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We love a good discussion here at RAB. It might be tough to keep up with, but it puts a smile on my face to see a comment thread go over 100. For the most part, the discussion here is great. Commenters all bring something different to the table, and that allows us to get as comprehensive a view of a situation as possible.

However, more comments means more flaming. It’s unfortunate, but true. This is why we put commenting guidelines in place. Lately, though, we’ve seen plenty of violations. It’s time to crack down. I think that everyone will agree that this will make the discussions more fruitful in the long run.

Some of you may have received short emails from Ben, Mike, or me in the past week, asking you to stop the personal attacks. These are friendly warnings. We like you guys, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to play by the rules. This goes doubly for the perceived “favorites.” We like you for a reason. Please, help us out by keeping your comments civil, and your personal attacks over at LoHud.

This means no calling anyone an idiot. If you must attack, attack the idea, not the person. Don’t go out of your way to call things idiotic. If it is truly idiotic, most people will silently agree. Simply point out what you think is wrong, and move on. Or just say nothing.

Speaking of saying nothing, this brings me to my next point: Don’t feed the trolls. If you see someone commenting for the first time and they’re blatantly trying to get a reaction, leave it be. It’s tough sometimes, but it’s for the best.

You give him a dollar, he’s gonna assume you have more:

We’ve also seen a number of off-topic comments, mostly preceded by “I know this is off topic, but…” This does not give anyone carte blanche to make an off-topic remark. If you have something off-topic to say, our email addresses are on the left sidebar. Off topic posts will now be deleted.

That’s really about it. Keep comments on-topic, and play nice. We’ll send email warnings for slight and first-time offenders, so please leave a valid email in the comments field. We promise we won’t use it for any other purpose. I wouldn’t want anyone doing that to me, and we’ll extend the courtesy to you. Repeat offenders will be put on a moderation list. A few current commenters have had this before, and can attest that it’s not permanent. It’s just our only power in situations like this. None of us want to use it, but if the violations continue, it’s a last resort, and only applicable for violations.

That said, thanks guys, for distracting me from doing work. I’d far rather argue with Chris C. over Manny Ramirez any day than do actual work.


  1. pat says:

    joe sorry to break it to ya, but this is america we like our beer cold our tv’s loud and our comments flaaaaaming

  2. Mike A. says:

    I know this is off topic, but I find that South Park video hilarious.

  3. Joey H. says:

    whats the sudden call on for this? turn this into a communist website?

    • Joseph P. says:

      Have you read the comments over the past week, month, year? We want to keep things civil so everyone can enjoy it. Thanks for evoking Communism, though.

      • Joey H. says:

        You’re right. It’s your website. if i were a moderator i would want it to be civil. but dont turn this .. for lack of a better word, into pussyland. throwing these weird 3 initial stats that next to nobody has ever heard of at people and think thats a good argument. Heated arguments is what makes sports chat very compromising, personal lashes and insults on the other hand are unacceptable.

        • Joseph P. says:

          Exactly. This is all about personal insults. I hope I made myself clear above.

          • Joey H. says:

            Ight man. I just hope you didnt want to get away from heated arguments. because that is what sports is all about from a fans perspective :)

          • Jamal G. says:

            throwing these weird 3 initial stats that next to nobody has ever heard of at people and think thats a good argument.

            You got a problem with me living in my mother’s basement? ;)

            • Joey H. says:

              Lol Jamal. You know what I mean. its like FJK% and crap like that. Aside from the regular stats we all know, OBP AVG OPS ect.. its just annoying for guys to throw stuff out there and consider it a fair argument. and OFF THE TOPIC.. so how would you like your payment, cash or check? Jamal did u see entourage? that last 1 was hilarious!

              • A.D. says:

                Waiting for someone to make one up, like VORP * OPS+ or something nuts.

