseball and Cuba itself. It’s hard to imagine many Cuban players being Major League-ready, but once the island is open, scouts will flock there like moths to a flame.

      • JRVJ

        Right, that’s the Michael Lewis Vanity Fair article I mentioned.

        Will the U.S. Congress be in position to take down the embargo?

        The Dems look to have solid, Florida proof majorities in Congress, so unless it’s a big filibuster in the Senate, I could see the votes being there.

        (In fact, I could see Midwestern and Prairie State Reps voting to lift the embargo, since their states would disproportionately benefit from agricultural exports to Cuba).

        • A.D.

          Cuba has a population the size of Ohio, it will only help agricultural exports so much, and would hurt american sugar farmers

  • Dylan

    Look at those ESPN voting results. They are astronomically skewed to the Red Sox.

    • B

      They always are. Why the hell goes Gammons have to do some kind of anouncing during the Yankee-Sox series on ESPN. Everyone knows his dying love for the Red Sux! Gammons just report trade rumors and just shut up the rest of the time!

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Sure A-Rod may be good and all, but did you know that he’s never caught a four no-hitters, like Jason Varitek? Or survived cancer to become the greatest pitcher in the AL, like Jon Lester? Or had the best rookie season by any player in MLB history, like Gritty, Gutty Dustin Pedroia? Or hit 27 back-to-back 800 ft. home runs out of Pawtucket Park, like Lars Anderson? Or stolen a bunch of laptops from some evil, greedy corporations so that he could give them away to needy orphans and nuns, like Clay Buchholz? Or bitchslapped a 65-year-old “team assistant” because he was actually an undercover al-Qaeda sleeper cell plotting to blow up Fenway Park, like Manny Ramirez?

    For Diamond Cutters, I’m Peter Gammons, ESPN.

    • steve (different one)

      quickly becoming my favorite poster

  • Adam

    i noticed the same thing about the arod all star polling on espn.com. i think larry lucchino sits in his office all day and votes on these things over and over. vote, refresh, repeat.

  • Cam

    So the top two least deserving players are Jeter and A-Rod. This doesn’t account for the fact that, hey, it’s at Yankee stadium this year. Maybe two of the best players over the course of the last 10 years deserve to start in their home park, even if they aren’t having their best years to date (although A-Rod would certainly be leading in all categories if he didn’t get hurt). Dustin Pedroia and Varitek deserve to start? Everyday there is just more evidence that ESPN is just a vehicle for the Sox.

    This is even more reason to vote as much as possible Giambi. Lets get him in there! He needs to be participating in the HR derby. This just has to happen. Vote!!

    • Ivan

      ESPN, has a bias against both baseball teams in NY.

  • Ivan

    I can see it now, A-Rod goes 0-5 with 4 K’s and the media goes to his locker and see a whole bunch of pictures if his wife on his locker and A-Rod’s crying saying to the media, I should crack that bitch’s forehead.

    A-Rod out for the season with a broken heart.

    • whozat

      I _almost_ wouldn’t put it past the Daily News to try to get someone to put photos of Cynthia all over ARod’s locker.

    • A.D.

      If Stray-Rod was any indication he & the Yanks play better when he’s messing around

    • Dylan

      “A-Rod out for the season with a broken heart.” Hahahahahahahha

  • Count Zero

    I don’t know (or particularly care) whether A-Rod’s newfound ability to shrug off the media and play baseball is a result of his contract, a new focus, growing maturity, or the discovery of Kabbalah — all I know is I like this unshakable version of A-Rod even better than I liked the old version.

    Besides being the best player in the game, he has now become immune to the NY media — and that is something which makes that new contract worth every penny.

    Now can we just sign Barry and get it over with? Or am I the only person that believes Melky and Brett in the same starting lineup is too much limp noodle for any team competing in the AL East?

    • Andrew Davis

      Limp noodle worked for the Angles, obv that was out west, but it can work

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

        The Angels are having an extremely lucky year, more likely than not their luck will run out.

  • Phil McCracken

    A-Rod getting a divorce is huge news.

    Manny Ramirez throwing an old man on the ground and nobody cares.

    I don’t care what A-Rod does in his personal life as long as its legal.

    • Ivan

      Yeah, A-Rod will just be part of the 50% in America in the divorce rate.


    Sox fans have been stuffing the ballot. Even one loser Sox fan could have done that on his own. You should have seen the results of that poll last night. They were ridiculous.

  • Sidney El Panson

    there’s a difference between marital infidelity/divorce and, say, rape, or going to “make it rain” with Pacman Jones.

    good people wind up cheating on their spouses and having their marriages fall apart. it’s hard for anyone who’s on the road as much as a pro athlete to make a marriage work. it shouldn’t matter too much to fans.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Arod is a Yankee. And not just any Yankee. He’s the most talented player in baseball and a Yankee for life and if he doesn’t get hurt, he’s bringing the Home Run record back to the Bronx.

    We all know he is. So others will hate on him…go ahead.

    He’s a little bit of dope as any interview with him will reveal. He’s like a little boy but since he signed that fat contract, he’s our little boy.

    And he has looks that will make any lady follow him anywhere.

    Talent that most men only dream of.

    And money to burn.

    His personality issues with Jeter and the Yankee fans seem to be behind him. He’s always wanted to belong and now he does. And maybe because of that he stopped caring if Cynthia got him or not. I don’t need you Cyn….I have pinstripes and Yankee fans and a spot next to the Babe waiting for me.

    Jealousy? Most of those dudes would kill for any two of those things. The talent, the chance to break (legitimately) the most hallowed record in baseball, to do it on the world’s biggest stage, the looks and the obvious charisma that women love. And the bank account.

