My RAB Fantasy Football League team

Game 135: Lots of runs, please
Cano, pen blow late lead

During the Yanks’ game today we held the draft for the first ever RAB Fantasy Football League. It’s a ridiculously deep league, 20 teams total, but the draft flew by in a cool 2 hours. Most of the teams were present, I’d say at least a dozen or so. The later rounds were brutal, the definition of slim pickin’s. Cedric Benson and Shaun Alexander both got drafted, that’s how bad it was.

I had the 17th pick in the scissor style draft, so all the super-elite RB’s were long gone by time I picked. Anywho, here’s my squad, with draft round in parenthesis:

QB: Vince Young, TEN (7)
RB: Ryan Grant, GB (1)
RB: Brandon Jacobs, NYG (2)
WR: Calvin Johnson, DET (3)
WR: Kevin Walter, HOU (8)
WR/RB: Rashard Mendenhall, PIT (4)
TE: Todd Heap, BAL (5)
D/ST: San Diego (6)
K: Jason Hanson, DET (11)

BN: Kevin Faulk, RB, NE (9)
BN: Mike Pittman, RB, DEN (14)
BN: Antwaan Randle El, WR, WAS (10)
BN: Dennis Northcutt, WR, JAC (13)
BN: Joe Jurevicius, WR, CLE (15)
BN: Chad Pennington, QB (12)

Honestly, I’m pretty happy with my team. Grant, Jacobs & Mendenhall are about as good a RB trio as I could have hoped for in a league this deep, and I can’t really complain about having Faulk as my number 4. I’m banking on Calvin Johnson continuing to expand on his superfreakdom, and I’m hoping Walter’s breakout last year was legit. If not, then I’m kinda screwed.

I was all set to take Jeff Garcia as my QB, but someone grabbed him a few picks before me, so I had to settle for Young. Pennington’s insurance, if nothing else. Not great, not horrific either. Todd Heap is Todd Heap, but someone grabbed Dustin Keller before I could get him for the bench. Baltimore’s bye week isn’t until Week 10, so I have time to grab someone off waivers.

The Chargers’ D is arguably the best in the business even with the question marks surrounding Merriman, so I was comfortable grabbing them in the 6th round. They don’t have a buy week until Week 9, so I can grab someone’s scraps to fill-in that week. Jason Hanson’s a good kicker, so I figured what the heck.

Like I said, I’m happy. That is until injury strikes.

Game 135: Lots of runs, please
Cano, pen blow late lead
  • Pops

    20 teams is crazy

  • Pablo Zevallos

    I think my team would’ve been better if I could’ve been there.

    • jsbrendog

      agreed…im not going anywhere with matt schaub and mat leinert….of we were counting points for nailing coeds then yeah but we’re not

  • Baseballnation

    You lucked out with Jacobs in the second. At the very least he should be good for 8 to ten td’s this year as the loss of Shockey and goal line duties puts more emphasis on his chances for scores.

    Mendenhall is a great pick up in the 4th. This is the guy who will take all the goal line attempts away from incumbent Willie P.

    Really solid team considering you picked 17th. My only dislike is your Qb situation. That’s pretty terrible my man

    • pat

      chad is gonna be playin from behind alot which means lots of pass attempts in garbage time and garbage td’s. Thats beauty of fantasy football.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        He was playing from behind a lot last year, and he sucked asscheeks. And that was with a team that’s actually better than the garbage Dolphins squad he’s on now.

        Pennington blows.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    I’m very happy with my team. I picked right in front of Mike and Joe, so, I also missed out on the super-stud RB’s, but I feel like I got lots of solid producers with no huge question marks, and some bench players who could catch fire.

    QB: Donovan McNabb, PHI (3)
    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew, JAX (1)
    RB: Ricky Williams, MIA (4)
    WR: Larry Fitzgerald, ARI (2)
    WR: Issac Bruce, SF (8)
    WR/RB: Chris Johnson, TEN (5)
    TE: L.J. Smith, PHI (7)
    D/ST: Chicago (6)
    K: Martin Gramatica, NO (15)

    BN: QB Joe Flacco, BAL (13)
    BN: RB Maurice Morris, SEA (9)
    BN: WR Troy Wiliamson, JAX (10)
    BN: WR Chris Henry, CIN (11)
    BN: WR Amani Toomer, NYG (12)
    BN: WR Michael Jenkins, ATL (14)

    • E-ROC

      That’s a filthy team right there.

  • Mike A.

    Pedroia is batting cleanup tonight.

    • radnom

      I’m pretty sure I could take Pedroia in arm wrestling.