                Actually that wouldn’t be bad give his value vs the league, and vs his position peers

                • Joey H. says:

                  Lol. Thats what I’m saying. How is it fair to the readers? I understand we want to win our arguments, Crap! that’s why we argue in the first place, but Keep it on a basis that we can all relate to and understand.

  4. mustang says:

    I will obey all RAB rules for


  5. Joey H. says:

    I guess its a sign of being bored cause the yankees are out of the playoffs, there is a couple days between series ect.. thats my guess for what brings this on.

    • pat says:

      or as the site becomes more popular they dont want it to turn into a group of people calling each other cankle bandits and lint lickers

  6. kenthadley says:

    Joseph P….well said and necessary……I have sometimes seen that disagreeing with some of the regulars (johncarlos, andy from daytona, are you listening?) can result in ridiculously personal attacks….if someone voices that they are unhappy with ARod’s performance, or doesn’t worship Cashman, or thinks that Joba MIGHT be better of in the bullpen, shouldn’t draw humiliations masked in “talkin smak”……and I think contributors like Chris C make some points that are valid, whether or not we all agree……thanks for making the point….

    • pat says:

      i think the calling out of specific people is kinda what they don’t want to happen….

      • kenthadley says:

        then they can delete the names….they are only two of many that have over-reacted to divergent views……

        • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

          Me? Attack someone personally? haha. Show me when, if I ever did, I’m sorry, but I don’t remember me saying anything personal about anyone. In fact, it is rare if I ever post anything that’s even “serious”.

          With that being written, my Mom is guttertrash. Does that make you happy?

  7. HuskerFan says:

    Who’s Joba?

  8. dan says:

    The comments here have been getting increasingly ridiculous recently, hence my lack of commenting.

  9. Joey H. says:

    Oh and to Mike Ben and Joe. Not to point fingers but i read over the recently infamous Chris C thread that you cited. I don’t think he was out of line for saying thickheaded ect. He was just describing their views not the person themselves. but to my point, not to call anyone out but “tommiesmithjohncarlos” made some snide remarks, the one that sticks with me was ” did you go to smart school and come back” or whatever it was to a guy named “lanny” and nobody righted him. It was a contradicting praise which was clearly insulting.

    • dan says:

      I just read through that thread after reading this post, and had a similar thought. I think TSJC and Lanny used to have some beef or something, can’t remember. But that entire thread was fucked, I’m glad I missed it.

      • Joey H. says:

        I found it entertaining, a few dudes throwing out their best ideas. I didnt really get a negative vibe from that thread for the most part, both arguments were presented fairly and firmly.

    • Joey H. says:

      Again, not to point any fingers but its almost like favorites are being played.

    • A.D. says:

      Obviously I don’t run the blog, but the point isn’t to discuss who said what, but to move forward.

      Yanks aren’t in the playoffs, and ppl are pissed, thus heated-ness, you can see it in all the game threads Yankees win people happy, yanks loose people angry

  10. jsbrendog says:

    some people are dumb but natural selection will weed them out for us, not us posting on a message board.

    this being said (and me being guilty of the you are dumb posts) I still hate arod, love cashman, don’t want to see manny in ny, love this site, own a melky cabrera shirt (bamboozled!!) and need about tree fiddy.

    ~nessie from loch ness

    • A.D. says:

      Well at least Melk probably has very little chance of being traded, due to lack of value, so he still will be a Yankee vs someone who bought a Javier Vasquez, or Big Unit T-Shirt

  11. Jamal G. says:

    I, for one, blame Mike. It seems the popularity of this site exploded during his draft coverage.

    • Joey H. says:

      I like mike, he does the majority of the posting on here, hes very fair. Good for a nice argument, very civil. I loved how he covered the Yankee-less playoffs. I gave him props for that the other day.

      • Mike A. says:

        Nah, Ben does the majority of the posting, by far. And the playoff coverage was all our ideas, I’ve just been volunteering to write up the threads because work has been somewhat slow of late.

