What would you take from the stadium?


According to the ever-reliable George A. King III, the current Yankees are going to have the chance to purchase parts of the old Yankee Stadium. The list of what they want, if true, is a doozy:

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez would like their lockers; Andy Pettitte Andy Pettitte wants to use some of the outfield padding in his gym at home. Joba Chamberlain requested two seats, one with No. 6 and another with No. 2 on them. Mariano Rivera wants a seat, a pitching rubber and dirt from the mound. Mike Mussina wants the center field flagpole.

Yes, that’s right. Mike Mussina is planning on taking home the center field flagpole. He’s either pulling one over King or King’s trying to pull one over on us. You decide.

Meanwhile, that flagpole is actually rather historic. It’s topped with a baseball bat weathervane, and prior to the 1970s renovations, the flagpole was in play in very deep center field. If Moose really does want that flagpole, he has impeccable historical taste.

Let me toss out a question on an off-day: If you had the run of the stadium, what would you take from Yankee Stadium?

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  1. max says:

    i would take the sign hanging which quotes dimmagio thankful to be a Yankee. The players tap that sign on their way to the field

  2. steve (different one) says:

    the number 23 circle on the wall of retired numbers

  3. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Costanza’s cool desk with all the shelves built into it.

  4. Joey says:

    Shit, anything would be awesome. Maybe any part of the wall A-Rod or the Babe hit HRs over. One with the 314, 318, or 408 ft markings would be awesome

  5. yankeemonkey says:

    “Yankee Stadium” letters from the outside.

  6. Manimal says:

    The Dimaggio sign and part of the facade to put around my house. Make it look epic.

  7. Curramba says:

    The flagpole as well. Actually, you know just the bat at the top of the flagpole.

  8. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    The Squirrel. I always wanted a pet.

  9. “What would you take from Yankee Stadium?”

    The booth where Michael Kay makes the magic happen. He’s the best.

    We have our own handshake and everything. First we do a little of this, and then go into the bro-hug, and then a little BRO-BOT… I AM A BRO-BOT… and then


  10. jsbrendog says:

    def the bat at the top of the flagpole lol, how original, but i would def want a bullpen phone for sure. actually id want both, and id put one in the living room and one in the kitchen so i can call in for relief when i finish my beer or chips haha…

    but seriously, the bullpen phone from the dugout, the bat at the top of the flagpole, or a vial of dirt from the infield.

  11. pat says:

    id take that bobby abreu statue they put out in right every game. ZING!

  12. Manimal says:

    Honestly, I’d probably take so much that it would be easyer just to put my house on the field.

  13. McCaff says:

    Id take Freddy the Fan

  14. colin says:

    the smokestack bat outside the stadium. or the three original monuments. or home plate. or thurman’s locker.

  15. Jen says:

    The doors in the outfield leading to the bullpens. I’m not sure where I would set them up, but once in a while I would play “Enter Sandman” when I walk through the doorway.

  16. bobby Jensen Beach, Fla. says:

    What would I want from Yankee Stadium?

    All the outfield grass to put on my Florida lawn!!!!

  17. RustyJohn says:

    Totally unrelated to the thread, but a funny story. This is told to me from a co-worker, so this isn’t first hand knowledge and I wasn’t there to witness it so unknown as to how truthful it is.

    Have a guy who works in my office who is from LA. He goes back there from time to time for business and over the weekend/earlier this week he was at the Westin. While there the plumbing on his sink broke, so he went down to the bar to get some drinks.

    Now, my coworker is paralyzed. He is in a wheelchair. However, he does look like Eric Estrada. So he is down in the bar talking to some ladies at a table and hears this guy at the bar just being an incredibly loud and obnoxious a-hole- just cursing and making crude comments to everyone. My coworker tells him to knock it off and not be so loud. Apparently the guy makes some sort of snide response back to him.

    My coworker then asks him, in spanish, if he speaks spanish. He says yes, so he tells the guy at the bar to shut the f*** up or he is going to wheel himself over to the bar and knock him on his ass. At that point the guy at the bar jumps from the bar stool and gets in my coworkers face, they start shoving each other (remember, my coworker is paralyzed from the waist down) and my coworker grabs ahold of the guy around the neck until they fight is quickly broken up.

    A bunch of people come over and apologize and escort the guy from the bar out of there. Turns out, it was our very own New York Yankees. The guy at the bar? Later identified as one Sidney Ponson.

  18. handtius says:

    All the money in the cash registers… and a seat.

  19. Josh says:

    Obviously not original, but the bat on top of the flagpole always has meant a lot to me because my favorite player is Donnie Baseball. Every time it is windy people mention that mattingly would go based on the bat rather than the flag. Also I would like the seats that Jeter went into head first, that would be a great keepsake from a great moment in Yankee history.

  20. SAMIAMSPORTS says:

    Of all the things i would take I def go with The 408 section of the center field wall.

  21. RustyJohn says:

    If Eddie Layton’s organ is still there, I’d take that- the Hammond organ.

  22. SAMIAMSPORTS says:

    Btw …way off topic.

    I think John Sterling is the WORST ANNOUNCER possible. he is good for maybe 4-5 calls a game but his in game stuff blows goats…

    He forgets , he screws up easy calls and worst of all are those 30 sec lapses of dead air. Does this idiot think I am watching the game? hellllloooooo I’m listening to radio here!!!!!!!!!

    What are your thoughts people?

  23. Matt M. says:

    a section of the the facade/frieze

  24. Dave P. says:

    The blue lights outside that spell “YANKEE STADIUM”. Whenever I drove up to the game with my dad as a kid I’d always smile when I saw it. And as much as I’d hate to leave after the game, I’d love to see it all lit up in blue at night.

  25. Aaron says:

    I’ll be happy if I can get my hands on a seat or two at a reasonable cost.

    In a dreamworld, I’d want part of the dugout bench, dirt from the infield, part of the outfield fence, and Mattingly’s locker (if it’s still around).

  26. daneptizl says:

    The black seats.

  27. big bowler says:

    All the current players and place them on a jet out of town.

  28. Tim and Tom head says:

    One seat would make us happy.No need for anything more there are plenty for many people my 12 and six year old boys said this.The mind of Babes are so unselfish and pure. I hope the Yankees make them affordable somehow or create an essay contest for one or being shared with a charity

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