Braves interested in the X man?

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The Marte question

I’m filling in today over at MLB Trade Rumors. The first thing I came across in the morning was a mailbag by writer Mark Bowman. In it, he mentions that the Braves could be interested in trading for Xavier Nady. Of course, Nady has gone over well with New York fans, and it’s probable he starts the season at a corner at New Yankee Stadium. I wonder, though, what the Braves would offer. The only name on their roster that makes sense is Casey Kotchman. Would they dish the Mark Teixeira bounty for Nady? Would the Yankees be interested?

CC speaks
The Marte question
  • X-Man22

    I want to stay in NY!

  • Ben K.

    I’d rather see someone else fill in that corner OF position. Nady’s going to wear thin in New York rather quickly.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. Nady’s a tradeable commodity (short-term commitment, young, etc.), the Yanks should definitely see what kind of market is out there for his services.

      • Count Zero

        Agreed except I’m not sure trading him for Casey Kotchman is actually selling high. Moreover it pretty much forces us to either a) get Manny or b) re-sign Bobby. We fill the hole at 1B but are left with a hole in the outfield.

        If you could trade him for another OF and get Tex for 1B I would like it better.

    • Adam

      seriously…..sell high!

      nady is not as good as his overall numbers last year suggest. he is however as good as the .268/.320/.474 line that he put up with the yankees, which is to say, not good.

      milton bradley would be a very decent replacement.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        I was with you, until you said “milton bradley would be a very decent replacement.”

        Outside of the gigantic spike in his numbers this year, which are virtually all attributable to park effects of Arlington (look at his home/road splits), Bradley is basically a .280/.360/.450 hitter. Compare that to Nady, who’s a .280/.335/.460… their bats are virtually the same. Nady’s got a bit more power, Bradley’s got a better batting eye. But we’re not talking about Bradley being a hitting savant… he’s just riding a momentary outlier in his general slightly-above-average career. He’ll likely come further back to earth than Nady will.

        But whatever slim advantages Bradley’s got with the bat are offset by his inability to stay healthy and his horrific defense.

        • Adam

          Nady: .280/.335/.458
          Bradley: .280/.370/.457

          i think you are drastically underrating exactly how valuble 35 points in OBP is.

          look at it another way (RC/27 over last four years)
          Nady: 4.9, 5.2, 5.2, 6.6
          Bradley: 6.0, 5.8, 8.2, 9.4

          in others words:
          9 xavier nady’s score 890 runs over a season
          9 milton bradley’s score 1190 runs over a season

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            But look at my comment, and then look at your stats.

            “Outside of the gigantic spike in his numbers this year, which are virtually all attributable to park effects of Arlington (look at his home/road splits), Bradley is basically a .280/.360/.450 hitter.”

            look at it another way (RC/27 over last four years)
            “Nady: 4.9, 5.2, 5.2, 6.6
            Bradley: 6.0, 5.8, 8.2, 9.4

            I’m not saying that 2007 and 2008 Milton Bradley aren’t much better run producers than Xavier Nady is. I’m just saying, what he did last year and this year are so far above where his established baseline was as an offensive player that it means either that

            A) all of a sudden, midway through the 2007 season when he got traded to the Padres at the age of 29, everything clicked and he suddenly became a legit, middle of the order bat offensive machine, or

            B) He’s playing way over his head and he’s bound to come crashing back to Earth.

            2008 can be easily attributed to park effects; his .358/.466/.679 home line is Ruthian, but his .290/.410/.462 road line is not quite as awe inspiring. I have no solid explanation for how he was so good with the Padres in 2007, but he did play a few road games in nice hitters parks like Minute Maid (.898 OPS), Coors (1.494!), and Citizen’s Bank (1.734!) to skew those numbers too… meh.

            Bottom line, we both agree that Bradley is a better hitter than Nady, always has been. But, up to 14 months ago, he was a moderately better hitter. During the past 14 months, he’s been a shockingly better hitter. You may think that spike is sustainable, and you certainly could be right.

