Moose brings home the Gold


Mike Mussina won the entirely symbolic Gold Glove Award for whichever players the BBWAA managers and coaches think might be among the best fielders. With his soft hands and cat-like reflexes, Moose has now grabbed seven Gold Gloves. This will probably be the only off-season award a member of the Yanks land although you could make a case for A-Rod for MVP, as shocking as that may sound to some of the A-Rod haters. (Gold Glove Winners)

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  1. Mike A. says:

    Actually, the BBWAA doesn’t vote on Gold Gloves. Managers and coaches do.

  2. Slugger27 says:

    congrats moose… though sometimes with gold glove awards it seems like once u win one, u keep winning one til u retire or have just a REALLY REALLY bad year… but this one seems legit to me

  3. Bill R says:

    ya Maddux winning again i mean c’mon

    • Exactly. 137 year old Greg Maddux winning a Gold Glove this year totally strips whatever crumbs of legitimacy were still left on this now utterly meaningless award.

      Homer: Oh, thanks… Here. [hands bellhop his Grammy statue]
      Bellhop: Wow! An award statue! …Oh, it’s a Grammy. [Throws Grammy over balcony]

      • Bruno says:

        Actually, Palmerio winning when he DH’ed all but like 5 games ruined it a few years ago ;)

        • Slugger27 says:

          ahh the 99 year… again, exactly my point, he had won like 3 or 4 years in a row… so he plays 30 games and 240 innings in 1999 and wins again… its a joke, which is why little to no people care about this award anymore

      • Slugger27 says:

        that was exactly my point… nobody really cares about these anymore for that reason

        like i said, once u win once, its ur spot to lose the next year, and unless u make a fool of yourself, u will probably win it again

        case in point… michael young… i mean r u KIDDING me??? torii hunter??? seriously??? both these guys are in the middle to bottom every year of ZR and RF, but both win gold gloves on reputation and nothing else

        at least in moose’s case its legit or seems that way to me… but when michael young and torii hunter win, it devalues the whole process for everyone involved

  4. Tripp says:

    7 gold gloves. first ballot hall of famer.

  5. Manimal says:

    Yankees coaching staff is close to being official per Pete abe.

    “Mick Kelleher [will be named] their first base coach. Tony Pena will move to bench coach and Rob Thomson to third base. It’s not official yet but will be soon.”

    • Bruno says:

      The Pena/Thompson thing surprises me. As did most of us, I figured Tony would slide to 3B and they’d import a 1B coach.

      • Mike Pop says:

        I like the idea of Kelleher becuz he is said to be hard on Cano right ? Maybe thats what he needs but in all honesty I thought Canowould shape up with or without a guy like this next year

  6. Manimal says:

    anyways, Moose always had a way with the glove.

  7. Mike Pop says:

    Id vote for A-Rod over that little bastard leprechaun Pedroia

  8. Bruno says:

    Ben, you think Moose’ll pull a Strahan and go out on top?

  9. radnom says:

    Pena won at 1B and is the first Devil Ray to ever win the award at any position.

    Does that strike anyone else as odd considering the types of players the’ve had?
    (I mean young, fast and athletic, not bad —-subverting the smartasses before they have a chance *coughtommie)

  10. Mike Pop says:

    Lets get an open thread to talk bout the hot stove !

  11. E-ROC says:

    Moose is the Gold Standard. I had to reference WWE Shelton Benjamin.

  12. Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

    Arod wouldn’t even have the balls to vote for Arod for MVP this year.

    You could make a case for Mariano for MVP, but Arod??????

    I hope Moose goes out on a high note. It was a special year for him, and the chances of him dupicating it aren’t great. Fans will have much higher expectations of him this year. Imagine coming back to old timers day, and hearing “and is the only pitcher to win an astonishing 20 games in his final year… (or 1 of 2, I forget)”.


    • Mike Pop says:

      IF A-rod didnt get hurt it is quite possible he puts up better numbers than both Youk and D-Ped i say “PED” becuz he used them..jk but IF ARod plays the whole year and doesnt miss thos 25 or 27 games on the DL.. Would we be a playoff team ? A-Rod over Ensberg/Betemit/Ransom has to give us at least 4 or 5 wins right ? Probably not tho cuz A-Rod is just unclutch and a horrible performer all around right

  13. Ron says:

    “although you could make a case for A-Rod for MVP, as shocking as that may sound to some of the A-Rod haters”

    Actually, objective observers would never make that case, although I could see Alex apologists making the case. Both Youkilis and “that little bastard leprechaun Pedroia” had better years than Alex did and did so for a play-off team. Will Alex get any votes? Of course he will, as you put 10 players on your ballot, but IMO, there is absolutely no way to defend placing him 1st on any ballot.

    • Ben K. says:

      Actually, objective observers would say that A-Rod led the AL in VORP. Apologist or not, it’s very easy to make a case for A-Rod as the MVP. Subjectively, you can also make the case that he doesn’t deserve, and I think there are more worthy candidates, especially when you start considering that Pedroia plays second.

      A-Rod should finish 2 or 3 in the balloting to Pedroia and Mo.

      • Mike Pop says:

        I would love to see Mauer get it but that might not be probable

      • Ron says:

        Trying to be objective (which is hard considering my feelings toward the Sux), how does Alex finish ahead of Youk?

        • Joop says:

          I don’t know because he was better in almost every offensive category?

        • Ben K. says:

          Really, what Joop said. Outside of the ol’ RBI category, A-Rod had better counting stats than Youk, and he plays a tougher position. Mauer actually might finish ahead of A-Rod. Mo should but probably won’t. I guess Pedroia wins it but there’s a more a testament to the fact that no one had a really outstanding offensive season this year.

