Girardi gets dreaded vote of confidence


“Joe will be back,” said Hank Steinbrenner yesterday. And that can mean only one thing: The Joe Girardi Job Watch is on. Whenever an owner goes out of his way to note that a manager, already under contract, won’t be fired, the storm clouds gather. Girardi hasn’t been the godsend people thought he would be, but the injuries weren’t his fault. He deserves to be back in 2009 and shouldn’t be questioned yet.

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  • frits

    well…peter abraham will certainly be happy to here that the deathwatch is on…

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      He’s probably to busy shoveling banana pancakes from IHOP down his throat to notice anything.

  • yankeemonkey

    It was my impression that he was specifically asked about Girardi, he didn’t just randomly call up AP and say it. I could be wrong, though.

  • E-ROC

    Why would he not be back? He still kept this team longer than most thought. Now he has the vote of confidence from the death squad.

  • Joe

    Despite your short comings as 3 opinionated smart ass know-it-alls, I will continue do devote the majority of my New York Yankee blog reading time to RiverAveBlues, whom I feel may have been dealt a rough hand his year. It’s my feeling that next year Ben, Joe, and Mike will really take this blog to the promised land. Yes, they have a contract, I’m just hear to say that there is absolutely, positively, no way, RiverAveBlues and myself do not continue are blogger and bloggee relationship into the coming years.

    • yankeemonkey

      Uh oh.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    “This notion that the Yankees are getting ready to fire Joe Girardi is simply ridiculous… Having said that, all options are on the table.”

    - Hank W. Steinbrenner

  • Chris

    Why do we care about (or believe) anything that Hank says?

    My feeling is if Cashman is back, so is Girardi. If Cashman’s gone, then the new guy will bring in his own manager.

    • Mike A.

      My feeling is if Cashman is back, so is Girardi. If Cashman’s gone, then the new guy will bring in his own manager.

      As he should. If a new GM is brought in, they should just gut the FO and let the new guy bring in his own people.

      The guy they really need to get rid of is that snake Levine. He’ll thrown anyone under the bus to save his own political ass.

    • Ivan

      Right. If Girardi is gonna be here, then Chances are Cashman will be here as well. If Cashman isn’t here then get out of the way of the new GM and let him work.

      • Joey H

        this is my problem. don’t make any verbal or contractual agreements until the off season. 1, because we don know if the 09 Yankees will fit the managerial style of Joe. two we don’t know if cash will be here. and the list goes on. its just the weekly Steinbrenner headline

  • Mark B

    Ben – If Girardi and Cashman come back as expected in ’09, who takes the fall for this year – Bobby Meachem and Damon Oppenheimer? Or do you think the “changes” Hank is promising are just limited to the players?

    • Ben K.

      My gut is that the changes are just limited to the players. The Steinbrenners seem committed, for now, to Cashman’s build-from-within approach, but I think they’d like to see some big-ticket free agent pick-ups to go along with that approach. Maybe they dump some coaches, but that would just be a superficial way of dealing with this season’s failures.

      • Ivan

        Yea I agree, IF the Steinbrenners are committed with Cashman plan (and from reports they want him back) then really the changes are gonna be limited especially considering a good amount of talent is on this team.

        Hopefully they don’t throw money like crazy and just spend wisely and mixed that with the development with players.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Perhaps we could, say, hire Buck Showalter, and then fire him the next day? Worked last time.

        Is Billy Martin’s grave far from here? Can we dig him up and fire him again?

        • steve (different one)

          why does anyone necessarily need to “take the fall”?

          i sure wish the Sox fired Theo and Francona after 2006.

          • Mark B

            No one needs to, just asked given the past history of the impestuous George, who always seemed to think he can to fire someone in management whenever expectations were not met.

  • dan

    If Hank’s asked if Girardi will be back, what’s he supposed to say? Maybe?

    He said that Joe will be back… it’s not like he even qualified the statement.

  • Joey H

    girardi hasn’t been a godsend because he doesn’t have the fucking team that he is supposed to have if they want him to run a team the way expect. almost no1 with the exception of jeter. its not a remarkably fast team. so its hard to steal many bases. the team needs to get more dimensional for 2009 if you want to see girardi at his best!

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Damn straight. Couldn’t agree more.

      We need to be more dimensional. We’re way to linear and planar at the moment.

      • Joey H

        You may or may not agree with my personal belief that nady is a guy we should build this team around, not in a huge sense but a guy like that, a guy who is an extraordinarily gritty player who keeps his face out of headlines. heIS what paul oneill was. i love the idea of getting joey votto and orlando hudson while trading cano for young proven pitching that teams would be willing to part with for cano’s duties

    • Joey H

      im sorry my first comment got botched up, the thing with jeter was supposed to say a bunt. but my point was made.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    I think Girardi is safe for 2009, however if the team quits on him and a more experienced manager comes on the market with a track record I could see the possibility (remote for sure) of a move being made.

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