Sheppard set for April 3 return

Open Thread: In which we harp on Swisher vs. Nady one more time
Yankees still rule NY

Bob Sheppard, the fabled voice of the Yankees, missed the end of the 2007 and all of 2008 with a serious health scare. He contracted a bad case of pneumonia and saw his weight drop to 105 pounds. But Sheppard, 97, made a great recovery, and he recently told the FAN that he finally has his doctor’s permission to begin announcing Yankee games again. He’ll be in the booth come the April 3 exhibition against the Cubs. Here’s to another 57 years of Sheppard’s voice at Yankee Stadium.

Open Thread: In which we harp on Swisher vs. Nady one more time
Yankees still rule NY
  • daniel aka bryce harper

    i cannot wait to hear his legendary voice echo through the new stadium on april 4, at the exhibition game. yes!

  • Yankeegirl49

    I’ll be there on the 3rd and this put a huge smile on my face!!

  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve


    Thanks Ben, you just made my week. Can’t wait to hear him again.

  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    “Ladies and gentlemen . . . .welcome to the NEW . . Yankee Stadium!”

    • Yankeegirl49

      Not one person who reads your post won’t hear his voice saying just that as they read it.

      • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

        I know. I heard it as I was typing.

  • Giuseppe Franco

    As much as I hope this is indeed the case, Sheppard’s return has not been confirmed.

    That “recent interview” Hoch referred to actually took place over a month ago on Feb 15th.

    Sheppard did say that he hoped to be there on Opening Day, but it was not etched in stone.

    It’s not my intention to throw cold water on this story because I want him back as much as anyone.

    But we are talking about a guy who is nearly 100 years old and we were disappointed in the past by his inability to return last season.

    I’d be hesitant to pencil him into the Opening Day lineup until he or the Yankees confirm it.

  • carl

    I want him to read me a book.

    • Manimal


    • Thomas

      Bob Sheppard reads Peterotica

      “The Hot Chick That Was Italian or Maybe Some Kind of Spanish
      Chapter 1:
      Oh God, you should have seen this one hot chick. She was totally Italian or maybe some kind of Spanish. . .”

      • pat

        haha +1

      • Ed

        That’s just too good…

  • dan

    The only connection from the post to this comment I can figure out is the age of Bob Sheppard.

    Does anybody think it’s a bit strange that Jose Tabata’s wife is 43 years old? The guy can’t even legally drink and his wife is old enough to have seen the Beatles live in concert.

    • Jack

      Dude, there’s an open thread right next door.

      • dan

        Hahah, I’m usually the comment police. I didn’t see it, I went right to this thread because the mentioning of Sheppard’s age made me think of Tabat’s wife. See? It’s related to the post ;)

  • Drew

    no not really

    • Drew

      Crap, that was in response to Dan relating a potential kidnapper to Shepps.

  • Drew

    God Bless Bob Sheppard, I hope his health is well and remains so for a long time. I can’t wait to hear his voice announce Jeter come the 3rd. That damn recording from last year just wasn’t the same!

  • John Price

    Unfortunately it looks like that report might have been premature:

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