Matsui to start rehab assignment Thursday

The Yanks are so unclutch
Hank speaks

Via Ed Price, Brian Cashman said that the perpetually under-appreciated Hideki Matsui will begin a minor league rehab assignment this Thursday in Tampa. If the Yanks can get 4 or 5 healthy weeks out of Matsui a the end of the year, man, that would be some kind of boost to the offense.

The Yanks are so unclutch
Hank speaks
  • stuart

    Amen.. He could help a ton and make there only weak bat in the lineup be the catcher..

    hughes and Matsui can help a lot.. I hope Huges will be starting Sunday in the bronx….

    • jsbrendog

      melky = black hole sucking other hitters in

  • http://2009 Haggs

    I heard this has been pushed back to Friday because a lefty is due to face Tampa on Thursday.

    But seriously, I like this gem from Price at the end:

    “Although the Yankees don’t have an obvious opening for Matsui, who would not be able to play the outfield the rest of this year, he wants to return”

    Don’t have an obvious opening? Pass the crack pipe Ed.

  • Jamal G.

    What is up with that ad?

  • zzzzz

    matsui is soooooo clutch!

  • scott

    at the very least a good finish from matsui would knock any thoughts of re-signing roidambi from hank’s head.

  • Old Ranger

    What is he hitting WRISP .300 or something like that isn’t he? I think they will find a place for him don’t you? DH would be good!
    The guy is a professional hitter, as they say…but only if he isn’t trying to pull the ball all, the time. Runners on 2nd or 3rd, he will hit the outside pitch to LF. Runner on 1st, he will try to pull the outside pitch, roll his hands and…DP. No worse then Jeter the DP machine. 27/09?

  • Lanny

    Why rush back? Just have the surgery now and be ready for 2009. This season is finished.

  • Mulls

    if we are within 3 games on september first and we add matsui and miranda and melancon and hughes we can do this!!!

  • Old Ranger

    What makes anyone think Miranda is ready yet? He has power/avg., but all against right handers (most anyhow). Where do you play him? 1st is out…Jason is better. DH is out, Matsui is getting ready to come back (almost)…Joe G. uses it to rest players. Next year…give him a shot. The other two…we have no idea how they will preform.
    If we are out of the race by call-up, play the kids; Miranda, Matt, Justin, Brett, Cervelli, Nunez etc., why the hell not. 27/09?

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