            I personally don’t buy it. And, considering that outside of that bat he has zero redeeming qualities (not young, horrid defense, can’t stay healthy, clubhouse malcontent, prone to pick fights with teammates/umpires/fans/broadcasters, already had five organizations give up on him), I’m very reluctant to take that bet that he has figured it out and won’t regress…

            • Barry

              You’re both over analyzing statistics. You give variables that aren’t even necessarily linked. You aren’t considering what kind of lineups the two have been playing in or what kind of protection they had in the order. You’re both just blabbering on.

  • Mike Pop

    I told you Atlanta liekd him in the post yesterday

    • Ben K.

      No one doubted that Atlanta liked him. It was your Jair Jurrgens proposal that seems well out of the realm of baseball reality.

  • Ivan

    Nady is a solid guy but lets be honest here, he’s a free swinger who doesn’t BB often and he’s not a good outfielder.

    I seriously doubt that rumor but if is true, if it’s a good piece then maybe I’ll pull the trigger.

  • Double-J

    I like Nady, but I’d be interested to hear what they’re offering.

  • A.D.

    I don’t see this happening, Kochman is nice player, and a great defensive 1B, but Nady appears to be a better offensive producer that can play 1B & LF.

    The trade would have to somehow be expanded

  • JohnnyC

    Kotchman’s name has surfaced around the Yankees in recent weeks. They like him (excellent glove, some power, and takes a walk)…sort of Tino Martinez on the low boil. But, I could see a potential deal expanding beyond Nady and Kotchman. I think there’s fire here, not just smoke.

  • A.D.

    Maybe they pull of a crazy deal, Nady to ATL, Kotchman to Anaheim, and Morales to NY

    why this would happen I don’t know, but it could

    • B

      Anaheim traded Kotchman away in the first place. Why would they try to trade for him back within 1 year and lose more players?

  • mike G.

    SOOOO we hold on to Hughey, Dewey and Louis instead of Santana and we get rid of a clutch hitter for nothing?

    the braves have made some bad moves. trading prospects for a rental first baseman.

    Nady can handle NY. The Mets were actually winners with him on the team. Nady can handle the clutch – don’t you get excited when he comes to the plate with a man on second? i do.

    we can’t just make trades just to make a trade. I vote Nady stays.

    • Yankee1010

      What is the basis for saying that Nady is a clutch hitter?

      • A.D.

        Don’t know Mike G.’s but he has OPSed over .800 each of the past 2 years with RISP, but his career numbers aren’t nearly that good, though he has obviously been trending up as a player

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      “we can’t just make trades just to make a trade. I vote Nady stays.”

      And we can’t just not make trades just not to make a trade. You can’t reasonably say whether you’d trade him or not until you are presented with trade options.

      • mike g.

        right. but the brave’s system is kinda barren. how about ryan howard?

  • RobertGKramer

    We want better than Kotchman.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      We You want better than Kotchman.

      Like what?

    • Slugger27

      for nady??? thatd be an incredible deal for the yanks if it was 1 for 1 swap

      • Count Zero

        I confess to not having seen a lot of Kotchman so you’re going to have to fill me in here…

        I see a slick fielder at the least important defensive position on the diamond…

        I see a 1B (a hitting position) who has a career OPS+ of 97…granted he’s only 25, but he actually trended downward with a 94 in 2008 — 74 after the trade to Atlanta…

        Meanwhile Nady (even if this year was an aberration) has a career OPS+ of 108…

        So why is this an incredible win for the Yanks?

        • Slugger27

          he projects better.

          he made it clear that he was bothered by his mother severe illness while with the braves… but before that trade he had really made great strides in his hitting, living up to the high draft pick status and hype surrounded by his potential

          the yanks have a glaring hole at 1b, and hes not a free agent until 2012… thats 3 years of team control for a guy in his last season and a half in the AL hit over 290

          i think id trade 1 year of nady for 3 of kotchman without hesitating

          • Chris

            He hit .287/.327/.448 for the Angels. That’s an OPS of 103.

