Edjumacating ourselves on steroids

Yanks no longer considering Joba for the pen
A-Rod PED Interview Liveblog

A-Rod‘s a cheater! His numbers are meaningless! The steroids helped him hit all those home runs! The mainstream media, and even many non-mainstream writers, have bandied about lines like this over the past few days. It comes as no surprise; we saw the same thing with Barry Bonds, and even Roger Clemens. Steve Hulkower of Bugs & Cranks tries to set the record straight. No, he’s not excusing A-Rod or anyone else for taking steroids. Rather, he’s pointing out that few people understand the actual effects of these drugs. He supplies a primer on Primobolan, the steroid he allegedly tested positive for.

Takeaway quote: “In other words, people only believe that Rodriguez’s numbers are illegitimate if they want to believe that they are. It is completely their choice…but in the time between the Bonds fiasco and now the Rodriguez fiasco, it seems that no one has bothered to stop and think or stop and learn.”

Yanks no longer considering Joba for the pen
A-Rod PED Interview Liveblog
  • anonymous

    Arod’s hall of fame induction speech will be pretty interesting now.

  • http://www.RunningLocal@wordpress.com Bob@RotoJunkie

    As I just wrote at my own blog, the primary impact of steroids on long ball hitters seems to be a boost in overall distance you can hit the ball. if you told me that ARod was using ‘roids at the King Dome I’d say they would’ve made a difference, ditto for Safeco in 2000 of course. If you tell me, though, that he was doing steroids in Texas, a natural launching pad where the ball carries like crazy, that’s sad– the reality is that given the ball carry properties and the difference in park effects from Seattle to Arlington, Alex would’ve put up huge numbers even without the juice form 2001-2003. Sad and stupid, to be honest.

    Bob Kohm

    • TheLastClown

      And baseball players have not, historically, been paragons of morality or intelligence.

    • A.D.

      Though the ball flew out of King Dome in its day.

  • mko

    Good article, and something that I have been arguing for years…
    And does anyone really think Bonds, A-Rod and Clemens wouldn’t have won all those MVP’s and Cy Young without these drugs?

    • TheLastClown

      Yes, clearly some people think that.

    • Ed

      And does anyone really think Bonds, A-Rod and Clemens wouldn’t have won all those MVP’s and Cy Young without these drugs?

      Most people do actually.

      It’s kinda hard not to notice that Bonds usually had a home run total in the 30s, and on very rare occasion in the 40’s before he started using steroids. Post steroids, he was consistently in the mid 40’s or higher, peaking at 73.

      You’ve got to be blind to look at the evidence on his steroid usage & his stats during the corresponding time period and not notice a huge impact.

  • http://ibleedblueandwhite.blogspot.com Jamie

    i’m already sick of this crap. i just hope ARod comes out as a spokesman against steroids and donates a ton of money to testing and helping kids know that its stupid and wrong to do this and all that stuff.

  • bottom line

    As a journalist who mostly does not write about baseball, I want to offer my two cents. As others have pointed out, the real story is that 103 other ballplayers tested positive. Somehow Selena Robert’ much vaunted journalistic skills allowed her to come up with just one name (coincidentally, the name of her book subject).

    The other names are presumably sealed with everyone sworn to silence. So while A-Rod and the Yankees take the hit, 103 of the guilty get off scott free. And the other 500-600 MLB players who are innocent have a cloud over their head — maybe forever.

    But here’s what all these pile-on artists at ESPN shpuld be doing right now. Instead of milking the A-Rod story to death, they should be calling every player who was on a MLB roster in 2003. As them directly: Did you test positive for PED’s in 2003? This gives the innocent a chance to say they did not.

    In this way, lists can be drawn up of those who deny that they ever tested positive. With enough hard work, these lists could then be used to derive lists of players who do not deny they tested positive. Then, work those lists. Yes, there might be a few liars who say they never tested positive even though they did. But there will be more far more who refuse to say anything — among these are the guilty. Then, reporters can chip away. Merely publishing lists of those who do not deny testing positive will bring more of the innocent to come forward. Eventually, we may start getting a lot closer to the identity of the 103.

    That would be journalism. Not this crap that’s pouring out of the national (and New York) media which is all basically me-too piling on.

    • TheLastClown

      Look, the survey was an anonymous one. There was a tacit acceptance of PED use back then. You have players, who are staring at a golden ticket so far as playing baseball for a living is concerned. You have these players looking at the ownerships and the MLB, and seeing blind eyes toward the usage of PEDs. You have established players doing it with impunity.

      Can you imagine the betrayal you would feel if you were a ball player and an anonymous survey to assess future PED policies was all of a sudden, 6 years later, after you’ve stopped doing the PEDs, this thing that was supposed to be a nudge in the right direction ends up being a slap in your face?

      Giambi was right in saying that EVERYONE needs to apologize for this. And honestly, I’d be happy to hear the players apologize last of all.

    • A.D.

      Everyone would deny it.

      Just because blatant illegal acts have occurred by names being leaked already, doesn’t mean that the rest of the players taking an anonymous survey test should have their names released.

  • Christopher

    Uh, no. The NY Times published an extensive study several years back conducted by physicists and physicians that quantified how inflated Barry Bonds’ homeruns were based on steroids. Operating under the assumption that “Game of Shadows” was accurate, the study concluded Bonds would have hit more than 100 fewer homeruns for his career without steroids.

