Bernie back in New York but only for his music

Yanks sleepwalk to the break
A Bronx roof tale

Over the weekend, Joe Brescia checked in with Bernie Williams and churned out a rather wistful piece about number 51. Bernie is in the City this week to play guitar at a few of the MLB-sponsored All Star festivities, but he hasn’t made a public return yet to Yankee Stadium. The Yanks, Bernie tells Brescia, asked him to flip the countdown clock, but he had a family obligation. I hope the Yanks and Bernie can heal their own wounds before the season ends so Bernie can get a proper day of appreciation before Yankee Stadium meets the wrecking ball.

Yanks sleepwalk to the break
A Bronx roof tale
  • B

    Who would you rather have in rightfield next year?

    Bring back Bobby Abreu(35yr old) or go after possible free agent Vlad Guerrero(33yr old)(someone we should of signed a few years back)?

    • Ben K.

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  • zzzzz

    my friend’s sister ran into bernie in the city this weekend. lucky girl.

  • beantownbosoxh8er

    Man would it be a shame if Bernie doesn’t get his day at the stadium. Someone needs to extend the olive branch and let him have his day in the sun.
    what if Hank were the one to put that together!? Hank realizing that we lost one great icon, and that we need to keep our ties to that great Yankees dynasty makes good with Bernie and we get to see his number retired in the building that he dominated in and helped win all those rings.
    (sigh) but I am just kinda hoping I really dont think Hank is gracious enough to pull it off.

  • JeffG

    I totally agree that Bernie should have his day. He was/is a great Yankee.
    Wish Cash wasn’t such a prick over the winter. I think the way the front office dealt with him and the way they dealt with Torre left a bad taste in his mouth. Maybe once Cashman gets tossed on his ass after a couple of seasons of not making the playoffs for not setting us up with a rotation he’ll come around.