            Some people never live up to their projections. I don’t know about Kotchman, but I don’t think trading Nady for him would be ridiculous.

      • Chris C.

        “for nady??? thatd be an incredible deal for the yanks if it was 1 for 1 swap”

        Yeah, sure.

        Dealing Nady for a 1st baseman with little power and a .328 OBP would be an incredible deal. They can bat Kotchman right before Cano, and the two of them can spend the entire season NOT taking walks, NOT working the count, and NOT getting on base.

        • Slugger27

          ur right, nady is a much better count worker and walk taker

  • Mike Pop

    I seriously doubt theyd trade Casey Kotchman for Nady.. Theres no way.. Id want Jair Jurrens and Gorkys Hernandez for Nady. Doubt it happens but I would love it… Id want some young positional prospects or something.. Id rather sign Tex than trade Nady for Kotch I know Kotch is younger and cheaper but Tex is much better. Plus we can get somethign for Nady and than have a nice 1b with Tex

    • Joseph P.

      Jurrjens and Hernandez for Nady? Please, pass the pipe this way.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        Before he was a Yankee most people didn’t want him and thought a fair deal would be Nady for something like Steven Jackson, Kei Igawa and a bag of balls. Now we’re demanding top prospects for the guy.

        • Mike Pop

          Tabata wasnt a top prospect ? I think we should get a good deal for him if we deal him.. Theyd be more willing to give up one of them than Kotchmaan

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            I didn’t say anything about Tabata nor about what it actually took to get Nady/Marte in pinstripes. I was referring, I think pretty clearly, to my perception of what fans (i.e. people commenting on this and other sites) thought Nady was worth before the Yanks traded for him.

        • Chris C.

          “Before he was a Yankee most people didn’t want him and thought a fair deal would be Nady for something like Steven Jackson, Kei Igawa and a bag of balls.”

          Most people didn’t want a 29 year old who was hitting .330, with 13 homers and 57 rbi on a crappy team, in only slightly more than half a season? I don’t believe it. Who are these “people” that didn’t want a player like that? And why were the Yankees not able to trade Igawa and a bag of Spaldings for him?

      • Mike Pop

        Dude your last name is crazy.. Are you friends with Tim Dierkes ?

        • Joseph P.

          Yeah, Timmy and I are pals. Internet pals, at least.

      • Mike Pop

        Tabata was a top prospect… Tabata is better than Hernandez I know they are only paying for a year but I dont think Jurrens is too much to ask.. Doesnt make as much sense for them but they want a bat idk im jus spitting out ideas.. I for one would deal X right away I dont even think of him when I think of the Yanks

        • radnom

          It wasn’t Tabata for Nady. It was Tabata+fluff for Marte + Nady. Marte was the catalyst of the deal, you are overvaluing how much we gave for Nady.

    • Slugger27

      come on dude

    • Chris C.

      “I seriously doubt theyd trade Casey Kotchman for Nady..”

      I must be missing something here………aside from being a good defensive player, what the heck is so great about Casey Kotchmann?? What else does he do, hand out donuts to the fans before every home game?

      “I know Kotch is younger and cheaper but Tex is much better.”

      Gee, you really think so?


    Jair for Nady. I’d take that.

    • jsbrendog

      then who pitches in atalanta? theyre losing 3/5 of their rotation, and probably that is a good thing with glavine smoltz hampton being free agents. take away jurrgens and bobby cox has to pitch

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      “Jair for Nady. I’d take that.”

      So would every single non-insane person on the planet. That’s why it’d never ever happen.

  • Kyle D.

    X-Man has a career OPS+ of 108 and posted that exact same number in his time with the Yanks this year. Thats very average production from a corner outfielder who isn’t exactly a defensive whiz. I’ve never been a big fan of Nady in general and we pretty much all knew we were buying high on him. I say move him as fast as possible.

    • Count Zero

      Right. But Kotchman has a career OPS+ of 97 and plays 1B — a position which if anything, is even more of an offensive production position then RF. So where’s the big win here?

      • Slugger27

        he PROJECTS better… and his AL numbers are better… while nady’s arent

        and like i said earlier, he has 3 years left before FA

    • A.D.

