Knocking down the Stadium, carefully

On triple plays and long odds
Open Thread: What about Andy?

In six months, the Yankees and the City of New York will begin the soul-destroying and heart-wrenching process of tearing down Yankee Stadium. But they want to do it carefully. To that end, The New York Times’ City Room blog has a story on the looming destruction of the House that Ruth Built.

Writes Patrick McGeehan:

New York City is looking for demolition companies that think they can tear down Yankee Stadium without damaging any of the seats or other pieces that might be sold to collectors.

The razing of the famous ballpark is scheduled to start in March and last as long as a year, according to a solicitation form issued by the city’s Economic Development Corporation. The first stage of the demolition will involve salvaging all of the stadium seating as well as some large features like the white frieze that adorns the wall behind the bleachers and the 120-foot-tall bat-shaped boiler stack outside the main entrance.

City officials are still working out a plan with the Yankees for selling the parts of the stadium that belong to the city and memorabilia, like lockers and signs that belong to the team, said Andrew Brent, a spokesman for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

It will be a sad, sad day when the demolition of Yankee Stadium begins.

On triple plays and long odds
Open Thread: What about Andy?
  • Bill N

    It will be a sad sad day. A big part of baseball history dies that day. But with that said I am very happy I get to go 1 last time next sunday and finally see a game from the bleachers. Anybody else going ?

  • Jack

    Why can’t they just take out the stuff they want to sell first?

    • radnom


  • Greg

    I’ll be at the last Saturday home game on the 20th! :)

  • David Brown

    I hope they bring the 120 foot bat to the new stadium. People forget, great facilities get replaced such as the Forum in Montreal and Boston Garden. It is time for it to go.

  • pounder

    When they tear down the Stadium,they are tearing down and destroying a part of the childhoods and memories of countless fans,not only Yankee fans,not only baseball fans,but people from a wide spectrum across this country.All for the almighty dollar.The greedy bastards.Watch how much the seats sell for.

  • MrsW

    I don’t understand how this is being allowed!!!! They have preserved far ore useless buildings and named them ‘historical landmarks’. Yankee Stadium??? What’s next the Statue of Liberty?????? Hasn’t New York lost ENOUGH???

  • MrsW

    David Brown.. The Forum in Montreal??? What??? The Boston Garden??? Who??? This is YANKEE STADIUM we’re talking about buddy… there isn’t a single venue on this great EARTH with the exception of the Colloseum maybe that is as famous or historical..