Leyritz’s bail revoked

Open Thread: Friday Randomness
Yanks sign Tomko to minor league deal

Per the AP, former Yankee Jim Leyritz found himself back behind bars earlier today when he violated the terms of his bond. According to authorities, Leyritz, who will go to trial for DUI Manslaughter charges on May 25, had been drinking while out on bail. Leyritz’s lawyer disputes these claims and has already filed a motion for release and an emergency hearing. This whole saga has been one tragic story.

Open Thread: Friday Randomness
Yanks sign Tomko to minor league deal
  • Jay CT

    Good. Fuck him. He deserves to go to jail. Disgusting

    • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

      Do you know the whole story?

      • http://lastclownrab@gmail.com TheLastClown

        Seriously. Even per the above linked article, the woman that got killed had a .18 BAC, .04 higher than Leyritz.

        Obviously I’m not condoning drunk driving or excusing Leyritz, but they both were too drunk to drive. I wonder, if Jim had been the one to die, would people be screaming about the irresponsible drunk driving bitch that killed a Yankee World Series hero?

        Perspective is everything.

        • Jay CT

          I personally don’t care what her blood level was. HE needs to take responsibilty for what he has done. I would be screaming about ANYONE who drunk drives, let alone kills someone when they drunk drive. I am a pretty openminded person, but this opinion of mine will not change. There is no excuse in my opinion, but you all could make all the excuses in the world. A case I am working on this week was a fatality in which a 6 month old was killed by having her father slam her head into the sheetrock so hard that it crushed the sheet-rock in a shape of her skull. The mothers excuse was she couldn’t leave the husband even though he was abusive because she was only a greeter at Walmart and only making 7 dollars an hour. Should we just let her go since she was in a tough spot?

          And if he was in recovery, he isn’t supposed to use cold medicine. Its against one of the stages of recovery.

          • http://lastclownrab@gmail.com TheLastClown

            Jay, I appreciate the problems you see in your line of work. The story you describe is tragic indeed. But that one is a case for behavioral psychology.

            The Leyritz case is astronomically different. It has nothing to do with Leyritz being in a “tough spot.”. Im also not advocating “letting him go”

            The fact of the matter is that if she wasn’t drunk, maybe Leyritz doesn’t hit her, and it never happens. OR…if the timing was a few seconds different, people would be calling for this girls head for killing a Yankee.

            Im not condoning it, as I said, but the first comment in the thread was:

            “Good. Fuck him. He deserves to go to jail. Disgusting”

            And that was the comment to which I was responding. I was trying to bring some perspective.

      • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

        Yeah, its possible he had a cold and was taking Nyquil or something.

  • pounder

    What he did was terrible and a disgrace.He was once a good man,adopting kids,having his family along on all road trips,and,as I have personal knowledge of his visiting sick kids in the hospital,along with Mark Leiter.So,somewhere along the line,he lost his way and will now have to pay for it.Sad.

  • Joseph M

    Tragic is the word. The most exciting thing Jim should have been doing right now is changing channels on his TV. He’s out on bail for Christ sakes, in a case like that, you have zero margin for error. The possibility of Jim doing hard time was pretty good going into this escapade, that possibility just increased.

    Nothing as sad as watching someone throw their life away, Jim is well into the process of doing that.

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