      Nady’s Range Factor is quite good at the corner outfield positions, making him a pretty good defender.

      True on the OPS +, but it has been trending upwards

    • Chris C.

      The problem with the Yankees is that they have too many players under bloated contracts that can’t really play anywhere else other than 1st base. So if the Yankees go out and get a 1st baseman, it has to be someone of Mark Teixeira abilities, so they can make sense of putting a Johnney Damon or a Matsui on the bench.

      Casey Kotchmann doesn’t cut it.

  • Slugger27

    by letting abreu leave via FA… we can a relatively weak hitting outfield… though i dont see nady as a long term fit, hes a serviceable everyday player

    i seem to be a bigger fan of him than most on this thread… id of course pull the trigger on a kotchman deal, but thats not realistic at all

    i think u obviously have to listen to offers, but by looking at atlanta’s roster, and knowing they wouldnt give us kotchman, i think we’re probably better off just keeping him

  • TurnTwo

    if you offer Nady and IPK, can you pry away one of those stud OF prospects the Braves have, like a Jason Heyward? you might have to wait a year or two or so to see him, but seems like a way to sell high on Nady and get back real potential OF talent in the future to pair with AJackson.

    • Mike Pop

      They wouldnt give up Heyward.. Hes an absolute stud

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      IPK and Nady for Jason Heyward = snowball’s chance in hell

      • Steve H

        Maybe if they threw in Jair, Schaefer, Locke and Kotchman might work.

  • A.D.

    I think Kotchman for Nady would be a fair price, It just doesn’t make sense for the Yankees, Nady is the better offensive player, and Kotchman’s main upside is team control and price, which is nice, but realistically not a huge focus for the Yanks.

    It makes sense to trade Nady for 1 of 2 reasons:

    1. Get a pretty big name prospect (aka a Jose Tabata type back) which would mean Schafer, Gorkys, or Heyward ( in terms of the Braves rumor)

    2. Trading X as part of a bigger deal for a 1B or OF. i.e. some part of a package for Adrian Gonzalez, Halladay, Prince Fielder, etc.

    • mike g.

      Nady is seriously underrated. why not trade an (unproven) outfield speedster for an (unproven) first base prospect. then we have Kotchman and that cuban dude, miranda platooning at first.

      what? you want Giambi at first?

  • nolan

    Maybe I’m not understanding something, but why would we trade away a somewhat valuable player for an ok first baseman when we can just buy a top rate first baseman through free agency (Texiera)?? Why not focus on trading a couple somewhat valuable players for a very valuable player?? The tigers need some salary relief and are looking to move Magglio Ordonez. Why not trade Nady, Marte and a B+ prospect (Kennedy maybe) while at the same time sign Texiera. That way we upgrade at both positions and allow Abreu to walk.

    • jsbrendog

      maggliop ordonez in pinstripes does sound intriguing

  • Mike Pop

    Nady for the rights to John Smoltz and Frenchy !!!

  • Count Zero

    Maybe I’m not understanding something, but why would we trade away a somewhat valuable player for an ok first baseman when we can just buy a top rate first baseman through free agency (Texiera)??

    This is precisely my question. Although Tex is far from a sure thing…

    I think Kotchman is being over-valued here…

    • A.D.

      you wouldn’t….presumably they would make this move if they lost out on Tex

  • Mike A.

    It boils down to this for me:

    Is the increase in run prevention (defense) > the decrease in run production (offense)

    If so, then I think you pull the trigger. Fringe benefit is that Kotchman is controllable for 3 more years.

    • Slugger27

      THANK YOU… cashman said he wants a “real” first baseman… kotchman is great defensively, and not the dropoff in production from nady that ppl think… u can throw all the career OPS+ number u want at me, but in his last season and a half in the AL… kotchman was more productive than nady was for the yanks.. plus u get him for 3 years

      like i stated in my above post… i think it makes sense to keep nady unless they offer kotchman 1 for 1 ((highly doubtful))

      u pull the trigger hear in a 1 for 1 swap… but if thats not the case, then i think given that abreu is likely leaving, the yanks are better off keeping nady

    • TurnTwo

      can you get something from the Braves to spin somewhere else to improve a package for a bigger time player or prospect?

      maybe get Kelly Johnson back, and then spin him, with a bunch of pitching, to the Cardinals for Colby Rasmus?

