Coming Soon: More nationally-televised Yankee games

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Game 92: The old "4 pitchers at the bottom of the order" lineup

TV ratings for nationally-televised MLB games are down, and Maury Brown at The Biz of Baseball notes the cause. According to Brown’s post, FOX had aired two more Yankees/Red Sox at this point last year, and ESPN had aired five more Yankees/Red Sox and Yankees/Mets games than they have this year. So as baseball looks forward to its second half, you can bet that we’ll be getting more than our fair share of Tim McCarver, Joe Buck and Joe Morgan. I can’t wait.

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Game 92: The old "4 pitchers at the bottom of the order" lineup
  • Cam

    So, should I put a nail through my head, or fire off a canon next to my ears so I go deaf?

  • Bobar

    “TV ratings for nationally-televised Yankee games are down”

    I don’t think you mean Yankees games. I think you just mean nationally-televised MLB games.

  • Travis G.

    more buck and mccarver? best news i’ve heard all year! can’t wait for more of the dynamic duo.

  • Maury

    Correct. I reported on national ratings. Red Sox/Yankees are fine.

  • Mike D

    …so more Buck and McCarver, and also no replay of the Yankee game on YES. Me no like.

  • AlexCT

    did any of you guys read the quote joe buck made on some radio morning show last week? something about he didn’t have the passion for the game of baseball anymore that the games have gotten too long for him. what a loser, fox needs a new man. some critics pointed to bob costas, who is apparently obsessed with baseball. on another note, does anyone actually LIKE joe morgan??? it infuriates me when he provides color commentary for games, his repetitiveness and ability to say a lot of words with no actual insight drives me insane. i’ll take lower ratings if it spares me from joe morgan.