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Yanks battling Mets for Garcia
How many teams are at their payroll limit?

We still need another week or so until we get the actual radio show up and running, so you’re stuck emailing your questions in for another week. Send them to Joe or myself, our email addresses are on the left sidebar. Thanks in advance, we should have it up on the site around 2pm.

Yanks battling Mets for Garcia
How many teams are at their payroll limit?
  • Steve S

    If Austin Jackson struggles in 2010, who is the Yankee CF opening day 2011?

  • Matt F

    hey you two were talking about pitching prospects of ours how does the signing of C.C. and Burnett affect how they deal with Betances, Brackman… etc. thank you this is my first comment on your site and by all that i read daily this is def. one of the if not the best Yankees blog i have read

  • Deezer

    My question: Can you improve the audio quality? I’ve got one guy whispering in my left ear and another screaming in my right ear. I mean, it’s not that hard.

    Love the content though.

    • Joseph P.

      If it’s not that hard, why not give us pointers?

      • UWS

        Because he secretly enjoys Mike whispering seductively in his ear…

        • Jack

          Who doesn’t?

      • Dave

        Maybe adjusting the mic volume might help. It’s probably nothing all that technical, moreso volume settings, or just how you talk into the mics.

        Granted, if it sounds right when you play it, the issue is probably on Deezer’s end.

    • pat

      that was very snotty.

  • Ace

    How do you see Humberto Sanchez panning out? My understanding was that he was the Tigers number 1 prospect when we traded Sheffield for him and that he was hitting 100MPH with his fastball. How much will he contribute in 2009 and in what role? And do you think he will ever crack the rotation?

  • Jay CT… Ben Sheets biggest fan

    A single tear rolls down his face and falls from Ben’s cheek as another week goes by with no respect…

  • Should be working

    Would it be worth it for the Yankees to look at Joe Beimel instead of Juan Cruz? Aside from Cruz’s strike out ability they’re probably as good as one another and Beimel being left handed Girardi can use him in a spot and still save Marte for the 8th. And he’s only a Type B so we get to keep our 4th round pick. Probably cheaper as well.

    • Should be working

      This is assuming they want a little more strength in the bullpen.

  • http://Nationals Mac

    I get the feeling the Nats are looking to either sign some free agents (Hudson/Dunn) or trade for Nady/Swisher. How do you feel about bringing in Lastings Milledge/Elijah Dukes/other from them in a trade? I think they have some pieces that could help us.