Stealing from the stadium

Also absent from Stadium celebration: Roger Clemens
Game 157: Down But Not Out

Prior to Sunday evening’s game, the Yankees announced stringent security measures in place for would-be vandals. Today, the AP reported that 18 fans were arrested for taking pieces of the Stadium on Sunday night. All things considered, 18 arrests out of over 54,000 fans reflects well on the crowd. Despite the circumstances, Yankee fans were remarkably well behaved on Sunday night.

Also absent from Stadium celebration: Roger Clemens
Game 157: Down But Not Out
  • dkidd

    not that i encourage vandalism, but whenever i look at footage of chambliss’ home run or the disco demolition fiasco at comiskey or the mets clinching the division in 86, i feel nostalgia for the days when people still had enough empowerment to go ape-shit in the face of authority

    public life is a little too ordered these days

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      I blame the lawyers.

    • radnom

      It still happens. Sunday night was more of a celebration though. Something like that would’ve been out of character for the crowd and ruined the moment.

      • dkidd

        i agree. but did they really need 5,000 cops to tackle that one guy who ran into right field?

        • JeffG

          Right – there was a nice pile on going for a while. The guy got through the line only to trip over his own feet – too bad.

    • JeffG

      Totally agree – I was thinking the same thing after the game. The horse was the only one that got to rip up the field a little.
      Once the players were off it would have been cool to let fans go nuts on the field.

  • vinny-b


  • Eric

    18 were caught. Who knows how many more got away with it?

    • Hitman

      Caught doing what? Ripping up a few seat numbers or stealing paint chips? One more reason to hate the organization and the way they treat fans.