More players shipped to minor league camp


Via Bryan Hoch, the Yanks have reassigned Jesus Montero, Kyle Anson, Kevin Russo and Mark Melancon to minor league camp, while Ian Kennedy and Chris Garcia were optioned out. Kennedy is heading to Triple-A Scranton, and although there’s no official word on Garcia’s destination, Double-A Trenton seems likely. Mark Feinsand also notes that Austin Romine and Colin Curtis were also reassigned to minor league camp, and Mike Dunn was optioned down, presumably to Double-A Trenton. Following last week’s round of cuts, we also learned that Wilkins DeLaRosa and Eric Hacker were both optioned out. There just aren’t enough innings at at-bat to go around these days, and that means the season’s a comin’.

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  • Peter Lacock

    This summer, I expect Montero to show the ability to stay at C and by the end of the season most will have changed their minds about his development. I like Hacker as one of my picks to make a big move up on the depth chart. Pillitierre is another. I’m not sold on Dunn yet but he looks promising.

    • whozat

      Any reasoning behind this?

      • Double-J

        His grit-meter must be quivering!

  • Joe R

    Is there any way Berroa gets a thought of playing time the way he’s hitting this spring? I hope not with the way his fielding has been.

    • John


      seriously, maybe he doesnt do so horribly with fielding later. His bat would be good if he continues hitting like he is now.

      • Joe R

        We have too many bats for DH as it is. Damon, Nady, Matsui, Swisher, Posada.

  • Moshe Mandel

    Interesting that Claggett is still in MLB camp.

    • Jamal G.

      Yeah, my first thought was that the Triple-A relievers would get a longer look, but then Mark Melancon got cut. I guess just like Steven Jackson, Anthony Claggett had/has an outside chance of breaking camp with the New York club.

  • Moshe Mandel

    I think Steven Jackson looks really good. He will probably see Yankee Stadium at some point this season.

    • whozat

      I think he’s looked good too, but is he just Scott Patterson redux?

      • Moshe Mandel

        I dont think so. He has more of a pedigree as a prospect than Patterson did, and he has been much better since turning to relief work.

  • atlas

    Moshe– What do you like about Jackson? Have you seen him pitch? He has always seemed rather mediocre to me.