Not everyone is showing up to Spring Training in the best shape of their lives

The life and times of Scott Boras
Yanks saying all the right things about Hughes and Kennedy

Spring Training. It’s a time for optimism, for hope. Reports gush from camp that Player X has lost a ton of weight, that Player Y is in the best shape of his life, and that Player Z is feeling great despite his injury history. Unfortunately, there are times when a player just isn’t feeling his best. From the schadenfreude department comes this report from the Providence Journal about J.D. Drew’s back. It’s been sore all winter, and things aren’t looking up as he heads into camp. The Red Sox knew his injury risk when they signed him after the 2006 season, and with three years and $42 million left on his contract, they just might be running into a worst case scenario. Not that I would wish that on them or anything.

The life and times of Scott Boras
Yanks saying all the right things about Hughes and Kennedy
  • Rob Abruzzese

    Good news for the Yankees. They’ve been had so many injuries to deal with the past few years it would be good for another team, like Boston and Tampa to go through similar experiences.

    Although I can’t help but thinking between Matsui, Posada and Burnett the Yankees might have a serious injury or two.

    • Matt

      This is going to sound mean, but if it’s anyone, I hope it’s Matsui. Replacing a DH is going to be much easier than replacing one of the best hitting catchers of his era or a front-line starter.

      • Will

        Although they do have decent backups in all categories, so if something does happen, theyre ready.

        • Matt

          I don’t think the team can weather another year of Jose Molina as the everyday catcher. His defense may be fantastic but it does not come anywhere near replacing what Posada adds w/his bat.

          • steve (different one)

            true. but if Posada goes down early, i have to think a trade gets made.

            • Peter Lacock

              Jose had laser eye surgery so he should hit .300 this year.
              We all know about see the ball, hit the ball.
              Beside that, forget the bat except in your fantasy league. In real baseball, a C’s job is to call, catch and block pitches and control the running game. Jose is excellent at this. Hitting is gravy. On top of that Jorge is fine and will be fine. There is no reason other than paranoia to think otherwise. This isn’t some slacker like JD Drew or Adam Dunn we’re talking about here. Jorge wants to catch and you know he’ll do what it takes. Reports have been good. I expect him to exceed the 100-110 games behind the dish that has been spoken of in favor of his expressed desire to catch more than that.
              Forget this sky is falling stuff and also forget steroids, Torre’s book and Joba to the pen.
              As far as Drew’s back, we all hope all players, on every team, in every sport, never get hurt and have fine careers. Wishing ill on others is bad karma.

      • Ryan S.

        Not like we’d have a choice, but out of those 3 Matsui is definitely the logical choice. Still, I think the likeliest candidate to be bitten by the DL bug is Posada … but Spring Training is a time of hope. I’d like to think everyone does great the entire year and Jorge catches about 115 games, and DHs in another 15-20.

  • Jake H

    I do wonder how the Sox O is going to be this year. I doubt Lowell an Ortiz bounce back to their peak years.

    • Slugger27

      i agree… i think we see the ortiz from last year again, and with lowells inconsistency, drews injury, manny departing, varitek still on the team, and ellsbury in a full time role, their offense is looking like it could be a liability… or so i hope

      • Since_77

        Very true but they will also have full season without Manny Ramirez and I think that will be their biggest issue. Jason Bay and Kevin Youkilis just don’t scare you like Manny. In his prime he was .320 with 35 to 40 homers and 120 to 140 rbi’s.

        For all his warts, he is still on of the greatest hitters of all-time and he could take over a series by himself.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    I’m wary of schadenfreude. Last year we poked fun at the Mets in
    Spring Training because at one point they only had two regulars healthy…and then we all know what happened to the Yankees!

    • Slugger27

      yes but making fun of the mets is so easy and so much fun… i mean we’re only human

    • AndrewYF

      But the Mets ended up being pretty bad health-wise and missed the playoffs.

  • Joey H

    I talked about this on my show last night. Lowell, Drew, Beckett, Baldelli, Lugo, Varitek all have their questions.

    • Since_77

      Amen! I am tired of hearing that Jeter and Posada are too old or that A.J. Burnett is an injury waiting to happen. The Sox have the same issue too.