Will Stan’s thrive with the new Stadium?

Tex appreciates Yanks' stealth
Gardner officially announced as starting center fielder

Meet me at Stan’s. Plenty of us have said that in the past, referring to Stan’s Sports Bar, the most fabled of the watering holes surrounding Yankee Stadium. After opening in 1979 it has been part of our collective memories of the team and the old Stadium. I remember my dad taking me in there back in the day, order me a Coke while he pounded his customary Budweiser. In more recent times I’ve met friends there, hanging out by the door because the place is so packed (putting in that side bar was the smartest thing they did). Just walk by the place and you can see just how much Stan’s means to Yanks fans.

With the team moving a block to the north, Stan’s won’t have the same impact it’s had in the past. At the old Stadium, Stan’s sat between the subway station and the ballpark, making it an ideal stop-by location for a quick brew before the game. With the new Stadium, fans will have to go out of their ways to grab a drink at Stan’s. Katherine Bindley of the Times profiles the bar and how its owner and managers are coping with the potential loss of business. Louis Dene, the bar’s owner, thinks he’ll lose 30 to 40 percent of his business. That’s not good for those of us who like the rowdy atmosphere of the bar.

This a major loss for fans. Even fans who weren’t familiar with the luster of Stan’s could see it first hand while walking by. Now, people will have to go there specifically. In other words, they won’t get the foot traffic which was once a big part of their business. Instead, fans will pass by the Dugout, a more stylish establishment. I don’t know how many of you have parked in Lot 3 and walked to the game, but that place never seemed appealing to me. It’s not a ballpark bar, that’s for sure. Yet the owner hopes that the high ticket prices for the new Stadium will draw a higher-class clientele to which his bar will appeal.

“There’s a term I’m looking for,” [Dugout owner ]Mr. Robinson said, searching for how to describe the atmosphere. “Midtown comes to the Bronx — that’s it.”

I’m sure I don’t speak for everyone, but that sounds like the worst idea ever. But hey, maybe it will appeal to the new Stadium’s patrons. Fans like me, though, will still head down to Stan’s, or maybe even Billy’s, for a pre-game drink.

Tex appreciates Yanks' stealth
Gardner officially announced as starting center fielder
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

    “Midtown comes to the Bronx” is the least appealing description of a bar I’ve ever heard. That certainly fits what I fear about the new Yankee Stadium ethos a lot more than it fit the old.

    • pat

      Whats with the full names all of a sudden?

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

        Just showin’ that we got nothin’ to hide. Gangsta-like, you know?

        • Joey

          Benjamin, Joseph, and Michael. Heh. Very formal

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

            They might change theirs, but I’m keeping Joseph. I’ve never like the way “Joe” looks in print.

        • pat

          Usually socialist websites Like this one are not so forthcoming with information. We appreciate that.

          • http://mantisfists.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/julius-carry-aka-shonuff.jpg The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            You know, Benjamin, Joseph and Michael do control the means of production around here. Just saying.

        • whozat

          Wouldn’t going with “Joey Paws” be more gangsta? Or, rather, “Gangster”?

    • Celerino Sanchez

      I’ve always liked the bowling alley. Not as packed easier to take a leak. Another place to check out is Glacken’s on 135 E 149th. If you want real atmosphere it can’t be beat. They have $5 Vodka Collins served in a 16oz keg cup that will knock you on your keester.

      • Charlie (in SD)

        Quote of the weekend right here:

        “They have $5 Vodka Collins served in a 16 oz keg cup that will knock you on your keester.”

        Seriously, that would do it to me, for sure.

        Stan’s is awesome, crowded, cramped and full of Yankees fans, and the floor is all uneven! It definitely made for the complete game experience last year, and makes me miss the east coast! hehe.


    • Jeremy

      Alternative rejected slogans:

      “Soullessness comes to the Bronx”

      “Weekdays come to the weekend”

      “Now with more jerks”

    • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Bronx Baseball Daily

      You said it Ben, That’s all we need $8 beers inside AND outside of the stadium. Great.

