MLB scaring rooks straight on DUI


Maybe Joba should have attended this: a scared straight program for MLB draft picks and rookies. The article only mentions Brewers rooks going in for the program, though I guess (and hope) that all 30 teams will educate their players in such a manner.

It’s a neat idea. They toured a jail so that the players could get a feel for the inmate life. It kind of reminds me of a video they made us watch in high school.

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  1. Cam says:

    Just popped up on MLB Trade Rumors that according to Impacto Deportivo (whatever the hell that is), the Yanks inked Marte to a 3 year $12 million deal.

  2. Buddy Biancalana says:

    Wow, is there a link to see “Scared Straight” in it’s entirety? Great find!

  3. Doug says:

    But as it turns out, the fair had two Startled Straight tents. And George, Sr. had wandered into the church-sponsored one…

    George, Sr.:
    Do you want to become some guy’s girlfriend?

    …intended to scare gay young men into a heterosexual lifestyle.

    George, Sr.:
    You want to have some guy reach around you in the middle of the night, start messing with your junk?

    At-Risk Male Youth #1:
    Is he ugly?

    George, Sr.:
    No, it’s pitch black. You don’t see him, and it never stops, guys. And everybody acts like it’s no big deal.

    At-Risk Male Youth #1:
    Is there a cover charge?

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