      • A.D.

        Colby Rasmus = untouchable

        • TurnTwo

          idk, i read that with the glut of OFers the Cardinals have, he’s available for the right price… saw it a MLB Rumors column out of the St. Louis Dispatch a short while ago, i think.

        • TurnTwo

          here is where it came from:

          “Mozeliak said the club still hopes Rasmus will accept an invitation to play winter ball, knee permitting.” Translation? The Cardinals and their top prospect Colby Rasmus have had their relationship deteriorate so much in the past season that he will be actively shopped this off-season.”

          • A.D.

            well that is intriguing

            • TurnTwo

              yeah, i didnt pull it out of nowhere.

    • A.D.

      well there is other unseen pieces, the Yankees have a guy that can play 1st base in Miranda, where as LF they’d have to get someone, unless you play Melky/Christian/Carson/Matsui/AJax there which no one wants to see (well ppl would be excited for AJax, but hes not ready) so then they have to pay Dunn, Burrell, or Abreu to play RF, or trade prospects for an OF, which more than nullifies Kotchman’s cheapness.

      If the Yankees had a corner outfielder ready for the bigs, then this could make sense, but they don’t.

      • Count Zero

        Right. I get that Kotchman PROJECTS better…I get that he’s under control for 3. But we already have a problem in the OF and getting rid of Nady makes that problem more severe.

        As you say, if we had a corner OF ready to move up, then the trade makes a lot more sense. But right now, this would leave us with a big question mark at every OF position. I would rather have a question mark at 1B than add another question mark in the OF.

      • Slugger27

        nady, matsui, damon are all free agents after 09… u would have the same problem then

        again, i agree nady should stay, and i think we’re better off keeping him under most circumstances… but if they offer kotchman straight up ((and i dont think they will)) then i think u have to make that trade

        of course, this entire argument depends on what happens with tex

        • A.D.

          Yes, you would have that issue then, but hopefully AJax is ready, maybe Gardner has shown something & the Yanks should be able to resign Nady or sign Halladay, Bay, Crawford, or Ankiel, with the money coming off the books for Damon, Matsui & Nady.

          Basically this year isn’t a good class of OF, next year looks better, though these guys could get locked up.

    • Chris C.

      “………Fringe benefit is that Kotchman is controllable for 3 more years.”

      Since when did the Yankees turn into the Florida Marlins? They bid against themselves to give AROD a contract nobody else in the universe was even considering, and now they want “cost-controlled” players?
      Is there any chance in hell that the Yankee brass is sitting in a board room in Tampa right now trying to figure out how they can skimp for a 1st baseman?

  • jsbrendog

    He makes the most compelling case for Xavier Nady, whom the Braves attempted to acquire at the deadline. It appears unlikely, however, that the Yankees would part with the outfielder, who is entering his last year of arbitration. Perhaps if Casey Kotchman were involved, but that’s highly doubtful.

    just so you know, the above is word for word from the article, meaning the braves are not thinking anything, a reporter is. this is all a moot point

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Yup. The Braves are interested in Nady the same way that a guy in a relationship still looks at a cute girl at a bar.

      They’re not about to break up with their girlfriend just to try and hook up with Xavier Nady.

  • Mulls

    i second the nady plus kennedy plus edwar plus whatever for heyward!! deal

  • Baseballnation

    Kotchman is a average to a tick below average 1B…Why trade Nady for him? If they want to add Jordan Schafer to the mix then I’d be willing to package something for Kotchman/Schafer

  • Bill

    I would def do Nady for Kotchman, then trade Cano for a proven 28-30 yr old 200 IP starter (maybe even do a three-way trade), and then trade Veras for Placido Polanco.
    LF Damon
    SS Jeter
    DH Matsui
    3B A-Rod
    -C Posada
    RF Rivera/FA Signee
    1B Kotchman
    2B Polanco
    CF Gardner

    Bench: Molina. Duncan, (GOOD UTIL IF), Melky.

