O-Cab signs with Oakland; Crosby still not worth it

Yanks, behind Wang, tie Astros
To hold or to keep prospects

bobby-crosbyOrlando Cabrera, one of the last remaining Type-A free agents, signed a one year deal with the Oakland A’s today, taking the starting shortstop job from the incumbent Bobby Crosby. O-Cab gets $4M for the season, and the ChiSox get the A’s second rounder and a sandwich pick for their loss (here’s the updated draft order). It seems like whenever a team signs an infielder, the natural reaction is for Yankee fans to say “they should trade for [insert displaced player here] to be the utility infielder,” but when it comes to Crosby, not so fast I say.

Once a darling amongst baseball insider types (remember when Peter Gammons & Buster Olney touted him as an MVP candidate?), Crosby’s career has basically fallen off a cliff. Over the last three years, his wOBP has settled into the .278-.288 range, and his aggregate batting line is .232-.291-.349, simply attrocious for an everyday player. He hit just .210-.269-.313 from July on last year, so there’s no second half surge to get excited about, and his BABIP’s have been in line with his career average. So yeah, don’t hold your breath expecting a rebound.

Defensively, Crosby’s okay, but nothing special. He’s spent his entire career at shortstop (minors included), so expecting him to play second or third would be based on nothing but hopes and dreams. His UZR sits around 2.0 these days, obviously better than Derek Jeter but not enough to make up for his offense. Then, of course there’s his contract, which pays him $5.25M in 2009 before sending him off to the free agent pastures after the season. Yikes.

So just say no. Fight the urge to think that every team’s displaced players would be an upgrade for the Yanks’ bench, because the only thing Crosby brings to the Yanks is additional payroll. There’s no reason to give this guy a 40-man roster spot, or trade literally anything for him.

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Yanks, behind Wang, tie Astros
To hold or to keep prospects
  • Reggie C.

    Since his 22 homer debut in ’04, Crosby hasn’t touched double digits. Wow. Don’t know much about him except for the famous Gammons MVP gaffe. Ah well. Not everybody makes it. See Angel Berroa.

    • Spaceman.Spiff

      Wow, imagine having Angel and Bobby on the same team!!!!!

      • Spaceman.Spiff

        That’d be 3 AL ROY shortstops on the same roster! And then go out and sign Nomar that’d be 4!

        Seriously though, even if we had the 40-man room, Crosby isn’t even close to worth his salary for next year. Pass.

  • 50

    das was up

    • 27 this year

      ben i think you need to do something about this homo.

      • 27 this year

        or mike or joe

  • Expired Milk

    Ok so this is preemptive for any commemorator who would want the Yanks to sign Crosby if a infielder got injured, or ahem suspended.

    • anonymous

      Aint nobody getting suspended.

      ..till Joba pitches in Boston.

  • yankeefan91 Arod fan Rooting For Team D.R

    i think we should look at 2 former royals esteban german and mark gruzilanek however u spell that brig them into camp and let them battle and we noe if mark comes hes gonna win it and german comes and if he doesnt he sticks with scranton

    • whozat

      Is Grudz really still out there? Seems odd if the Yanks haven’t at least kicked the tires. Though, he can’t really play SS I guess.

      • Drew

        we have ransom yall, who cares about ?grudzielaniek?

  • yankeefan91 Arod fan Rooting For Team D.R
    • Expired Milk

      The nerve of Arod to hire child actors so he can pretend hes a good daddy in front of the cameras.Such a faker

    • Drew

      lol figures an american outlet wouldn’t buy this photo, that would make him seem just too normal..

  • J.R.

    I really have no problem going forward with Ransom. Lets say worse case scenario happens and Jeter takes one on the wrist and goes on the 60. Do you think they’d really let Grudz play every day?

    They’d still probably go out and trade for a SS. So I say play it cheap right now. Ransom is a good backup as long as he doesn’t get over exposed. And with our infield the utility infield wont get many at bats.

  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric

    All the Yanks need from their infielder off the bench right now is the versatility to play 3 of the 4 infield positions fairly well (Swisher/Nady can back up at first). I’m not sure if Grudz can play all those positions. If he can though, he’d be worth a look, as he’d definitely be an offensive upgrade over Ransom.

  • MattG

    Crosby, Grudzielanek, Ransom, German–I like German. Check out this OBPing in the minors (and what he’s done in the majors ain’t shabby):


    He’s got patience and speed, and (I think) reasonable defensive skills at 6 positions. To me, he looks like a significant upgrade to Cody Ransom, and a guy you could play for 60 days and live to tell about it.

  • A.D.

    I’m really not convinced that Crosby is an upgrade over Ransom at least if Crosby keeps going as the last 3 years, Ransom could probably put up an OPS+ of 60-70

  • Andy

    I’ll play a little devils advocate here for the former ROY. say the As eat some salary, and get a C grade prospect in return – or better yet, just release him. What you guys are forgetting is that Crosby was the ROY, and in his second year continued to improve – until he was injured. And then he was injured every year since, up until last year, his first injury free year. Yeah he sucked, but the guy has talent, plays good defense at SS (which means he is capable of playing 2B and 3B), and has some pop. His minor league track record is STILL way better than Ransom’s (in 10 years in the minors, Ransom has one year over .300, one year at .275, and no other years above .261, including the past four years – he hit .255 at AAA last year; Crosby’s line is .302/.375/.480). Why not take a flyer? A year removed from his last injury, he might find his old stroke back. Not a perfect solution, but I could see him having a breakout year this year…

    • steve (different one)

      Why not take a flyer?

      the Yankees probably WOULD take a flyer, but right now, there is NO flyer to be taken.

      Crosby is NOT going to refuse an assignment to AAA, b/c it will mean he forfeits his salary.

      until the A’s release him outright, he’s not available.

      and if the A’s have to pay his salary anyway, they might as well stash him in AAA.

      this isn’t as simple as people think. there are some procedural hurdles that would need to be cleared as the A’s are probably not just going to release him. the Yankees would probably have to take on a decent amount of money to entice the A’s to dump him for a C prospect.

      he is NOT a free agent and is unlikely to become one. if he does, yes, it would be worth the flyer.

  • Rob in CT

    If the Yanks are to sign a likely-to-be-broken-at-any-given-time backup IF, I’d rather they get Nomar.

  • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Bronx Baseball Daily

    I wonder if he was a case of a guy who was on steroids or if he was just simply another smuck who had one lucky halfway decent year.

  • sinyjoe

    When does the Yankees’ second round pick move ahead of Boston’s?

  • John D

    not even Igawa?

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