Moving the Monuments


Roxanne Geyer, a web producer at WCBS AM, sent us this video she shot in Monument Park this week as the Yanks prepped the historic monuments for their new home across the street. Jason Zillo, the Yanks’ director of press relations, talked about the process. Check it out. It’s a great video.

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  • TheLastClown

    Marvelous Movie: Media on Monument Mummification & Movement

  • Steve

    Where are they going to put Babe Ruth’s coffin?

    He is buried there, isn’t he?

    • pat

      hes buried in hawthorne Ny but they had a viewing for 2 days at the stsdium.

      • Steve

        That was a joke.

  • JeffG

    “How long is it going to take to move the monument?” Answer, “a couple of WEEKS.”
    … wtf? I know its important but come on. The thing is on a pallet and the new stadium is about 5/600 yards away… Jesus… no wonder why this stadium costs over a billion and a half dollars. AMAZING that’s all I have to say.

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    This is neat to see thanks for putting it up.

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