New Yankee Stadium coming along

The decline and fall of Melky Cabrera
Hughes will probably need one more start

In eight months, this will all be finished. (Photo via Sliding Into Home)

Over the last nine months, Sliding Into Home has been chronicling the rise of the new Yankee Stadium. And the August pictures show a glimpse into a stadium well on its way toward completion. While the field is still a wreck — the grass is the last part of the stadium to be installed — lots of other aspects of the new stadium are coming into focus. You can catch them all here. Below are links to some of my favorites:

The decline and fall of Melky Cabrera
Hughes will probably need one more start
  • stuart

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    • Ben K.

      I’m deleting your comment, Stuart, not because I disagree with it but because it’s 100 percent in violation of our commenting guidelines and we have a Melky post right below this one which you referenced in your now-deleted comment.

      If you want to talk about Melky, then do so here. If what you are going to say is off-topic, then we’re going to delete it.

      • pat

        hahahahahah owned

  • Tripp


  • Steve

    Hughes is getting clobbered in AAA tonight.

    4 IP 4 ER H 7 plus a HBP and a HR.

    • steve

      Hughes faced 19 batters…he had six swinging strikes the entire game.

  • Steve

    Damn, they just pulled Hughes.

    Final line
    IP 3.2
    H 8
    ER 5
    SO 4
    HR 1

    He threw 91 pitches

    • Ben K.

      Did you guys miss this comment or are these completely off-topic posts some sort of not-so-funny joke? I’m just wondering.

      • Steve

        That was about Melky, which there is a thread for. Is there a Phil Hughes thread I missed?

        • Ben K.

          Right here.

          But we’d prefer that comments stay on topic in general if possible.

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    • Gary

      All I know is, I saw Phil Hughes’ family at the Stadium last year and his sister is great looking, so BC, get him up here now to pitch for the Bombers so his sister will come around.

  • Austin

    If your sitting in the right field bleachers near the where that sports bar is isn’t that going to block your view of left field?

    • Pete

      Yeah, PeteAbe commented on that when he saw the original plans… The bleacher creatures are going to have to be c-blocked from the HR’s to left.

  • Manimal

    the view from the center field restauraunt is AMAZING. I think its worth the over priced food just for the view. I can see arod hitting a couple off the restaurant.

  • yankeefan 91

    i went to the game yesterday and i was by gate 2 and in the outside the stadium looks great i kant wait for next season we the new stadium opens but i am gonna be sad that this one is gone and yesterday the jonas brothers were at the game there so lucky they got to meet bunches of the yankee players

  • Hitman

    I so don’t care about new yankee stadium which is basically one big excuse to gouge the few fans left who are able to afford seats and to push out those who can’t. I haven’t been back since the baseball strike.