Quick hits: Cano, Marte, Kroenke

Revisiting Bobby Abreu
Athletics Nation interviews Giambi

Just a couple bits of actual Yanks news for the early afternoon:

  • The MRI results are back for both Robinson Cano and Damaso Marte. Cano has shoulder bursitis (didn’t they know this before?) and will be out until Friday. Marte is day to day with shoulder inflammation. So while it’s not great news, it certainly could have been worse. The extended nature of this year’s Spring Training should have these guys back on track soon enough.
  • The Marlins returned Zach Kroenke to the Yanks. He hasn’t had a great spring, and after getting shelled in his last appearance was nowhere to be seen for the Marlins. His return is unsurprising.
  • Juan Miranda has been optioned back to AAA. It would have taken a monster spring from Miranda for him to take a bench role, and that clearly wasn’t happening. He’ll get more at bats this way.
Revisiting Bobby Abreu
Athletics Nation interviews Giambi
  • Mike Pop


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  • A.D.

    So basically the MRIs confirmed what really could only be the best case scenarios given that they were hurting and needed an MRI.

    • http://evilempire20.com/ Ryan S.

      Seriously. One guy is out until Friday, and the other is DtD…I’d take that in a cocaine heartbeat. I’m really relieved. Now I can only hope Cano is as excited to be wearing pinstripes as he was playing for the DR – he was obviously willing to put his health into jeopardy then, so he better be ready to bust his ass for his millions of fans and the guys signing his paychecks.

  • Phrancis

    Miranda/S Duncan would be good L/R DH combo next year.

    • MattG

      That may be true. Nady/Matsui’d be a better one.

    • UWS

      ….for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

      • Mike Pop

        Yeah, I don’t really want to see Shelley Duncan or Juan Miranda in the lineup every day for a team that has so much money invested every year to win.

    • Cor Shep

      That was a shot at Jeter.

      • Mike Pop

        What isn’t?

        • Cor Shep

          The speech Jeter gave at the last yankees stadium game was a shot at himself.

          • Mike Pop

            Where were you on that one, Pete Abe?

            • jsbrendog

              eating the 2 for 1 hot dogs cause they wouldnt last til the new stadium opened

    • Mike R. – Retire 21

      For me to poop on!

    • A.D.

      I think Miranda could be solid against righties, I don’t know about Shelly. If Miranda puts up a good year at AAA, I could see something where he hits against righties, and Posada DHs for his off days against lefties.

  • J.R.

    Melancon and Kennedy were sent down also.

    • radnom



      • J.R.

        Thats what rotoworld is saying.

        • http://evilempire20.com/ Ryan S.

          Pete Abe reported that a day or two ago as well. They probably just wanna make sure he gets enough work in, and doesn’t take away work from guys who are actually competing for a spot in the ‘pen. I’m not surprised he got sent down as soon as he got knocked around a little bit. I bet we see him again by the middle of the year.

    • cali

      Kennedy will likely be delt in a give away fire sale. The kid doesn’t have it to be a major league pitcher.

  • http://evilempire20.com/ Ryan S.

    Pudge to the Astros, 1/$1.5M. I thought the Mets should’ve taken a look at him.

    • Mike Pop

      I like his offense at the C position because I think he will be better than what he did last year for the Yanks. The thing with him though, it just seems like pitchers don’t really like to throw to him.

      • http://evilempire20.com/ Ryan S.

        He’s a somewhat greedy playcaller – I’ve heard pitchers aren’t that fond of him either. Its just the Mets catching SUCKS and Pudge is like a guaranteed upgrade, decline phase and all.

      • J.R.

        I was reading somewhere that one main ding that the pitchers have against him is that he always calls for fastballs with a runner on first and in a steal situation.

        And that as a catcher he becomes pre-occupied about the runner and concerned with throwing him out. And that all the hitters know this.

        • Mike Pop

          Ya, and our guys last year preferred Molina to Pudge. Pudge did hit that one home run though, against the Angels. I think that was the only thing good that came from him.