    Who is Steve Hulkower, by the way? I don’t know anything about him. Maybe he’s a doctor or a scientist or a steroids expert, but if he’s not why is he qualified to write an article like this or make conclusions about steroids?

  • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets

    How happy is Jeter that Ster-Rod decided to play for the Domincan team in the WBC this year?


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15305165&ref=profile Doug

      Did you think of that clever nickname all by yourself?


  • WhizzoTheWize

    Read the article.

    Whizzo’s take away: AROD’s a cheater AND an idiot: he used weak-ass sauce.

    Final verdict: Still don’t care.

    Hit the ball. Catch the ball. Throw the ball.

  • http://nyfaninboston.blogspot.com/ Manimal

    They detected multiple anabolic steroids in his system, one of them being Primobolan. Testosterone was also found.

  • Glen L

    I’ve read numerous times that he tested positive for primo AND test … which makes sense as it would be odd (for someone with knowledge of steriods) to ONLY take primo and NOT stack it with test

    So assuming those reports are correct and he WAS stacking it with test .. well this bit on primo is informative and important .. but its leaving out the really really powerful effects of testosterone

  • Lanny

    I’m convinced and have been convinced that 90% of all ballplayers and professional athletes are on steroids. We can’t be naive. We got swimmers testing positive. Cyclists. You mean to tell me basketball players aren’t on juice?

    • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets


      Just because 90% of players are using (in your theory), I should cheer them on? Ster-Rod was a cancer, and it took alot not to boo him. No more holding back.

      …and if Jeter was doing it too, I’ll boo louder because he’d be a BIGGER hypocrite…but innocent until proven otherwise.


      • TheLastClown

        Cancer? Really? Can people never atone for a mistake? Even if that mistake was condoned by their bosses? Even if they stopped using & still put up monster numbers?

        Come on. Please. Save your energy for something that’s work hating.

      • http://deleted Al

        A cancer? Then what about Pettitte? Are you going to boo him too? Did you boo him last year? What about all of your favorite players through baseball history, all of whom used amphetamines? Are you going to retroactively boo them?

        I don’t think anyone here is defending what A-Rod did, but, Scott, you have to get the blinders off and stop being so naive. You are supporting a product (MLB) that tacitly condoned steroid use. It’s hard to pick-and-choose who to boo simply because A-Rod’s name got leaked. Hundreds of other players cheated too, are you going to boo all of MLB, including yourself who was there cheering the whole time?

    • jsbrendog

      no basketball players do not take steroids. they smoke pot. a lot.

  • http://nyfaninboston.blogspot.com/ Manimal

    BTW, rumor has it that he was at the interview with his ex-wife. I thought maybe she was one of the ones who tipped the media about his use but I guess not.

    • radnom

      No way. The sources had access to that list confiscated by the Feds. Even if Arod told his wife about the failed test, her word alone wouldn’t have been enough to carry this story.

  • Glen L

    Glass houses, friends … glass houses

    All the moralists out there ought to take a long hard look at their actions and deal with any of their personal shortcomings before casting judgment on a group of freaking athletes

    • TheLastClown

      Smell that fresh air.

  • radnom

    The article you linked to is misleading. Its sort of funny it starts with decrying that no one understands steroids, but then then the entire article is written based on a giant misconception the author gained just by doing quick research on the steroid in question.
    What he says about Primobolan is true, but what he fails to realize is that stacking this drug with testosterone is a completely different matter than taking it alone and certainly befitted Arod more than increasing his “sexyness”.
    Yes, Arod’s Texas numbers are now tainted, obviously he is still a HOFer, but you can not deny that he cheated for three years by pretending it didn’t help him.

    • Ryan S.

      That’s what I thought too. A-Rod stacked Primobolan with testosterone, and that’s what makes the effects measurable.

      • radnom

        Yes. Random speculation from me, but I would assume he chose this one since he was a SS as opposed to a 1B/OF. Can’t afford to be so bulky.

  • LC

    So is what A-Rod did actually illegal or performance-enhancing?

    Also, the part of the interview that has aired is on espn’s website.


    does that mean you guys can post it too?

  • Jake H

    A guy I worked with said roids make your eye sight better. I just shook my head and walked away.

  • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets

    I have to explain to my son why drugs are ok in a few years. His argument is going to be 90% of the Yankees did it, and you support them, right? Now tell me I should cheer A-hole….


    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      If you’re afraid that your child may potentially take drugs because many/most of his sporting heroes take drugs of some sort, your only option is to walk away from sports altogether. Stop being a Yankee fan, stop being a baseball fan, stop being a sports fan, stop being a fan of everything.

      Your favorite athlete took steroids.
      Your favorite actor is an alcoholic.
      Your favorite author beat his wife.
      Your favorite chess player cheats on his taxes.
      Your favorite world leader lies to the public.
      Your favorite religious leader molests little boys.

      You want to help your son grow up right? You’re going to have to grow up first, Scott.

      HEROES ARE IMPERFECT BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN. Teach your child that nobody is perfect and that other people’s imperfection is never an excuse for your own behavior. Teach your son that you can admire and want to emulate another person’s success without justifying and repeating their failures.

      Your son should be his own man, he should not want to be ARod OR Jeter.

  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    Silly boy. There’s no ‘J’ in “Edjumacating “.

    Everybody knows that.

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