  • Craptastic Jay

    Well, I must say, I think most people walk away from a draft happy with their team. Drafting from the 20 spot, I figured I would take some risks and go with high upside guys. If some of them pan out, I can win. If not, I lose. But my attitude is, no guts no glory.

    QB- Romo
    WR- Anthony Gonzalez
    WR- DeSean Jackson
    RB- McFadden
    RB- Selvin Young
    TE- Ben Utech
    WR/RB- Kevin Smith
    K- Stover
    DEF- Carolina
    B- Chris Perry (Got him before news broke that Rudi got cut… first good break)
    B- Leon Washington
    B- Darrell Jackson
    B- Hightower
    B- Baker
    B- Luke McCown (Need to find a backup QB for week 10)

    I had to miss the last few rounds, so I have to cut a couple guys… Overall, I think I can be competitve and I never did a 20 team league before.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Yeah, that Chris Perry pick just went way up in terms of steal value… kudos.

      I took a late round flier on Rudi in my other league; I’m not going to drop him yet, waiting to see if he catches on with anyone.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        In fact, with 4 starting RBs in McFadden, Smith, Young, and Perry, i’d consider dealing one for some WR help if i were you… that corps is brutal.

        And somebody in this league is probably staring at their RB’s and hating them right now…

  • bill

    Vince Young is a little overrated in my opinion. I think he runs better than he throws. Oh, my blood is still boiling from that loss

  • Ivan

    Just came back. Heard that the yanks had a pretty brutal lost today.

    By the way, you know what I,ve notice, guys like Cano and Manny are easy targets you know that.

    Guys like Cano who are very talented and play with a relax and easy going approach seem to get knocked on way too often alla manny.

    Hey Mike good team by the way. really like the RB’s and even vince is a RB at times himself so you gonna get alot of points on the ground.

  • Patrick

    The draft was fun. Thanks Mike, Joseph and everyone.

    Since others are doing it, I guess I’ll post my team. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. (But, we’re all saying that :)).

    QB – Ben Roethlisberger, PIT (3rd round/44th overall)
    RB – Joseph Addai, IND (1/4)
    RB – Reggie Bush, NO (2/37)
    WR – Donald Driver, GB (5/84)
    WR – Reggie Brown, PHI (6/117)
    TE – Donald Lee, GB (8/157)
    WR/RB – Ted Ginn Jr., MIA (7/124)
    K – Robbie Gould, CHI (12/237)
    DEF – Denver Broncos (13/244)

    BN: QB – Brett Favre, GB (4/77)
    BN: RB – Dominic Rhodes, IND (10/197)
    BN: RB – Kolby Smith, KC (11/204)
    BN: RB – Chris Henry, TEN (14/277)
    BN: WR – Ronald Curry, OAK (9/164)
    BN: WR – Courtney Taylor (15/284)

    • Ivan

      not bad, your WR’s are not that very good.

  • Baseballnation

    I’d expect Reggie Brown to Break out, and Driver is always reliable. Tedd Ginn is a double combo as Miami’s number 1 receiver by default/kick of specialist.

    Farve is a great Pickup at 4. The guy can still play the freakin game so kudos for you.

    I wonder is the Duece was available in the second? I don’t fault the Reggie pick as he is a talented Receiver/Back…But deuce has been said to be looking really good in camp and I figure he will garner alot of the goal line attempts

    • Mike A.

      Dude, Duece didn’t get picked until the 2nd too last pick in the 4th round. I have no idea how the hell that happened.

    • Ivan

      As a eagle fan, I gotta see it first before I believe Reggie is gonna blow up. I like Reggie’s potential but at times he just doesn’t put it together for some reason. I like Desean though. Hopefully he turns into Steve Smith.

  • Bill N

    I’m trying to get tickets for the stadium via stub hub, i have been to the stadium like 40 times and have never sat in the bleachers is would you guys pay 120 to sit in the bleachers and watch them play the rays ? I know it has been a struggle this season but I just had a daughter and havent been able to get up there and I feel as if this is going to be the last oppurtunity to go

  • Baseballnation

    Da Duece dropped to the 4Th. Wow! How you let that happen? lol. How bout Ahmed Bradshaw…He is due some carries in new york

  • mrjiggyfly021

    V. young is a very bad QB for fantasy I had him last year more INTs then TD’s at least when I had him

  • brian

    20 teams in a fantasy football league is a little crazy, but fun nonetheless. I don’t think you missed anything by not getting Garcia. I don’t trust Vince Young either but he has the potential to be explosive. Garcia won’t give you much in stat numbers. Nice RBs and WRs and great DEF/ST in the Chargers.

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