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Just wanted to point you in the direction of a new site out there called Minor League Notebook. The site was created by Doug Gray of Reds Minor Leagues and has a staff of fifteen people covering the vast expanses of the minor leagues. Even though the site’s only been around since last week, they’ve already posted previews of the High-A Florida State League and Double-A Eastern League, and ranked the top ten prospects in the AL East. Make sure you check it out.

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  1. The Evil Empire says:

    Montero and Jackson on the list with no Sux prospects, I like it a lot.

  2. Matt says:

    I’m relatively close to the CT Defenders; I definitely wanna go see Baumgartner and Posey when the Thunder come to town.

  3. Chris G says:

    They put up their international league preview yesterday. http://minorleaguenotebook.com.....9-preview/

    They had Brackman an other prospects to watch for in 2009. Do they really think he could make up to AAA this year?

    • pat says:

      Methinks it’s just an oversight. When you only have a few people trying to cover every single team a few slip-ups are bound to happen.

      • pat says:

        Oops when i first read mikes blub I thought it said they only had four people covering the whole minor leagues. 15 is a different story, dunno what the deal is.

  4. 3. Brian Matusz – LHP – Baltimore Orioles
    Positives – He has an advanced approach to pitching while mixing in very good control. The lefty brings two offspeed pitches that are both above average and that he controls well.
    Negatives – His fastball is nothing to write home about as it stays in the 88-92 MPH range most of the time. He also has no professional track record to rely on at all.

    This guy’s got Ian Kennedy written all over him. BUSTO.

  5. Matt says:


    Top 100 from BA–Jackson (36), Montero (38), and Brackman (92) are the only Yankees to make it.

  6. dan says:


    BA came out with their top 100 prospect list today.

  7. dan says:

    My bad, Matt posted the same thing right above me.

  8. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Tampa Yankees come to DaYtona 3 times this year. Last two years, they’ve only come once.

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