• Ivan

    It took longer than I thought.

    I will say this, he may sound like an idiot but really he’s not. He does make some legit points in the article. If the Sox lost Beckett for the season, they will be dead. Plus, it helps that Youkilis is having a career season.

    Nevertheless, hey next season, the Yanks might be very dangerous. Lets say they sign CC, a rotation of CC, Wang, Joba, Hughes and maybe Pettitte, can be nasty. Besides I had Hughes as a breakout canidate next season.

  • Lanny

    Every team has injuries. There are no excuses.

    They still got Hall of Famers and all stars all over the diamond.

    A 200+ mill team shouldn’t have excuses.

    The Sox have lost just as much. Lost Manny, Papi has a bad wrist, Lowell missed the first month, Varitek became old quick, Dice K missed time, the pen besides Papelbon is a crapshoot, and Lugo is out.

    They make due. you don’t hear excuses from their owners.

    • Ivan

      Lugo being out for the Sox helps them not hurt them.

    • Rob

      BS. No team could withstand losing 4/5th’s for their starters for significant time – three will have been for almost half the season.

      And I seem to remember plenty of excuses from Sox management in 2006 when they packed it in during August.

    • A.D.

      They traded Manny, for a pretty good of in Jason Bay, sure he’s not Manny but he’s pretty good.

      Theyve also gotten production from JD Drew, a player they wrote off, and Lester has really steped up this year

      We’ve suffered more injuries than the Sox

    • yankees08

      The sox having a bad pen has nothing to do with the Yankees’ injuries, and Lugo isn’t much better than a utility infielder. They lost Manny because they traded him and got back a similar player who they can sign through his prime. Ortiz, Matsuzaka and Lowell (and now Wakefield) have been their only major injuries, compared to the Yankees losing Rodriguez, Posada, Matsui, Wang, Kennedy, Hughes, Joba and Damon, not to mention Jeter’s hand injury.

  • Relaunch

    Why does it matter what he says? Who cares if its a gem. Its better than getting updates on IPSuk.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      Of course, let’s just dump Ian Kennedy because of his performance in his rookie season. Perspective for the loss.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

    Phil Hughes gets a broken bat pop-up (that he himself fields) to start his game. Looks like that Two-Seamer is back in action (no MiLB.TV today, only radio).

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      Phil Hughes K’s the final batter on a Fastball (velocity unknown, but he did deliver a 94-MPH heater earlier in the AB) after getting a fly-out to Matt Carson for the second out of the first inning.

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  • Rob

    I love the co-owner saying this stuff. Now let them go out and sign CC, Manny, and re-sign one of Pettitte or Moose. That’s maybe 60 million/year there – cut payroll and get more dangerous.

  • Babe’s Ghost

    I’m not sure what people want him to say. Should he call for Girardi’s head? Or Cashman’s? Maybe he should be publicly calling out Jeter or Arod? Blame the umpires or the schedule? Should he publicly give up?

    I don’t think so.

    You could argue that he should keep his mouth shut, but that seems kind of hypocritical given how much we all like talking about the team. All things considered, Hank has been a pretty reasonable owner. Particularly considering our media market.

    I look at Jim Dolan and think, “There but for the grace of god…”

  • Mike R.

    In a related note, CC Sabathia is now seeking a 10 year $500 million contract. :)

  • Dimaggio5

    The Sux traded for Paul Byrd, I wonder why the Yankees let that one pass unless the front office is truly conceding the season. The injuries were devastating yes, but Cashman relying on 2 rookie pitchers and Mussina (whose season NO ONE could have predicted) is kind of questionable. Let’s face it the season for the Yankees is over.