Stadium quick hits: Overdue rent, the NHL and food

Aceves to skip the WBC
Talking to Scott Brosius

Tomorrow, if all is still on schedule, the Yankees will officially receive the keys to their new home sitting on the northwest corner of 161st St. and River Ave. in the Bronx. In the meantime, I have three stadium-related stories.

  • First up is a story about the rent. According to NYC Comptroller William Thompson, the Yankees owe $65,511 in back rent for 2008. The team plans to pay what they owe and says that the difference arises over improper deductions. Adam Lisberg’s article ends with a good zinger from Randy Levin too. “If I was Bill Thompson, I’d start paying more attention to Mike Bloomberg than the Yankees,” Levine said, referring to Thompson’s mayoral hopes, “or else he’s going to find himself in a situation similar to a cellar-dwelling baseball team.”
  • Last week, NHL Comissioner Gary Bettman got a grand tour of the new Yankee Stadium, and it seems as though the NHL is considering the Bronx as a potential host for the 2010 Winter Classic game. The Sporting News loves the idea.
  • Finally, we have some food news for the new digs. When it opens to the public in April, the new home should have far better food options than the House that Ruth Built. Salsa on the Go’s Cuban sandwiches, however, won’t be among the options. Salsa Caterers, the vendor’s parent company, lost its support from Goya and will not earn a spot in the new stadium. The Yanks say that the new ballpark will feature local food ventures and what Crain’s termed “Latin fare” as well.
Aceves to skip the WBC
Talking to Scott Brosius
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