    Rotation: C.C, Wang, (SP aquired for Cano), Pettite, Joba
    Bullpen: Mo, Marte, Bruney, Coke, Robertson/Sanchez.Melancoln, Geise.

    Total Payroll: 150-160 million.
    No more talk about the yankees having the highest payroll.
    This team doesn’t look that flashy on paper, but it is a lot closer to the dynasty teams than the team of overpaid superstarts we’ve had the last 8 yrs.

    • Mike Pop

      I guess its a good team but I wouldnt trade Cano

      • Bill

        I would also be hesitant to trade Cano. But I think in recent year the Yankees ave underestimated the importance of an inning-eating pitcher in his prime. Such a pitcher usually has low injury risk, is under control for a couple of seasons, and def takes some of the workload off the bullpen.

        IF they can get such a pitcher for Veras, Kennedy, and say Miranda then there would be no point in trading Cano. But I just don’t see that happening.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          But, in your scenario, we’d already have CC, Wang, and Joba at the top of the rotation, with Pettitte as a temporary bridge/innings eater and Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves, Betances, McAllister, Brackman, Bleich, De La Rosa, etc. etc. coming through the pipeline. Trading Cano for a young stud pitcher doesn’t make much sense when we’d already have 3 young stud pitchers at the top of the rotation and several more potential young stud pitchers ready to join (or replace) them in the future.

          Cano has no identifiable in-house replacement. We shouldn’t deal from a position of weakness to fortify a position of strength.

  • Hitman

    If the player they want to trade Nady for is Franceour than I’d make this trade in a New York minute. Obviously if they’re interested in Nady than RF is open which means Franceour is out.

    • Bo

      Francouer is awful. Cashman wants to improve OBP. not destroy it

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Jeff Francoeur just posted a .239/.294/.359 in the NL. That’s atrocious.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Francouer’s career OBP is lower than Melky Cabrera’s.

      Wait, let me say that again.

      Francouer’s career OBP is lower than Melky Cabrera’s.

      • Count Zero

        lol – that certainly puts it in perspective!

      • Hitman

        Jeff Francoeur is a 24 year old 5 tool player with a huge upside and a GG in RF coming off an awful year. Those are the type of players you only wish you can land for an aging player like Nady who for the record has a career OBP of .338. He’s also probably at the point in his career where you won’t see much improvement. Whereas Francoeur is very young and still learning and can actually be an all star again.

        • Slugger27

          I really think the boos francouer would hear would drown out jeff weaver’s in his yankee prime

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Combining ALL of his minor league and major league seasons and partial seasons, the three-game set that the 24-year old Francoeur played at Double-A Mississippi THIS YEAR and had 7 hits in 13 at bats is the only time at ANY professional level that Jeff Francoeur EVER had an OBP north of .336.

          Scouts say he looks lost at the plate. His swing is a trainwreck. He’s regressed mightily from his third-place RoY 2005 campaign.

          Sure, he could be coached and pull out of the funk. But the odds are even that he’ll never figure it out, as well. His plate discipline is horrid and he doesn’t work the count, he’s a hacker.

          I know there’s potential, but I’m leery.

          • Mike A.

            He had the lowest VORP of any player in the game with at least 400 plate appearances this year. He was THE WORST PLAYER IN BASEBALL this season.

          • Hitman

            And what is the alternative? Nady would never yield an all star caliber player in a trade or a slew of top prospects. Sometimes you have to take your chances with someone with a high upside coming off a bad year. I don’t know anyone who had a worser 2007 than Carlos Quentin. In 2008 he could very well have been the mvp if he hadn’t hurt himself. I’d like Mike tell me what his VORP and OBP numbers were in 2007! Thank you. I rest my case.

        • Steve H

          Please let me know to which 5 tools you are speaking of.

