LeBron on CC: ‘We’re gonna get him’


Forget the ESPN experts. Forget Baseball Prospectus. LeBron James, the NBA’s most famous Yankee fan, thinks that the Yanks are going to end up with CC Sabathia. I’m sold. Do we really need a better source?

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  1. Steve says:

    I wonder if Lebron has a decent fastball.

  2. MS says:

    If we get CC than maybe he’ll convince Lebron to come to the Knicks in 2 years.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Knicks going to the Nets.. Jay-Z is his boy and Nets got a great future ahead of them if they keep their young players plus get one more stud from a VC deal

  3. Manimal says:

    Most of his friends are saying hes going to the Yankees and obviously they know stuff that we don’t know.

  4. Mike Pop says:

    Ya boy !

    • Steve says:

      He can use whatever he wants, just don’t hit .219 again this year.

      Despite all the reports to the contrary, I still think the Yanks are in on Tex.

      • Mike Pop says:

        We are still on Tex but just not gonna giv him long term contract which sucks..

        • Murph1010 says:

          Why does that suck? Wouldn’t the yankees WANT a shorter contract?

          • Mike Pop says:

            Yea we do but it means we are lesss likely to get him.. Cuz we probly arent gonna offer 4 yrs and 120 mill ya know ? I dont think thats real possible to think hes gonna get more money yearly than Arod.. I think if we offer 6 120 we got a good shot to get him

            • Steve says:

              The Yanks are also going with Bubba Crosby in CF.

              Boras is his agent, the Yanks don’t bargain with Boras if they don’t have to. But Boras tends to go deep into the off season with his clients, unless the client wants to strike a quick deal. Tex is described as “The Ultimate Boras client” which tells me Boras will be driving this bus. I’d expect Tex to sign with the Yanks around late December or January.

            • Murph1010 says:

              Good point. I personally don’t think they will sign him but I wish they did. Boras loves those years so he probably would hold out for 6 or 7

        • Steve says:

          But who will?

          Red Sox-Theo doesn’t believe in long term deals, for anyone who knows the first thing about Theo. Plus, they already have a 1B.

          Nats-Just got Willingham to play LF, that moves Delmon Young to 1B and now they have TWO 1B with Nick Johnson still there. Don’t think they need a third one.

          Angels-Artie Moreno talks a big game, but behaves conservatively. Biggest name he’s ever signed was Vlad, and that was the year when all salaries were depressed. Also, the next 7 year deal he hands out will be his first. The Angels don’t have a network or a big TV deal, and if you follow them closely they spend, but very carefully. I’ll believe it when I see it.

          Orioles-Would have to take a hometown discount according to Keith Law. Plus, would have to be willing to play for a lousy team in a tough division with little prospect of getting better.

          That leaves . . . you know who. I think the Yanks are playing possum with Boras. He’ll call them before he signs elsewhere and they’ll add a few mil per or an extra year. The Yanks don’t want to set the market for Tex, but I think they’ll land him in January.

          • Mike Pop says:

            Tex is gonna take the most money with a contender I believe.. It is possible we can get him but idk if we will go that extra mile for him… Plus even Cash said we wont be able to sign both Tex and CC based on the numbers he was hearing.. Link to that is in Nomaas

            • Steve says:

              Thanks, just read that but still not sure I believe it. Cashman argues that CC+pitcher+Tex is “fantasy land” but then goes on to say that payroll will drop by 18 mil or so this year to 190 mil.

              Keeping last year’s 200ish payroll level is “Fantasy land”? I think Cashman is negotiating with Boras through the press.

  5. Mike in Fla. says:

    I know it sounds crazy, but I could see the Yankees flipping Swisher in the Padres trade which could be a big, big trade. Don’t be shocked if we aquire A-Gon and Peavy, but have to pay a huge price. I could see Swisher, Hughes, Kennedy, A-Jax, Igawa and maybe Robertson in such a trade. Swisher just strikes out too much for my liking.

  6. Manimal says:

    I was talking to a friend and his words were, “If the yankees get CC and Peavy, I am just not going to watch baseball anymore.”

  7. Steve says:

    Yankees Pursuing Peavy

    Even with his NL preference and AL/Ballpark/Division adjusted stats, he’s still a better option than Burnett. He’s healthier, more competitive and should put up similar numbers.

    However, if the package includes Hughes, then it makes more sense to sign AJ and keep Phil for depth. As long as you can keep Hughes, Melancon, Montero, Betances and Romine out of a package then it makes sense.

    Cano, A-Jax, IPK, Melky, Cervelli, D-Rob, Veras, Bruney, Aceves, Juan Miranda, Wright and Sanchez would be available for me. Pick 3-4 guys off that list and I make a deal.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Id rahter sign AJ then make a deal for PEavy unless it is an ABSOLUTE steal.. No Cano and Ajax plus your guys

      • Murph1010 says:

        Why wouldn’t people trade Austin Jackson for Peavy? I will never understand. Peavy is a proven #1 front of the rotation pitcher, Ajax is a minor leaguer who put up less than spectacular numbers in AA and who may or may not pan out. I understand Peavy has salary obligations but my god Peavy for Ajax would be the biggest steal in baseball history.

        • Ed - sign CC immediately says:

          …because Ajax is our CFer for the future. Cashman have plans for him, just like Jay Bruce when he first came up.

          • Steve says:

            A-Jax’s ceiling is not comparable to Jay Bruce.

          • Murph1010 says:

            If you were the GM, Kevin Towers approached you, proposed Ajax for Peavy, you are telling me you would say no????

            • Mike Pop says:

              Ugh.. in the words of TSJC ..facepalm… It wouldnt be a straight up deal. Your talking bout giving up Ajax plus Kennedy and others that would deplete our farm even more.. I don’t believe in dealing the farm for this guy when there are better alternatives to him.. Aj Burnett + all of our prospects we wouldnt lose is better than Peavy plus losing all our prospects

      • Steve says:

        Cano OR A-Jax (plus 2-3 of the others) should be the framework of a deal. You generally don’t give up more than one top guy in these things. Especially for a guy who’s scheduled to make good money after this year, plus sounds like he wants an extension. That would be paying twice.

  8. Murph1010 says:

    We need to sign both CC and Burnett and then turn our attention to Tex and Manny. That would address both pitching and offense. Plus if Kerry Wood wouldn’t mind the 8th inning then that is a must too.

  9. Mike Pop says:

    Fucken Boston bout to get Dontrelle or Nate Robertson for Lugo… I know its not a craaazyy deal but obviously one of those guys has more value to them than Lugo does

    • Murph1010 says:

      As a big yankees fan, I will jump for joy and get drunk in celebration if the Red Sox trade their SS ((albeit a mediocre one)) for Dontrelle Willis. That’s awesome. He’s worse than Rasner

    • Ed - sign CC immediately says:

      I believe if Cashman were to trade for Willis for let’s say Reggie Corona (since he’s rule 5 eligable anyway). Under Eiland and Harkey, I think they could fix him and have him back in his 2006 form when he was CY Young runner up. Harkey was the key to Willis’ success back in 2006.

    • Steve says:

      Headache for headache. Gotta love Dontrelle’s upside, but he’s been awful for 2 years now.

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