Yanks decline Marte’s option


This first came up early this week, but didn’t become official until today. The Yankees have declined the option for Damaso Marte. As has been mentioned, there’s a chance they could bring him back on a new deal, rather than paying him $6 million for 2009. The team will likely offer him arbitration, meaning that if he signs elsewhere the Yankees can collect a first round pick and a compensation pick. However, his Elias ranking isn’t towards the top of the free agents — 79.288 — so if a team signs two Type A free agents, it’s likely we could get their second rounder. We’d also get a second rounder if he signed with a bottom 15 team.

Hopefully Brian Cashman makes a statement regarding this decision (or a savvy reporter asks him). Was it that they’ll seek compensation picks, or that they’d just like to have him longer and for less money?

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  1. christopher says:

    so the trade will be remembered as Tabata for Nady

    really hope that the 2006-2007 projections for Tabata were wrong or this trade isnt going to go down as one of the best the team has made

    • pat says:

      At the time the trade was made it looked like it would be enough to push us into WS contender status. If we had won because of contributions from xman and marte would it have been worth it? I dunno. Could it be worth it if marte declines arb, signs somewhere else resulting in an additional 1st round pick, and with that pick we select the next mickey mantle?
      I think it’s too hard to decide already if it was a bad trade because we havn’t seen all the long term effects.

    • “so the trade will be remembered as Tabata for Nady plus two 2009 draft picks


      “so the trade will be remembered as Tabata for Nady plus three and a half years of Marte


      “so the trade will be remembered as Tabata for Nady plus one and a half years of Marte, plus whatever we get for Marte a year from now when we deal him to somebody else

  2. pat says:

    Cashman has a master plan, that I’m sure of.

  3. Reggie C. says:

    This doesn’t mean Marte isn’t coming back. I’ll wait for the 3 year deal he eventually gets from the Yanks.

  4. Slugger27 says:

    im interested to hear cashmans explanation for this… it still doesnt make all that much sense to me. they seem to have liked him for a few years now, but wouldnt a 1/6 deal be better than, say, a 3/15 deal? just speculating numbers but it would seem odd theyd decline a 1 year deal just to sign him for 2.

    if they just wanted the picks, thats a different argument…. but to me, it seems like a 1/6 >>> 3/15 ((or somethin in the neighborhood))

    then again, if they wanted the picks, they could just use him this year as a quality lefty reliever ((they have lacked one for some time now)) and just take the picks next year…. either way, its a curious situation, im anxious to hear their planned course of action

  5. christopher says:

    cubs the front-runner for peavy according to onley

    imagine that top 3. would defintly have to call them the WS favorites if they make this deal happen

  6. christopher says:

    and maybe dempster as the number 4 – thats a great staff

  7. Lanny says:

    How don’t they pick up this option? They’ve been desperate for a top lefty for 7 years. And Marte is the best in the game. You pick it up and you talk extension next year if you want.

    Just puzzling. And pretty dumb.

    Please don’t tell me they bought in totally to Phil Coke’s Sept. Marte isn’t just a lefty specialist.

    I just don’t get it.

  8. Updating the earlier RSPN story that the Dodgers were offering Manny either 2/50 or 3/75, Tim Kurkjian just said on SportsCenter that the offer was 2/45 with an option, and that “clearly isn’t enough to get it done”.


  9. Joseph M says:

    Lanny I couldn’t agree with you more. You can already Cashman searching for a lefty reliever all next season. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • Slugger27 says:

      it seems theres a good chance theyre trying to sign him long term… cant just assume theyre gettin rid of him

      • Lanny says:

        Why sign him long term now?

        You pick up the cheap option and you work on an extension after.

        Even if you pick up the option you can trade him if you want.

        What team wouldn’t want a top reliever on a cheap one yr deal?

        • Slugger27 says:

          i dont know the answer to that… i thought they should have exercised the option… i agree with u

          all i was saying is that joseph implied they were getting rid of him and that may not be the case

          • Lanny says:

            I guess we’ll see but why not pick it up and work out an extension later?

            Maybe they got a 3 yr deal ready to go and it works out better that way. I hope so because we could have a nasty pen.

            But if he hits the open market with the way people pay for pitching he could stand to make a nice buck.

          • Joseph M says:

            Competent lefty relievers don’t exactly grow on trees that’s the point. The Mets, Boston and who knows who else might snatch him from the Yankees and we’ll spend 2009 watching Cashman search for the answer to a problem that he caused.

