Proctor going under the knife

Some Hank Steinbrenner musings
Guernseys to auction final Stadium HR ball

As Mark Healey says, in an awesome diatribe about the asinine Mets-Yanks trade rumor from last week, it’s not easy finding tidbits on the Yanks and Mets right now. We have two things working against us here: The playoffs, during which MLB tries to keep non-participating teams quiet; and the fact that neither team has had organizational meetings. So allow us to move to a topic near and dear to our hearts: Scott Proctor.

You might have noticed Scotty’s absence from the playoffs this year. That’s because the former Yank is set to have surgery on his right elbow. He should be back for Spring Training. He’s having a flexor tendon repaired and a bone spur shaved down. For commentary, I’ll just say that I’m pleased with Joe Girardi spreading out the bullpen workload this year.

h/t BBTF.

Some Hank Steinbrenner musings
Guernseys to auction final Stadium HR ball
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Did no one tell Scott last October to run away?

    • 27 this year

      I think Scott realized there is no escaping the wrath of Torre.

  • Old Ranger

    How is Scotts’ contract? If there is a way out of it, he should, get gone! Any RP worth his salt, should stay far away from managers like Joe T…there are a few more out there, thank the gods Joe G. ain’t one of ‘um. 27/09.

    • Bo

      I’m sure Mo is very unhappy he had Torre as a manager for 12 years right??

      Stanton, Nelson, Mendoza all were terrible for him as well.

  • J.R.

    Scott Proctor is in his own personal hell.

  • Bo

    Girardi got to spread it around because he had actual talent out there in front of Mo.

    Who did Torre have the past 4 yrs??