Boomer comes back, for a day


David Wells, a reluctant retiree, made his Old Timers’ Day debut yesterday afternoon, and the media was on hand to check in with the outspoken southpaw. Both Newsday’s Arthur Staple and’s Willie Bans caught up with Boomer, and they find him living life to the fullest after retirement. Who woulda guessed?

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  • Manimal

    He could pitch instead of ponson, but then again your switching one fatty for another.

    • Jacob

      I’ve never defended the fat Aruban, but the guy just pitched a 7 inning scoreless gem; is this the time to be beating the guy up? That said, he’s going to screw up the next time out.

      • Jake

        I guess I put Jacob by accident. I only go by Jake.

      • Radnom

        I think that was Manimal’s attempt at a joke. It’s understandable you didn’t recognize it, since it lacked what many consider to be the key element of joke, namely “humor”.

  • Manimal

    Is cano seriously that hurt?

    • dan

      He has a sore hand I think, so no.

  • Dave P.

    too much guitar hero.