Squawking Baseball talks to John Coppolella


In a true must read piece, Shawn Hoffman of Squawking Baseball interviewed Braves’ Director of Baseball Administration, and former Yanks’ front office member, John Coppolella. The interview mostly covers the arbitration process, but there’s also a bit on how Coppolella, area scout Mark Batchko and intern Kiley McDaniel (of the now defunct Saber Scouting) discovered bullpener Edwar Ramirez through a routine check of independent league stats. Make sure you check it out. (h/t dan and EJ Fagan)

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  • dan

    I had no idea EJ was writing for another site, I thought he just fell off the face of the earth.

  • 50

    das was up

  • J

    OOPS!! Someone just used the ‘F’ word on MLB TV.

  • NewsNuts

    And — how do you figure out how much a player is worth in the worst recession in a long long time???