  10. The Scout says:

    If you want to sign him long term, you keep him now and negotiate an extension. Once you let him on the market, you have to bid against other teams to keep his services. With that in mind, this looks more like a move to secure draft choices. Given the paucity of proven lefties for the bullpen around baseball, I don’t get it. I hope Cashman has a plan that is better developed than what we’ve seen to date.

    • Nick-YF says:

      They could very well have negotiated and worked out a deal with Marte before this official announcement. Even if there is a multi-year deal in place, they still have to decline the option or be committed to $6 million in 2009, which is a rate I think way over market.

  11. ko says:

    As much as I don’t trust anything Cashman does, I would think he’s got some kind of a plan to bring Marte back in a two or three year deal. Marte had a rough patch for a bit last year, but was basically as advertised – and exactly what the Yankees needed. Why would the Yankees go out and have to grovel for another ace lefty in the pen when they already had one here? The 6 million is pocket change for a team with as much income as the Yankees have. I don’t think GM’s are looking at these compensation draft picks nearly as much as you guys do. Even high first rounders are far from locks and they’re all several years away from being of any help. That’s an eternity in baseball.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Cuz they got Edwar baby ! Hes tough on lefties !! He is right ? But Im for keeping Marte and giving him a 2 yr deal

  12. mustang says:

    I’m going to wait on this one, but if they have Coke and two draft picks at the start of spring training then this shit needs to be questioned.

    • Why? Is that really that much of a bad thing?

      I’m with you, I’d have prefered to have kept Marte, but taking two picks in the top 60 in the June draft isn’t bad. And our pen can certainly be really good, even without Marte.

      We’re talking about the difference between a really, really good thing and just a really good thing.

      • mustang says:

        Yes, It’s a bad thing. This is the draft pick thing reaching the stupid level. Your Ok with letting go of a proven left-handed power reliever for two unknown picks in the June draft. How long have the Yankees been looking for a Marte type?
        Answer : Mike Stanton
        And yes are pen is very good, but bullpens are a year-to-year thing. The Yanks pen has a lot good arms some of which still need to prove that they can do the job from year to year.
        So they let this guy go and next year their looking to trade top level prospects for another Marte type like they done the past few years. Sounds counterproductive.
        This for two picks in the June draft who you may not ever see in the majors.

        • It’s not my first choice, but yes, I’m okay with it.

          A) We had a really good pen outside of Damaso Marte in 2008, and stand to have a really good pen in 2009 without Damaso Marte. In fact, several of the youngsters who could play a larger part in the 2009 pen (Sanchez, Coke, Melancon, Cox, Marquez, Horne, etc.) could easily outperform him.

          B) Statistically speaking, although draft picks are a crapshoot, high picks still have significant value, and there’s a good chance that one if not both of the young arms we take next June could be way better and more valuable to us than 34 year old Damaso Marte could be.

          Again, I’M WITH YOU, I would have picked up the option. But, I see the logic of why not to do it: Even though Marte is good, relief arms are notoriously erratic; good arms one year quickly become bad arms another year; we have a large surplus of arms and can afford to go without him; his 6M option can be spend elsewhere; and we may not have the opportunity to turn him into 2 good picks next year if things don’t work out as we hope.

          I would have done it differently, but I’m not going to hold a grudge against Cashman for not doing what I would have done, because the alternative option (the one Cashman picked) is still a very, very sensible one.

      • mustang says:

        “We’re talking about the difference between a really, really good thing and just a really good thing.”

        I like really, really good things don’t fuck with it.

  13. Lanny says:

    The draft picks are yawn worthy.

    The way the Yanks draft I’m not too excited to see top guys go for picks especially when you could have multiple picks anyway.

    How long have they needed/wanted a versatile top end lefty in the pen?

    Since they traded Marte and Stanton was here???

  14. bkight13 says:

    Marte only made $2M last year. The $6M option was never gonna get picked up by the Pirates, one of the main reasons they traded him. He didn’t do anything to triple his salary. He is probably worth re-signing, but at 2yr/6M or 3yr/8m level. If not they get the picks and can still shop for a lefty.

    • Old Ranger says:

      Honestly, I think you and Mustang(@8:50 pm) have written all that needs to be said…by the way, it makes sense.
      We will be the underdogs in 2009, so we need every player that can help us win the WS…that means; CC, Tex/Swisher maybe even Pavano.
      Those that have advocated the trading of Cano, IPK, Phil and some of the (really) good young arms are crazy..three/four years from now we will see that Cash made the right decision (not trading them). 27/09.

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