Yanks sign Tomko to minor league deal

Leyritz's bail revoked
Mariners sign first round pick

As the name implies, the Yanks have signed veteran righty Brett Tomko to a minor league deal, and PeteAbe says he gets an invite to Spring Training. Tomko had a decent year in 2005, going 11-7 with a 4.04 ERA for the Giants, but since then he’s bounced around with a Dodgers, Padres and Royals. His strength has always been limiting walks (2.89 BBper9), and I’m guessing he was brought in to provide a little competition for the long man spot. It’s basically a no risk move, because if he stinks they’ll cut him with zero consequences. Realistic best case scenario: Tomko pitches well during the spring and the Yanks are able to trade him for a Grade-C prospect before Opening Day. (h/t MLBTR)

Leyritz's bail revoked
Mariners sign first round pick
  • John

    How likely is that best case scenario? Probably not very.

    • Spaceman.Spiff

      Risk is around zero though so I don’t mind. No downside, a tiny chance of getting something useful from the situation.

      • Tom Zig

        Whenever the Yankees do something like this, we hardly get credit. But if Boston does it……

        • John

          Cash gets bashed…Theo gets praised for every little thing

      • John

        Neither do I but im just saying that its unlikely. I’ll take slight upside over no risk anyday.

        • whozat

          There IS slight upside. And no risk.

          This is something that always bugs me about a lot of fans…they act like a move like this is somehow done instead of some other move that would be better. And prevents other moves from being made. It’s a false dichotomy. If there’s another guy with higher upside that’ll take a minor league deal…they’ll probably go get him. Of course…if YOU were a pitcher with some upside that wanted to start, why in the world would you sign with the Yanks right now? They have a full MLB rotation, a couple young starters with MLB potential that are going to have to go to AAA, and a full AAA rotation.

  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric

    Woohoo! World Series here we come baby!

  • http://nyfaninboston.blogspot.com/ Manimal

    He has a high WHIP and a low BB/9… how does that work? Dude must give up a lot of hits.

  • http://nyfaninboston.blogspot.com/ Manimal

    What do these gold/silver squares do?

    • whozat

      Gold means you’ve not seen the comment before. Silver means you have.

  • http://incumbentgm.wordpress.com The Third Yip-Yip

    Tomko is worth his salary, or lack thereof.

  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    First CC, Burnett and Tex, and now BRETT TOMKO

    This sport needs a salary cap. Its just painfully obvious.

    • Mike Pop

      The Yankees are bad for baseball.

  • RollingWave


  • Peter Lacock

    If you think that they prefer Al pitching steady every 5th day in the SWB rotation, Tomko provides competition with Giese for the long man spot. If Al does well he becomes more valuable than he would languishing in the MLB bullpen. Also, Tomko could be better than Giese making Giese expendable.

  • MrJigginz

    Hey…I made the same move on MLBFOM…SPOOOOOOOOOKY.