    • Joseph P.

      This explains so many of Hitman’s comments. It all makes sense now!

      • Hitman

        I doubt my posts make much sense to you. They are more or less for the intelligent fan.

        • Slugger27


          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            I don’t know what made me laugh harder, Joe’s barb or Hitman’s utterly sincere and straightfaced “comeback”…

            Hitman = Steven Hawking
            The rest of us RAB posting unintelligent idiots = unintelligent idiots

  • Jay CT

    Yeah- I also think we should offer Nady for Jay Bruce or Clayton Kershaw or Rick Porcello or Maybin… who else could we get for him? This is the guy who many of you downplayed before the Yanks got him, and who has produced, but not been a stud while with the Yankees. I am sure that every team will line up and give their best guys for 1 year of Nady

    • Rory

      You just named some of the biggest prospects in the game for a guy who has had one season of above average ball. That is ridiculous.

      • TurnTwo

        i believe i detected a hint of sarcasm in there, but i could be wrong…

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          That was a MOUND of sarcasm, not a hint.

          • Mike Pop

            ya thiunk

            • Jay CT

              Thanks. I was trying to get at the fact that the posts of IPK and Nady for Heyward are ignorant fans who forget that other teams want to also win. And thinking I am serious makes you even more ignorant then those posters…

              • Rory

                In that case I apologize. And no, not recognizing your sarcasm while I’m scanning does not make me more ignorant than they are, as plenty of people think that way. Get over yourself and your over reactionary insults.

  • Rory

    I don’t think anybody has mentioned this yet, so I guess I will. The player on the Braves that I would be most interested in, is SS Yunel Escobar. He’s only 25 years old, hits well, and was in the top five in the league in both Zone Rating and Range Factor. This would allow us to move Jeter into the outfield, and plug the hole that Nady where Nady was.
    I would actually be more interested in making a similar trade for JJ Hardy. He hits even better than Escobar, plays similarly good defense, and is 26. The Brewers already have Alcides Escobar ready to take over at SS also, so they are interested in trading Hardy. I would love to see the Yankees make a deal for Hardy this offseason.

    • Mike Pop

      No hardy thats not gonna happen

    • Joey

      I guess you’ll be the volunteer to tell Jeter they’re moving him to the OF without his approval?

      • Rory

        I would be happy to be the one. It wouldn’t do much good, though, as Jeter would then go to Girardi and Cashman. The guy has to move within a couple of years.

    • Jay CT

      Yeah. Lets see… the Giants would talk about Cain for Hardy. Do you really think the Brewers would say, “Well, I know we need pitching… but how about we trade him to the Yankees for a 1 year rental who is an average outfielder with average defense?” or would they say “Let’s convert Weeks to CF, and move Hardy to SS.”

      Or maybe they will just say “Rory really wants the Yankees to win, and since they are Americcan league, lets do Fielder, Braun, Hardy and Gamel for IPK, Nady, Phil Coke and Igawa. We made the playoffs this year, so lets give the Yankees a turn.” I am sorry if this sounds like I am bashing you, it just makes zero sense and I get tired of listening to trade offers that are so one sided. Its a waste of time

      • Rory

        First, Hardy was talked about being involved in the Cain trade, along with Fielder. And really, the trade discussion was more about Cain for Fielder, so what you said is irrelevant.
        Second, the trade would revolve around Nady, not a straight up trade. Xavier Nady has value, and it’s probably at its highest right now. If you took the time to notice, my post was more about trying to trade Nady for a new SS. Obviously, the trade proposal would have to be adjusted for the type of SS we would be getting back.
        In regards to Nady being a one year rent a player, yes. he is only under control for one more year. Hardy is under control for two, so that isn’t a big difference.
        Now, let’s look at their values. Look at their stats for the season.
        avg obp slg ops HR 2B
        Hardy .283 .343 .478 .821 24 31
        Nady .305 .357 .510 .867 25 37