          • http://evilempire20.com/ Ryan S.

            It was ridiculous as Molina fucking outhit Pudge while they were both here. But yeah, Molina is an amazing playcaller and defensive catcher, I love him – I wouldn’t be surprised if the youngins (Joba/Hughes/random bullpen guys) preferred throwing to him over Jorge. He’s one of the best backup catchers you could have, especially since our primary guy is an offensive minded one, so it makes Molina especially complimentary to him.

            • Elle

              I remember reading that Joba prefers to pitch to Jorge–he had a little bit of a tough transition to Molina last year–but you always hear about how much most of the guys love throwing to Molina and how good he is with the younger pitchers.

              • dane bramage

                Jorge is a First Sergeant type,and Molina is more nurturing.You know how these kids today need coddling.

      • Joe R

        Cause 1, 2, 3 and 4 fingers all mean fastball to Pudge.

      • whozat

        I like his offense at the C position because I think he will be better than what he did last year for the Yanks.

        Based on what? He was awful with the Tigers too.

        • Mike Pop

          I don’t think he was awful with the Tigers. Ya, he didn’t hit with the power he once did but he was okay. He is obviously not what he once was, but I don’t think he liked it here.

          295/338/417 with the Tigers
          219/257/323 with the Yankees

          Awful is what he did with the Yankees. Not the Tigers.

          • Mike Pop

            And since they lost Brad “I win World Series'” Ausmus, their catching situation is horrible. Look at Quintero’s numbers, Pudge is an obvious upgrade. Towles has to prove himself also.

            • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

              Don’t forget to bring a Towles.

          • whozat

            Pudge’s numbers were inflated by an absurdly high BABiP in June/July, though. He was bad in April and May, and then had a .385 and .415 BABiP in June and July.

          • pounder

            Why are beating around the bush….he got off the steroids and his age caught up with him!

        • steve (different one)

          Based on what? He was awful with the Tigers too.

          you are usually on the money, whozat, but this just isn’t true.

    • J.R.

      Thank Mo the Yankees didn’t offer him arbitration.

  • http://evilempire20.com/ Ryan S.

    Speaking of injuries that happened during the WBC, two more Team USA guys are (possibly) hurt, Braun and Lindstrom:


    Enjoy this tournament guys, it might very well be the last one of its kind.

    • J.R.

      Dude, I was watching that game last night and lindstrom looked more like he was pouting then injured.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    “The Marlins will get back half of the $50,000 draft fee from the Yankees”

    That’s major coin for the Marlins.

    • Mike Pop

      Loria is going to go buy himself 25,000 dollars of blow and hookers.

      • Tom Zig

        it would be a-rod’s fault too

  • Jim L

    Did anyone else get an email over the weekend to call the Yankee Box office in the next 24 hours because new season ticket plans have became available? My sister had the weekend package last year and like everyone else was offered the wednesday package. She was pissed and rejected their office. This weekend they sent her an email, she called up, and in a matter of minutes she had the weekend package again. I hope some of the long time weekend ticket holders also got this option.

    • jsbrendog

      i just spoke toa coworker about this. he got a call thursday night at 7 pm about this. then called at 8 am the next day and was told they were all sold out.


  • J.R.

    Swisher is 3 for 3 today with a couple of RBI’s, good to see him heeting up a little.

    • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

      Plus: He is finally above the Mendoza line.

  • yankeefan91 Arod fan

    J.R that’s great to see Swisher Heating up hes one of the players i am really looking forward on seen this season.

  • http://www.retire21.org Mike R. – Retire 21

    Cole Hamels to have his elbow examined due to tightness according to ESPN.

    DAMN WBC!!!!! Wait…What…Oh nevermind

    • http://evilempire20.com/ Ryan S.

      Let’s blame the WBC anyway!

      • Count Zero

        Agreed. I also think the AIG PR team should look into ways they can blame their problems on the WBC as well.

        I tried blaming my poor work performance on the WBC, but my boss doesn’t follow baseball. :-(

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