Open Thread: Bryce Harper wants to be a Yankee


The Boston Globe profiled Bryce Harper – uber-uberprospect for the 2011 Draft – yesterday, and it turns out the 16 year old from Vegas wants to be a Yankee (h/t Fire Brand):

He even guarantees he’s going to play in The Show. There is no other plan.

“I’ve always wanted to put on the pinstripes,” he says.

Of course the kid then goes on to say he loves Boston too, and that college would be a really cool experience as well. And I suppse he could be talking about Colorado Rockies pinstripes, but that seems unlikely. You can tell Harper’s a wunderkind, he’s got Boras-speak down despite only being a high school sophomore. This also gives me an excuse to post this:

My favorite quote of the piece was Harper saying: “I’d play anywhere, even Kansas City.” Hope that makes you feel good Royals fans, a 16 year old would be willing to play on your team if things didn’t work out with the other 29 clubs. Heh.

Anyway, here’s your open thread of the night. The Knicks and Nets are both in action tonight, but otherwise talk about whatever you like here. Just be nice.

Oh, last reminder to vote in this week’s Fan Confidence Poll.

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  1. John says:


  2. andrew says:

    I missed RAB fantasy baseball because of my midterm :(

  3. pat says:

    “I’ve always wanted to put on the pinstripes,” he says. “Because those f*ckers would probably give me 10 mil to sign” Bryce thought to himself as he chuckled.

  4. Maybe he is a big Long Island Ducks fan and he was dreaming about wearing Long Island Ducks pinstripes.


  5. radnom says:

    Bryce says his dad taught him baseball in a unique way. “He used to write on the balls a number and I’d hit it and say the number,” he says. “So now I see rotations real well.”


  6. baseballnation says:

    He also hts the pelota pretty far to, despite the obvious aluminum and all. And it looks like he has minor league body now.

  7. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    I guarantee that his father moves him to another country so that he can be an international free agent.

    • Raul says:

      He should move to Italy. Nice place and if he becomes a citizen he can join the WBC team. So next time they might not get totally shellacked by Venezuela

  8. anonymous says:

    Go get him for us Boras. Teach him things like 20mil signing bonus.

  9. Hey everyone. I’m still in thesis hell but i thought I should let you know I haven’t died or anything. For better or for worse. Saw the Devils game last night, got to sit right near marty brodeur for two periods…

  10. Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

    Eric Bedard does his Carl Pavano impersonation


  11. Matt says:

    I got Adam Dunn on the Yankees in MLB ’09! Woo!

  12. Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

    Clemens gets it in the ass, in a hot tub.


  13. Eirias says:

    The Show is as unbelievably good in 09 as it was in 08. Damn, I love the Road to the Show. I’m the ace of Trenton… a high honour indeed. The new park looks pretty amazing.

    And given that I missed out on the primary RAB fantasy baseball league, I’m also up for an alternate league.

  14. Ace says:

    I am posting this for a consecutive night because I feel strongly about it. I do not mean to offend anyone.


    Everyone email the YES Network at and request that Bob Lorenz do more games and Michael Kay do less.

    They can’t ignore tons of emails.


  15. Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

    Quick question.

    If the manager of the Netherlands is sobbing uncontrollably, curled up in the fetal position and sucking his thumb, do you think that’s a bad sign?

    They still have 8 outs, anything can happen.

  16. Paulie says:

    Any chance this Harper guy gets down to the Yankees to pick in 2011?

    In other news Robinson Cano broke his collarbone, don’t worry it happened in my franchise for MLB 09 The Show. I was actually able to trade for Kelly Johnson of the Braves and all I had to give up was Sergio Mitre and some fake minor leaguer. I was not even a force trade, the Braves are stupid in this game I guess.

  17. Jake H says:

    I highly doubt we get this guy unless he floats a 20 million dollar deal or gets hurt.

  18. daniel aka bryce harper says:

    thats such a funky little leg kick thing he does. Nevertheless, as a high school junior who plays ball, im wowed by how far along in his development. Hes already built like a minor leaguer for god sakes.

  19. A.D. says:

    Mike links to the Bryce Harper article, but not to the “Making of Jacoby Ellsbury”

  20. Man, Nate Robinson has just totally turned into an amazing player. He’s taken a quantum leap forward this year. I know everybody’s stats seem to take an uptick in D’Antoni’s system, but I think that’s predominantly from simply having more shooters on the floor spacing out the defense, giving effective slashers like Nate more room to operate and attack a defense.

    Nate, Chandler and Gallinari all look like solid building blocks. Harrington, Hughes and Duhon look like solid contributory players to help us stay competitive during the pre-Lebron seasons, too.

    God, it feels so good to finally have a real coach and a real GM again.