          • Ron says:

            Alex 302/392/573
            Youk 312/390/569

            Youkilis had more doubles, fewer SO, fewer GIDP, and although he only played 36 games at 3rd, was better than Alex when he did. Also, the fact that he could slide over to 3rd when Lowell got hurt and play at a high level makes him very valuable.

            Also, I can’t find the stat, but I believe (but I could be wrong) that Youkilis saw more pitches per plate appearance than did Alex.

            Look, I’m a Yankee fan who can’t stand the Sux, but, from an OBJECTIVE stand point, Youkilis was more valuable to the Sux than Alex was to the Yanks.

      • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

        Did you go to the Yankee games I went to? Stats can be overrated sometimes. If he led the AL in VORP, VORP is not a good stat.

        Here’s your MVP stat:

        Clutch hitting

        2006 +3.2
        2007 +9.8 (wow)
        2008 -11.4

        They must be smoking better stuff in your Tier section…lol


        • Mike Pop says:

          Lemme guess you think we should trade him too

          • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

            There’s a big difference between trading him and him being the AL MVP.

            Now I wouldn’t have resigned him, but what’s done is done.

            He’s like Obama. I want to like him, but he just doesn’t do it for me.


          • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:


            If I’m not supposed to publish that, scuze my error and please delete.


            • From the Hardball Times stats glossary, emphasis mine:

              “Clutch” is the name we’ve given to the portion of Bill James’s Runs Created formula that includes the impact of a batter’s batting average with runners in scoring position and the number of home runs with runners on. The specific formula is Hits with RISP minus overall BA times at bats with RISP, plus HR with runners on minus (all HR/AB) times at bats with runners on. This stat is not a definitive description of “clutch hitting,” just one way of looking at it.

              Your argument, thus, is that ARod can’t possibly be the MVP over Youkilis because ARod performed poorer on one single stat that A) is based on batting average, which is already quite flawed, and B) is only described as “one way of looking at clutch hitting” and “not definitive”.

              Think about it this way: One reason ARod wasn’t “clutch” is because he didn’t have many hits this year with RISP. Youkilis, meanwhile, raked with RISP. Youkilis also hit in a lineup with Pedroia, Ortiz, and Manny/Bay. ARod was left pretty much exposed all year, except for the fleeting Jason Giambi hot streak here and there. Do you think that perhaps Youkilis saw consistently better pitches to hit, and pitchers instead pitched around ARod since nobody else in that lineup was going to hurt them?

              It’s not the MCP, the Most Clutchified Player, it’s the MVP. Most Valuable Player. I know as well as you that ARod sucked with RISP this year, but the 2008 Yankees likely would have won what, 20 fewer games without ARod? Come on.

              A flawed “clutch” stat is not a disqualifier for an MVP discussion.

        • Ben K. says:

          So what you’re saying is that if he led the AL in VORP, a fairly objective stat, it must not be a good stat because you disagree with it? That’s a perfectly reasonable way to evaluate baseball.

          • ceciguante says:

            i think what he’s saying is:

            Arod’s primary job is to drive in runs, which is done primarily by hitting with runners on base.

            Arod was terrible at his job last year, as anyone who watches the yanks knows. For those who can’t believe something is true without seeing a statistic about it, they can pick their preferred “clutch” stat. The one cited above showed Arod was in the toilet last season as a clutch hitter (i.e., run producer).

            many players were far better than arod in this important stat.

            therefore, arod can’t be the MVP, esp since his team suffered overall in this important category, failed to score sufficient runs, and didn’t make the playoffs as they were favored to do.

            i’m shocked that you would even put Arod’s name in the same sentence as MVP this season. pure arod apologism.

            • And yet, even with all his considerable, considerable struggles in RISP he still placed 2nd in the AL in Runs Created per 27 outs with a 7.89, behind only Milton Bradley’s Arlington-goofiness induced 8.97. In front of Youkilis, Quentin, Markakis, Hamilton, Huff, Sizemore, Kinsler, and Pedroia. So, it’s possible that even with ARod sucking balls in the clutch all year long, he was STILL the best player in the league this year, and had he mixed in a clutch hit or two, it would be a landslide rather than a narrow victory.

              One can easily make the argument that a shitty, non-clutchtastic ARod is STILL more valuable than Youkilis, Pedroia, et. al. on their best days. I don’t see why you think the concept of ARod the MVP is such an anathema.

              Arod’s primary job is to drive in runs, which is done primarily by hitting with runners on base.

              And even though we all witnessed him leave tons of potential RBI’s on the table, he still drove in 103 runs. That’s only 12 fewer than Youkilis, who had 27 additional plate appearances, not to mention better lineup protection.

              Arod was terrible at his job last year, as anyone who watches the yanks knows.

              And yet, it’s possible for someone to be terrible at their job and still the best person at their job. You’re judging ARod against what he can potentially be, rather than judging him against the other people who played baseball in 2008.

              many players were far better than arod in this important stat.

              And ARod was far better than them in other equally important stats. Stats that correlate more directly to wins and losses than “clutch” stats like BA with RISP.

              therefore, arod can’t be the MVP, esp since his team suffered overall in this important category, failed to score sufficient runs, and didn’t make the playoffs as they were favored to do.

              I assume you’re also not voting for Albert Pujols for the NL MVP.

  14. Joba_Joba says:

    AROD an MVP?

    You cannot be serious! Lay off the Koolaid!

  15. Lanny says:

    If you go by stats and value A-Rod would def be in the conversation for MVP and would prob win it.

    But its more objective than that obviously so hence he has no chance.

    His production in the 8th-9th innings really doomed him. Not to mention finishing 3rd.

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