Joba dominates, but so does Halladay

Ohlendorf steps it up
Yanks considering Sexson

Let’s wrap this one up, bullet-point style:

  • The Yankees hit .071 with a .161 OBP and a .107 slugging percentage tonight. That won’t win ballgames. Or lead to runs.
  • Roy Halladay is a very good pitcher.
  • Joba Chamberlain is also a very good pitcher.
  • Wilson Betemit is not particularly good at fielding. Or hitting right now. But then again, no one on the Yankees is.
  • Billy Traber is not a very good pitcher by any stretch of the imagination.
  • When Roy Halladay and Joba Chamberlain combine for 15.2 innings and 17 strike outs, baseball games will not last very long.
  • The Yankees should really win on nights when the Rays and Red Sox lose. That’s two in a row now that the Rays have lost, and two in a row that the Yanks have lost. That 6.5-game deficit won’t lower itself.

The Yankees should really score some runs. Runs would be good. How about some runs?

Ohlendorf steps it up
Yanks considering Sexson
  • Haggs

    Joba was awesome tonight, no question.

    But there is one little thing about him that drives me crazy.

    I love his confidence, a pitcher needs that, but he has been in the league for 10 minutes, and Molina and Posada have been around forever. When they put down the sign, throw the damn pitch.

    In his last start, he shook off Molina and walked Ellsbury, which led to Pedroia’s two run single.

    In this start, he shook off Posada and gave up an RBI hit to Overbay.

    And these are not the only two incidents of him doing this by any stretch.

    The Yankees weren’t going to win tonight’s game anyway considering what Doc did to them, and Posada’s horrible play set that inning up, but it bothered me that he shook off Jorge with two strikes on Overbay and ended up throwing a hittable pitch.

    He is a supremely gifted pitcher, but Posada and Molina know the league and the hitters much better than him. I hate Varitek, but I have a feeling he would never let a kid shake him off as much as Joba shakes off these guys.

    • Jamal G.

      Mike and the Mad Dog are idiots. Do not agree with anything they say.

      • Haggs

        I don’t.

        I watch the games, and I see the kid shake off his veteran catchers too much, and I see bad things happen when he does. Like last night.

        He should listen to his catchers more.

  • Raven

    Roy Halladay is a very good pitcher.
    The Yankees offence are one step near to the goal of “A Disgrace to Baseball”.

  • The Scout

    Is Halladay headed for free agency?

    • Joseph P.

      Signed through 2010.

  • timthefork

    once again, will they cut 2 pitchers (TRABER AND HAWKINS) to get back to 11 and bring up 2 hitters just while Damon and Matsui are out? BRING UP LANE? someone anyone, you need a stronger bench when you have Gardner, Melky or Molina in the game.

    • Jamal G.

      I think the reason they are carrying 13-pitchers is the idea that you want to have an extra arm in the bullpen since you have both Darrell Rasner and Sidney Ponson in the rotation going two times out of every three games (Four games through this last turn of the rotation because of the makeup game on THURS). Seeing as how both can blow up and only give you three or four innings in their respective starts, it makes a lot of sense to carry an extra arm so you can withstand two blowups in your rotation without taxing the bullpen.

  • Jamal G.

    Brand spankin’ new lineup debuts today in Toronto, PeteAbe reports.

    • E-ROC

      I didn’t know Cano had a twin.

      • Tim

        Neither did I. Maybe he can hit in April or May.

    • mike

      Thank God Moeller is paired with Rasner ( can you imagine these words being spoken ??) From what i remember Rasner had better success with Moeller in minors too, and while it could be that his limited skills have been identified and exploited, giving Rasner the best chance to keep the game close is a no-brainer.

      Their offense is pathetic