Joba issues apology for DUI arrest

Going to the best when it counts
ALCS Game 7: It all comes down to this

From the self-proclaimed World Wide Leader:

“I want to apologize to the New York Yankees and the fans for an error in judgment and for putting myself in a difficult situation,” Chamberlain said in a statement released by his agent, Randy Hendricks. “I intend to properly resolve this situation, and do not intend to be in such a situation again. My goal is to focus on pitching for the Yankees in the 2009 season.”

The article goes on to say that Joba’s blood-alcohol level was unknown, and paperwork will be prepared Monday to determine what charges will be filed, if any. As reader Ben B. pointed out last night, there’s a mandatory minimum of 7 days in jail if found guilty, however he could receive less punishment if he’s put on probation.

Joba’s rise to borderline superstardom for the Yankees was meteoric, but a fall from grace can be even swifter. Hopefully Joba realizes this and learns from the mistake. This kind of behavior is inexcusable for anyone, especially someone with countless children looking up to him. Hopefully Harlan lays the smack down, and this is a one-time incident.

Going to the best when it counts
ALCS Game 7: It all comes down to this
  • Mike Pop

    Good this needed to be done, Harlan will lay the smack down also

    • mustang

      I’m sure Harlen will lay down more then a smack down, but Joba is 23 years old how much can Harlen do.

  • MasterShake

    Lets hope Joba can stay out of trouble, he’s working towards becoming the future face of the Yankees and headlines like these will make both him and the Yankees look bad. Hopefully this blows over pretty quickly and he doesn’t repeat his mistakes.

    On a semi-related note, I read an article yesterday that actually suggested Joba might be in line for a better ’09 season: “They didn’t make the chart, but Joba Chamberlain, Boof Bonser, Mike Mussina, Clayton Kershaw, Bronson Arroyo, Dustin McGowan, Josh Beckett, Chad Billingsley, Javier Vazquez, and A.J. Burnett all had BABIPs in the .320s. Those could come down significantly and give a nice boost.” The also brought up Pettitte who was an even higher .341.

  • E-ROC

    I do not understand why people drink, then get behind the wheel of a car. This is one of the reason why I don’t drink because of the fear that I’ll get behind the wheel of car. Somebody should’ve taken Joba’s keys. At least nobody was hurt.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Yeah, look what happened To George W. Bush after he got a DUI. Do you really want your life to turn out like his?

    • mustang

      This alone should stop everyone from drinking and driving.

  • J.R.

    If you look at his apology, it is clear that he is going to be fighting the charges. He apologizes for putting himself in a difficult situation, not for drinking and driving. This sounds like a prepped statement that specifically avoids admitting guilt.

  • Link

    I don’t drink, at all, and have nothing against those who do. For a regular Joe, I can only mildly understand the thought that they may be able to drive home after having say a drink or two even though they have proven just about any alcohol can impair your reaction time. Saying that, I find absolutely no excuse for any person of any kind of celebrity status (politician, athlete, actor, whatever) to get behind the wheel of their own car after having anything to drink at all. They can easily afford a limo, or have someone with them as a DD, cab or whatever. The open container of alcohol is just beyond retarded.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      You don’t drink? You’re a better man than me. Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    “This kind of behavior is inexcusable for anyone, especially someone with countless children looking up to him.”

    Thumbs up to that.

    I think it is really sad how drinking and even drinking and driving are looked at as cool in this great land of the USA. Please everybody out there keep the roads safe for peoples mothers, fathers, sisters, kids, brothers, etc.

    I also do not drink. Grew up around many people that have gotten DUI’s, and quite a few of them still drink and get behind a wheel. If you drink be an adult and have somebody else drive, get a cab, or stay at home and drink.

  • DC

    I am not going to get specific because I didn’t see anything myself but a friend of mine owns a bar in baltimore and he saw some very discouraging things from one Joba one night towards the end of the season.(he was hanging out with Ponson on the night in question)

    Joba is very cocky. I hope he doesn’t start to think he is invincible and keeps working.

    • Mac

      Wow. That is a lot of large, fat man occupying the same space. Joba and Ponson? Yikes. Wouldn’t want to see that tab…

  • dan

    Damn comments awaiting moderation

    • Mike A.

      There’s nothing in moderation. Try it again.

      • dan

        eh, not worth it. I posted a link of David Wright doing a line of shots.

  • pat

    ahh the vastly underused drunk yankee tag

  • Mike Pop

    Hey Mike the marlins are said to be shopping Hermida for a young closer and or 3b.. Should we look into giving up Edwar or D-Rob for him ? I know we would have to add more most likely but if they are loooking for relief prospects w got em… I think we should def look into this

    • Mike A.

      I’d give up either of those guys in a second for Hermida, but I imagine it’ll take more. Robertson + … I dunno.

      • Ivan

        Marcos V. and D-Rob/Edwar for Hermida?

  • Steve S

    Just goes to show you how good Derek Jeter is. The kid is 23 years old and while its not an excuse, be thankful that no one was hurt and attribute this to ignorance of being young. And it should never happen again. While they do have a huge responsibility as major league baseball players they are human beings, so while this is a big mistake, I dont think it will effect him as long as he is throwing 100 mph next year and will prevent any “fall from grace”.

    We shouldnt have these high expectations of athletes anymore. Because they play a sport well doesnt make them better human beings. Lets move on.

  • A.D.

    They need to raise Joba’s salary so that this guy can pay someone else to drive his drunk ass around.

    My issue isn’t wil ppl drinking, but why people making 300K+ a year ever drink in drive, they can easily afford to get a cab/car home

  • Alan

    Joba better get his head on straight, there’s no excuse for a DUI. Especially since he’s a making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and can be driven wherever he pleases. Very disappointed.

  • Yankee 49

    Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry is all you need to know.

    And by the way, Joba got several millions of dollars in a signing bonus when he signed with the Yankees in 2006. Thus, the BMW. He’s not playing for spare change, folks. But given his upbringing, this comes as no surprise.