        • Joey H. says:

          I meant lately. I was just going to say how it seems like Ben is gone. But you did almost all the game threads. ect.. I know that’s what your listed to do but your posts seem to be more popular.

    • Joey says:

      It’s always Mike’s fault!!!!!!

  12. Joey H. says:

    ESPN is doing an interesting story on Ugueth Urbina

  13. Joey H. says:

    Shit I can only imagine if Ugueth Urbina gets out, Pitches in the majors again, and a guy hit a HR off of him and freaken chops his arm off with a machete.

  14. mustang says:

    The reason this site is so good is because Ben, Joe and Mike can manage the madness.
    There is no need to take anything said here to a personal level and I’m happy to see these guys policing it.

    If I want personal insults I will go to my wife she does a great job of it.

  15. Mike Pop says:

    Ive cried myself to sleep after people dissed me on this shit

  16. Okay, here we go:

    First, in the interest of full disclosure, I did NOT recently receive and e-mail from Mike, Ben, or Joe telling me to lay off the personal attacks. So, if anyone was assuming I was part of that aforementioned group specifically told to knock it off and that my behavior crossed the line, nope, wrong, sorry, unless the email got lost at the post office.

    That being said, after reading this whole thread, and then rereading the previous couple of threads, specifically, my back and forths with Chris C, Hitman, Bo, Lanny, and numerous others, I will admit that sometimes I’m sure I have gone too far here and there and crossed the line.

    I’d maintain that 90% of my posts are attacking the message of the other posters and not the posters themselves, and in reference to the comments in the Manny thread vs. Chris C, I think that you’ll find that if you read through them, most of my agitation was spurred not by any vitriol or agenda of my own accord, but by the characterization started by Chris of calling any Yankee fans who would/could be pro-Manny “thickheaded” or saying that “people like me would never learn”. So, I didn’t toss out the first name-calling salvo, but I will admit that I probably let it get to me too much and responded with some of Chris’s absolutes with a few excessive absolutes of my own, and I’ll try to scale back on that. My goal is not 90%, it’s 100%.

    The one person I would like to apologize to is Lanny. Ironically, my recent posts were more of an effort to praise his new writings in contrast to some of the previous positions he’s advocated that I thought were incorrect, but I realize in retrospect, I was praising Lanny in a needlessly insulting and condescending tone, and I’m sorry.

    All that being said, I think I’ve been more respectful towards other commenters than many of you are remembering. I write a lot, and I write emphatically, but the overwhelming majority of my comments are either detailed, explicit outlines of a position I espouse; passionate, meticulous rebuttals against positions, talking points, memes, agendas, or clichés that I disagree with, sometimes vehemently; or nonsensical whimsy and movie quotes. Often times, writing like that can seem more meanspirited in the heat of the moment than it actually is, and people with entrenched positions tend to take shit more personally than they should. In most of the extended back and forths that I’ve had on this site, the other parties have resorted to far, far more personal attacks against me and my intellect/gall/fandom/morals than I have against them.

    And for the record: If anyone ever feels like me and any of the RAB “regulars” are ganging up on them, we probably are. It’s not because we don’t like you, it’s because your position is weak. Don’t take it personally.

    But in summation, I like all you guys, and if I’ve called you a name, I apologize and I won’t do it again.

    Except for Andy in Daytona. I hate that dirty fucking douchebag, and I hope he gets cancer of the gonorrhea of the AIDS and dies.

  17. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    I am NOT a commie!

  18. RobC says:

    maybe your posts need to be read twice sometimes.
    No I will not be furious that we didn’t get Jake Peavy when “we had the chance”.
    But I will be unhappy if we do not think about “bending over and spreading them” if their is a possiblity.
    Beyond that its great to see the love you and Andy in SUNNY Daytona have for each other. It is making me log in under my 11 y/o name to check if Safe Eyes blocks RAB
    BTW you won the race you keep the medals!!!

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