    • Ryan S. says:

      I’m pretty sure being forced to root for an Isiah Thomas run team has become one of the levels of hell.

      • One of the saddest things is that his administration was so bad, it made people forget how bad Scott Layden was. Layden was easily one of the 10 worst GM’s in NBA history, but nobody remembers him because the guy right after him was just as bad but he also mixed in horrible coaching and sexual harrassment as a lovely cherry on top.

        It would be like George Bush’s presidency followed by a Joe the Plumber administration.

    • andrew says:

      Wait, Tommie, you’re saying you don’t miss this?

      I don’t believe it. Not for one second.

      It just feels so good to have a real time again. Even if they are very frustrating this year, you atleast know its going in the right direction.

      • andrew says:

        real team*

        • Heh, it’s fun reading Bill Simmons complain about the putridity of the Clippers. Z-Bo is the star of the show of his description of how the Clip-Set was destined to blow the lead against the Cavs the other night.

          So, Gordon is inbounding the ball from the left hashmark near midcourt. Thornton, Novak and Randolph are stacked at the top of the key. Baron is under the basket. Thornton cuts through to the left corner. One Mississippi. Obviously, he’s not getting the ball. Baron starts moving up toward the top of the key, only the Cavs know he’s getting the ball — (two Mississippi) — so they block his way. Everything is congested. The fans start panicking. Three Mississippi. Baron accelerates past the 3-point line, only LeBron sees him and jumps in the way so he can’t get the ball. This is an awesome play. Four Mississippi. Gordon finally passes to Randolph, who takes two dribbles and …

          (Oh no.)

          Picks up his dribble and …


          Launches a 28-foot 3-pointer with a hand in his face. His third air-balled 3 of the night. Actually, it was more than an air ball — it almost killed the ball boy.

          Cavs ball, 1.8 seconds left.

          The fans are in disbelief. Randolph’s teammates are in disbelief. Dunleavy is making a face that my friend Sal later describes as “A face I have never seen a human being make before.” What ensued in the next 20 seconds could best be described like this: Imagine being trapped in one of those big hospital elevators with eight other people. One of them pulls his pants down and just starts going to the bathroom — not No. 1 but No. 2. At that specific moment, the doors open for the next floor. How fast would everyone else in the elevator flee for the door? Lightning-fast, right? Like, Usain Bolt-level fast, right? That was the entire stadium after Z-Bo’s air ball. He basically took a dump on the 3-point line.

          • andrew says:

            I read that article a few hours ago and the first thing I did was run over to YouTube to find my favorite Randolph clip. When you see stuff like that happening, and no reaction from the coach, that’s a sign that you are on a sinking ship.

            • It didn’t seem possible, but the Clippers have actually found a worse GM/Coach than Isiah Thomas.

              The Clippers ARE the Isiah Knicks.

              • Steve H says:

                Dunleavy isn’t worse than Isiah for 2 reasons. Despite Z-Bo’s contract, the Clippers have one of the smallest payrolls in the league to suck year in and year out. The Knicks were spending like the Yankees (how come no one ever complained?) and still were brutal. And let’s not forget, there has been no truck parties in Clipperland……yet.

                • In the Summer of LeBron, the Clips have Z-Bo on the books for 17M, Baron Davis on the books for 13M, and Chris Kaman on the books for 11M.

                  That’s awful. The Clips may not have been capped out for the past 5 years like the Knicks have, but they’re capped out now, and at the WORST possible time.

                • Steve H says:

                  But they’re the Clippers. In the Summer of Lebron they’ll be shopping like it’s the Summer of George. Though it is funny, they finally spent money, and it was at the worst possible time. Plus, if Isiah wasn’t the one who shredded the salaries from the Knicks, if he were still around, they wouldn’t be prepared for the summer of Lebron.

  21. Joey says:

    If you want to kill 6 mins laughing your ass off:

  22. A.D. says:

    Lilly & Guthrie pitching… no wonder the US is loosing

  23. xxxx says:

    If you pause at 6:38, hes tied with Dante Bichette

  24. pete says:


  25. Matt says:

    If my dog was as ugly as you, I’d shave its butt and tell him to walk backwards.

  26. MattG says:

    In case you are interested TommieSmithJohnCarlos, I picked up the thread of the conversation in the Rivera post from this afternoon.

    • We’re both probably belaboring trivialities at this point, but I saw that and responded below you.

      • MattG says:

        Yeah, alright, I’ll let it go…

        after this :)

        If longmen have benefit, then not needing the longman would be an even greater benefit. And to do so, you need 6 guys to give you 50 appearances and 70 innings, instead of 7 guys giving you 60/60. If Mark Melancon can pitch 95 innings in 44 games at 22 (or whatever), he can pitch 50/70 for his career.

