Gardner takes home 2009 Dawson Award

Open Thread: We Play
Joba Rules over Reds

Via PeteAbe, new center fielder Brett Gardner was named this year’s winner of the James P. Dawson Award, given annually to the most outstanding rookie in Yankees’ Spring Training camp. He’ll be honored before tomorrow’s game against the Phillies, the Yanks’ final game in Florida of the preseason. Let’s hope things go better for Gardner than they have for the previous winners, which includes Shelley Duncan, Kei Igawa, Eric Duncan and Bubba Crosby.

Update by Ben: While we’re on the subject of Spring Training awards, MLB announced today that the Yankees along with the Astros have captured the Bobby Murcer Award. The Yanks earned these honors by donating the most money in the A.L. to the Baseball Assistance team, an organization devoted to ensuring the financial security of former baseball players and coaches. B.A.T. raised $1.5 million this spring, an increase of nearly seven percent over last year. For more on B.A.T., check out its website.

Open Thread: We Play
Joba Rules over Reds
  • A.D.

    Nick Johnson was also a former winner.

    Congrats to Brett

  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    They give out awards for games that don’t count?

  • Pablo Zevallos


    Dude was a beast even if he sucked. I wish he still had a job in the majors.

  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Previous winners include Willie Randolph, Don Mattingly, Al Leiter, Jorge Posada, Alphonso Soriano and tommiesmithjohncarlos himself, Gerald Williams.

    • A.D.

      99 & 00 none selected….you know the farm is terrible when they can’t come up with a winner for this award.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Thank you for recognizing my awesomeness.


    • Benjamin Kabak

      Mark Hutton! That’s a good one. Some kid named Derek Jeter was also in camp in 1996. He never amounted to much though. Hutton went on to fame and fortune.

  • Tom Zig

    Looking at previous award winners, someone might say that you don’t want to win that award.

    What is bubba up to these days anyways?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      What is bubba up to these days anyways?

      [Insert resounding silence here.]

    • Mike Axisa
      • John

        From that link…

        look at what Jorge is trying to do and look at the sinister smile on his face.

        • Drew

          What a dick!! lol

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Can you actually retire from something when no one will employ you in the first place?

        • Rich

          That’s one of those imponderables, like if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound.

        • steve (different one)

          yes, i am officially announcing my retirement from the world of male modeling.

          sorry ladies.