Alan Horne returns to the mound

Open Thread: RAB on air with Mike Silva
Burnett struggles, Yanks still beat Pirates

Via Chad Jennings, Alan Horne throw a 25-pitch simulate inning today, his first significant action since having a partial torn labrum surgically repaired last year. The Yanks’ number five prospect in 2008 was scheduled to throw in a minor league game, but Mother Nature didn’t cooperate and he instead got his work in with a bullpen session. Afterwards Horne said he felt good and was more consistent with his curveball than he had been in previous sessions. He’s scheduled to pitch two innings in a minor league game on Wednesday.

Open Thread: RAB on air with Mike Silva
Burnett struggles, Yanks still beat Pirates
  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    Alan Horne, Chris Garcia, JB Cox. Guys with all the talent you could ask for, but can never stay healthy.

    • Troy

      don’t forget Humberto as well.

    • Bronx Baseball Daily

      A big reason for TINSTAAPP is because some guys just can’t stay healthy. I’m interested to year how Horne is feeliing today.

  • Mike Pop

    Always forget about Horne.

    Maybe we see him in the pen in the future?

    • El Generalissimo

      He doesnt have the command to be a relief pitcher… he would make a solid #5 if he stayed healthy, and historically has good stuff. This is a make or break year for Horne who will be 27 or 28 soon, I forget which. Actually, you could say the same for Cox and Garcia, with all the pen arms we have and the Tampa/Charleston pitchers coming up.

    • radnom

      Yeah there are only about 1000 bullpen guys in AA/AAA..let Horne show he can be healthy as a starter or forget about him. Adding him to the bullpen mix doesn’t really give him much value, but if he can somehow get past his injury issues he could end up being really useful.

  • Troy

    ah, good old Florida boy back on the mound…hopefully he can finally stay healthy. ditto for by boy Garcia.

    • Slugger27


  • Benjamin Kabak

    I wonder what his ceiling is if he can stay healthy. He’s 26 and doesn’t have overwhelming MiLB numbers. Control is an issue, but he has strike out stuff. Can he be an effective back-end starter, a reliever or is he destined to miss the majors?

    • Troy

      Probably a reliever at this point if he were to reach the majors.

    • radnom

      I guess it depends if the underwhelming numbers are do to the fact that he is constantly battling injuries or if it was the lack of control.

    • Drew

      2007 was a good year for him. This is his year of reckoning, IMO he’ll so well.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Let’s move him to shortstop.

      Oh, and what’s with the full name, Mr. Benjamin Kabak?

      • Slugger27
  • 27 this year

    The Yankees have to figure out some way to unload some of the right handers that they have. They have too many guys with the exact same skills, and many of whom wont make it. I get depth but we have a major AAA logjam preventing some AA guys from pitching in AAA. We need to do something but the problem is we don’t really need anyone that much. No one will give up anything for these guys, they are just throwins to other deals. Maybe the Padres have someone of interest. They are dying for pitching. We’ll give them quantity for something of decent value.

    • Mattingly’s Love Child

      According to almost every breathing being besides the Padres organization themselves, the Pads have no one of any value whatsoever. But finding teams that need pitching, like Padres, is a good start. I’m sure Cash is aware of the glut of RH pitchers (both starters and relievers) and will try to package a few of them here and there. The teams that need pitching seem to be the ones struggling with their farm systems the most (Padres, Nationals, Royals, Pirates). I know Texas and Baltimore need major league pitching, but they have a ton of high quality minor league arms, so they don’t really fit. So it may be hard to get much back for the space-fillers/innings-eaters that the Yanks have collected.

      • 27 this year

        i agree, I just looked at the Padres because they are dying for pitching. The Nationals like you said could be a fit, Cashman has traded with them many times although Bowden is gone. One option would be trades like where Nunez was traded for Texeira as part of the Swisher deal. At least, the guy we got was off the 40 man.

        • Stryker

          for a system that’s ‘dying for pitching’ it was pretty stupid of them to release chris britton.

    • AndrewYF

      This is not a bad problem. Remember when Cashman packaged several of those same-skill righties for Marte and Nady? Karstens and McCutchen. And then this offseason he sent Marquez, once a top ten Yankee prospect, for Swisher.

      These things always work themselves out.

      • Zack

        Well, yes, but the centerpiece of the deal was the only other positional prospect above A besides AJax. Don’t kid yourself that the deal was about Karstens, McCuthen and Ohlie, it was Tabata.

        The Yankees do indeed need to trade from the glut of RHP that they have, but the notion that a deal composed of the non-prospects (or, sorry, the lower graded prospects, since apparently everyone is a prospect according to some) can get anything back doesn’t work.

        The Yankees could send of their junk RHP to the Padres from some of their junk IF/OF. Or, they can trade the likes of Betences etc and get something real back…

        • Troy

          Or, they can trade the likes of Betences etc and get something real back…

          no offense man, but there is no way they’d trade Betances (or any pitcher of his skill set…). There’s trading the Karstens, McCutchens, Marquez’s of the world (marginal pitchers), then there’s trading ridiculously talented pitcher’s like Betances.

          I understand what you’re saying, but no way should they trade someone like Betances.

          • Zack

            Why not? You have to give something up to get something, and, frankly, the Yankees are a bit overloaded on the “really tall RHP with huge upside but a long way to go” department. Even if Betences “makes it,” it won’t be for, oh, 3 years at least, by which time who knows where the team and rotation will be.

            Bottom line is that this team is in far dire need of offense and positional prospects for the foreseeable and immediate future, and guys like Betences could and should be used as leverage. I’m not saying they have to trade him or anyone else, but saying that there is no way the will trade him and that they simply can’t is bad baseball. Period.

  • A.D.

    Is there any word on Horne’s velocity, labrum surgery can be real dicey

  • Manimal

    You think if he stayed healthy he would have gotten a rotation spot over rasner or Ponson?

    • Troy


    • Zack

      staying healthy and being good are two different things. Horne really only has one “good” season. So even health would have been no guarantee of success…