    While Arod has always been insecure rather than egotistical, others have fed off that insecurity to bash him. He’s getting more secure…understanding his place…finally figuring out where he belongs…and being embraced by the Yankee faithful.

    The sound you hear are people who can’t STAND IT. He had it all but he was an insecure mess. Now he’s getting secure, getting divorced, probably about to make a run at Jeter’s Maxim 100 record….and other guys are just going to throw themselves off a frigging roof.

    All they can do is bash him and wish the worst upon him.

    Sucks to be that jealous, petty and stupid.

  • Rich

    Is something else going on with A-Rod other than him being really good at baseball and more than a few people being jealous of him?

  • http://rh-p.com ryan

    That jazz must have been filled out by all red sox fans (aka: espn).

  • eddyb

    people in boston must scour espn.com and mlb.com day and night looking for polls related to the red sox and yankees and skew the results to their fantasy-driven ends. the proof? jason varitek is on the all-star team and the respective all-time greats and 1st ballot HOF-ers of the left side of the yankee infield are overwhelmingly unworthy of the all-star team starting lineup. never before has a cable news station (espn) relied so heavily on the patronage of one city. undeserving….

    • Whitey14

      Ummm….apparently yankee fans have found the polls too, because they keep crying about them….

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        [rolling eyes]… ugh.

        Yes, Whitey, Yankee fans read ESPN. This comment has nothing at all to do with the facts that

        1) ESPN is markedly pro-Sox/anti-Yanks biased.

        2) Red Sox fans have an almost unhealthly obsession with artificially inflating the “greatness” of Red Sox players and artificially denigrating the “greatness” of Yankee players, in every single poll, contest, and media forum they possibly can.

        Your only real argument there is trying to convince us that Sox fans are just being “real fans” by lying to themselves and the rest of us about how good their players are and how bad their opponent’s players are, and that we should respond in kind.

        But then we’d be “hypocrites”, wouldn’t we?

        • Whitey14

          (laughing my butt off at what you call facts) ;-)

          To call it a fact that ESPN is pro Sox/anti yankee screams jealousy because the network doesn’t consider the yankees the biggest or best story anymore. None of you complained throughout the mid-nineties and into the earlier part of this decade when everything on ESPN was pro yankees. They’re covering the most popular team now, the same as they did then, they’ll always chase the story that they think the fans most want to see and with the Sox winning popluarity polls that reach accross the nation and not just New England, they’re going with what they consider the hot hand. It is hypocritical to complain about it because when it favored your team, you didn’t mind. That’s the very definition of being a hypocrite. Something can’t be okay when it favors you, and wrong when it doesn’t. That much should be obvious. I’ve read a ton of your posts lately, your obviously very witty and intelligent and surely you understand the definition of hypocrisy, but you do have to take of your yankee glasses to apply it once in awhile.

          With regard to “Red Sox fans have an almost unhealthly obsession with artificially inflating the “greatness” of Red Sox players and artificially denigrating the “greatness” of Yankee players, in every single poll, contest, and media forum they possibly can” Please don’t tell me you think yankee fans behave any differently? I know you don’t believe that. This site, as a specific example, encouraged folks to make sure Pedroia didn’t get elected to the All-Star Game after stating correctly that he wasn’t really a bad choice for the spot, just maybe not the best. If somebody from say, Cleveland, got the starting nod over Ian Kinsler, would that have happened? Nope, not on your life. And I do want to point out that I have not denigrated any yankee players here. I have a lot of respect for what they’ve accomplished not only recently, but throughout history. I do agree that there is a faction of Red Sox Nation out there, that cannot handle success and they’re giving us all a bad name. I can’t speak for them, nor will I defend them.

          Five years ago, yankee fans couldn’t have cared less about the Red Sox or their fans because they/we were insignificant. Nowadays you guys seem to talk about the Sox as much as you talk about the yankees. Can you tell me why that is? The Red Sox are significant now. They’re not the Almighty that some fans make them out to be, but they are competitive with NY now and have actually come out on top of the baseball world finally. My guess is that was the last thing some of you ever wanted to see. I don’t blame you, I hate hearing about 26 flags, but they’re real, they were earned and deserved and Sox fans have to deal with that. Yankee fans have to deal with the facts that the Sox have good players, a good team and are at least as good, if not better than the yankees this year and that this rivalry is going to continue with a whole new breed of young players for each team. I think it’s exciting. You don’t see me here crapping on chamberlain or hughes or kennedy. They’re great prospects and I respect them. They’re living my dream of being a pro ball player. They just don’t suck like I did.

          It seems that people make the mistake of grouping all Sox fans together and I guess I’ve always considered myself to be a little different. I’m not afraid to speak negatively about my team if they’ve earned it and I won’t speak negatively about the yankees just because they’re the yankees. I really try to be honest with my posts.

          This post was not meant as any kind of personal attack, I’ve honestly enjoyed reading your posts lately, to the point where I actually look for them. (Fortunately they occasionally follow mine so I don’t have to look too hard). I know we disagree on a lot of topics, but here’s hoping we can continue discussing them as knowledgable fans who happen to root for different teams.

  • Mike

    Agree that ESPN’s obsession with (and untalked-about extreme geographic proximity to) Boston has made ESPN almost unwatchable. I know that this is true because its to the point where non-New York fans actively talk about it.

    However, theres something technologically wrong with those poll results. In every poll there is someone with at least 98% of the vote (and not just Red Sox, Jason Bay). Statistically that is impossible. Somebody went through the effort of hacking into the ESPN poll system.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    people still care about ESPN? i thought that went out with powdered wigs.