        Obviously, this season, Nady out hit Hardy in every way. Didn’t think that by looking at the names, did you? However, there is the issue of consistency, so we should probably look at their averages over the previous two seasons.
        year avg obp slg ops HR 2B
        Nady 2006 .280 .337 .453 .790 17 28
        2007 .278 .330 .476 .806 20 23
        Hardy 2006 .242 .295 .398 .693 5 5 (35 gm)
        2005 .247 .327 .384 .711 9 22
        2007 .277 .343 .463 .786 26 30

        Hmm. Interesting. So what we are seeing here, is two very similar hitters. Going into this, I thought Hardy would actually have the better career numbers, but he clearly doesn’t. Now, there are a few discrepancies in the value still; Hardy is 3 years younger, and controlled for one more year. However, the value is pretty similar. To make up for this gap, I would propose we include an average type pitcher. Ideas for this could include the AAAA quality Igawa, who would be a lot better off in the NL Central, and Pavano, if we were to pick up his option and pay half of his salary next season. That would give the Brewers a pretty decent pitcher on a no risk deal, and would cost a hell of a lot less than the Cardinals are paying David Riske, who is a worse actual pitcher.
        So, tell me, Jay CT, just how much of a waste of time would that actually be? I know you won’t answer, but I just hope you know that you’ve made an ass of yourself with your terrible rant.
        Fascinating what can be done with actual things like evidence and numbers, huh? Jerk. I’m tired of people looking at names and deciding by that just how fair or realistic a deal could be. It’s a whole lot of hot air by know it alls sitting on their couch, and it’s a waste of time. Look at stats, analysis, not names.

    • Hitman

      Huh? Since when are the brewers ready to trade Hardy??

      • Rory

        Because they want to cut costs, and have Alcides Escobar tearing up the minors waiting for the call. He will be a better defensive SS, and is expected to become a very good leadoff hitter.

  • KW

    Nice post Joe

    • Joseph P.

      Thank ya kindly.

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  • Axl

    Kotchman for Nady is virtually useless…

    .269/..335/.413 for Kotchman at 1B? No thanks…

    Nady is better in all categories…

    Granted Nady is in the outfield where we have a lot of options where as we have few at 1B…still doesn’t make sense to me.

    Don’t think they would do it either…maybe we could package somebody else for Jai Jurggens with him though…although our prospects are all at their lowest value right now…

  • Mike Pop

    What bout Brandon Jones ? Hes suppose to be a pretty good prospect right ?

  • Reggie C.

    Trade nady + melky for Jordan Schafer.

    • Mike Pop

      We’d have to throw in Kennedy

  • SWB

    Most people say put Damon, Matsui or Posada at 1st base but how often do you see old, washed up outfielders or catchers moved to first base and become successful? Mets tried to move Piazza there and that was unsuccessful and he was more athletic than Jorge. I can’t name one first baseman currently in the league who is a former outfielder who wasn’t good enough to stay in the outfield besides Miggy Cabrera.

  • X-Man

    I want to stay here!!

  • nick blasioli

    i vote for nady staying in ny….sign tex for added power…nady is getting better every year..please keep him in ny…

    • Hitman

      Don’t you mean Nady is getting older every year?

      • Jack

        Isn’t everybody?

  • dkidd

    casey kotchman???

    for the love of all that’s holy: sign mark texiera

    • X-Man

      100% agree…sign Tex

  • Mike NYY

    Why? We can just sign Texiera, Dunn, Ibanez, or Ramirez. Magglio ordonez is an interesting idea as well.

    I`d much rather trade Damon for a centerfielder and sign Dunn or Ramirez. Especially if the Yankees reports about lowering payroll are true. If the Yankees picked up some salary could they do Damon+Marte+Kennedy+Wright for DeJesus? The Royals GM made some interesting comments about wanting to “win now.” Then trade some prospects and maybe one of Ramirez/Veras/Bruney for Ordonez

    C- Posada
    1B- Dunn
    2B- Cano
    SS- Jeter
    3B- A-Rod
    RF- Ordonez
    CF- DeJesus
    LF- Nady
    DH- Matsui

    Just simple speculation