        See, now its not tangential anymore.

        • Fair enough, that’s one of the first on-topic arguments you’ve made.

          I just doubt your numbers. I don’t think a 6 man bullpen with 50 appearances and 70 innings each is really all that workable. JMHO.

          That’s 300 total appearances and 420 total innings, which is 1.85 relief appearances per game and 2.59 relief innings per game (for a 162 game sked). Averaging less than two relievers per game and less than 3 innings per game means you’re expecting your starter to pitch into the 7th inning and your closer to pitch the 8th and 9th quite a bit.

          You’re trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Not saying your idea isn’t right-minded, just that it may be unworkable.

          • MattG says:

            It’s the same argument, I just wasn’t trying to explain it like I am now…

            But that is 50/70 from 6 roster spots, not six players. Nothing says you can’t have 7 players give you 50/70 while rotating them through 6 roster spots.

            One of the elements overlooked from what I proposed: the Yankees have 5 virtually interchangeable right-handed relievers. They will keep 4 of them on the roster–but they could keep 3, and if one of them is a little winded, they can just swap him out for a 10 day replacement without skipping a beat.

            All of this would be great if they had a really good position player that was worth a roster spot. When the best position player is Juan Miranda, you might as well go with the longman. That’s your point all along, and you are absolutely correct.

  27. Steve H says:

    For all of the Family Guy fans out there, funny little article.

  28. Mike Pop says:

    How’s this team look:

    C-Russell Martin
    1b-Albert Pujols
    2b-Robinson Cano
    SS-Stephen Drew
    3b-Evan Longoria
    OF-Manny Ramirez
    OF-Carl Crawford
    OF-Justin Upton
    SS-JJ Hardy
    Bench-Chris Young, Adam Jones, Felipe Lopez

    Zack Greinke
    Brandon Morrow
    Clayton Kershaw
    Kerry Wood
    Jonathan Broxton
    Joe Nathan
    Bench pitchers-Chris Carpenter and Ubaldo Jimenez

    10 team league, stats are 5 and 5. IP, W, K, SV, ERA, WHIP, and for the hitting R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG.

    Pitching is weak but always is for my teams, wish we had OBP in the league. I figure Manny, Pujols, and Longoria…Wowsa.

    • MattG says:

      I am bullish on every player on this list…except Cano…nicely done. What do you mean by ‘bench pitchers,’ though? That’d be only 3 starters.

      • Mike Pop says:

        Well there is 3 SP spots, 2 RP, and 1 P. So they aren’t in the lineup right now. There are 5 bench spots. 2 there and 3 for the everyday players.

      • Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

        Cano was hitting the ball beautifully in the WBC. Driving the ball well to the opposite field. The few ABs I saw looked like the Cano of 2006.

    • Steve H says:

      That’s the team Cash would have put together is he weren’t teh suxor!!!

    • Mike Pop says:

      Oh, the second SS where Hardy is. That is the UTIL spot.

    • andrew says:

      Great offense, but you’re really going high risk/high reward with that pitching staff. If Kershaw and Morrow struggle in their first seasons in the MLB as starters and Carpenter isn’t the Carpenter we saw a few years ago, your pitching staff is in pretty big trouble. Hopefully you’re offense could make up for it though, or Morrow and Kershaw end up being as good as advertised, and then you’ve get a pretty sick team.

      • MattG says:

        I like that Grienke, Morrow and Kershaw are all guys with really good upside–and I am also really bullish on Jiminez. But this is fantasy, so, I guess the park is something of a concern, right?

        • andrew says:

          Well Greinke has high upside, but you also pretty much know where his floor is. With Kershaw and Morrow you really don’t know what you’re getting. Jimenez has got potential, you just hope his home/road splits aren’t too bad.

  29. Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

    I have a new chant for A-Rod at the stadium



    Think it’ll catch on?

  30. pat says:

    Ugh these people make me sick, what a bunch of Kool-aid drinking douchebags

  31. andrew says:

    I’m surprised Jeter’s 2-4 line while hitting 3rd for the US tonight didn’t draw any chatter in these parts… good to see people have acknowledged his entrenched spot in the 2 hole.

  32. Whitey14 says:

    Great, Bryce Harper wants to be a womanizing drunk who plays baseball at a Hall of Fame level on the side! Clearly he missed some of the point that Billy Crystal made in 61*, for as great a ballplayer as Mantle was, he may have possibly been even better sans excessive booze. Friggin’ 16 year olds!

  33. [...] dazzled in his second spring start. Things went so well last week that we even found out that Bryce Harper wants to be a Yankee and Guiseppe Franco will say ci vediamo dopo to YES. All in all, I’d call it a pretty good [...]

  34. MichaellaS says:

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

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