  • Yankeegirl49

    Im a “regular” at the Yankee Tavern before games. I also go to Stans and the bowling alley depending on who I am meeting. I will still go to those places..if I wanted “midtown” I’d go to to midtown.

  • Raf

    ill still be going to Yankee Tavern before games. i understand about Stan’s losing traffic but its not like the new Stadium is blocks away. people will still meet/go to Stan’s i think as much as before.

    • whozat

      I dunno, man. Never underestimate how lazy people are, and just how many gamegoers aren’t “regulars”. They’re people who don’t get to go to a lot of games and don’t have that kind of set routine…but they see a place with a line on the way to the game, figure it must be good/cheap/both, and drop in for a beer and a bite.

  • Brian

    I think people will still go out of tradition.

  • William

    “This a major loss for fans”? Really? A major loss?

    How exactly would a decline in business for Stans, resulting from fans refusal to walk one block, represent a major loss for fans? I mean, if the fans don’t care to walk down River Ave., then maybe they don’t really look at it as a loss?

    If Stan’s is really such an institution, it will survive. It, however, it is just a convenient place to get a beer, then business will suffer. I don’t really think it’s a big issue one way or the other.

    As for the Dugout, the waitresses hanging out outside are nice to look at, so that’s one redeeming quality of midtown meets the Bronx.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

      That’s a good point, and I probably overstated the case. In fact, a less packed Stan’s might be better for the fans who still care to go there.

      Agreed on the Dugout waitresses. However, I mostly see douchy guys trying to herd people in.

    • Zack

      Beat me to it. I hardly see this as a big deal. Bars immediately around stadiums all tend to be overcrowded, serve crappy beer, and get way too much credit for “atmosphere,” code word for extremely overcrowded with large drunks. The kind of “atmosphere’ you would avoid any other time.

      As William said, if fans are that in love with Stans, they will still go. If not, something else, the dugout or other, will step up.

      I mean, lets be honest, the Yankee Stadium vicinity isn’t exactly the best place ot hang out before or after a game for drinks…

  • GG

    wow, you guys are goin full names now huh? When are the Yanks going to put A-Rod on the DL??? My fantasy team needs the roster spot

  • Phrancis

    Marte better get his act together. Another lazy ass Dominican.

    • William

      I am not sure what the policy on deleting comments is, but this is one that should meet the threshhold. Take your ignornace elsewhere.

      • John

        Im not sure but I think it was a joke…

        • pat

          Yeah the “Lazy Dominican” meme is a joke. It began in reference to Robbie Cano because the MSM would say how lazy he is in the field because they don’t understand that he is very fluid in his movements which makes him look lazy. Dustin Pedrois is tough and gritty while robbie cano is lazy and shiftless.

          • pat


          • jsbrendog

            not to mention the mediots who are all “trade melky so cano focuses! lazy dominicans party too much”

            right, like melky has anything to do with cano. yeah right, and theyre lazy because theyre dominican. people are stupid.

      • Arman Tamzarian

        Its a regular joke around here

  • Bob

    I love Stan’s…especially when I am in the mood to wait 20 minutes for a beer and be so crowded I cannot even put the beer up to my mouth once they finally get around to getting it to me in their not so pleasant way. F Stan’s

    • pat

      Haha, tell us how you really feel.

  • kingshaffy

    Seriously, maybe now you can get a beer at Stans…DUGOUT BABY!

  • Bryan

    Quick question, what does the “S” mean in the box score, I’ve never seen it before. Like today “S: Gardner.”

    • Yankeegirl49


      • Bryan

        Ahhhh, thats why ive never seen it before, the old yanks never played small ball

  • Tony

    I think there is room for both type of bars. Many people prefer the trendy bars over a traditional bar.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Will people still be directed to the bowling alley if they have oversized bags? I love the bowling alley and can’t imagine not going there.

  • Schteeve

    Ok look, this is ridiculous. I live a few blocks from Wrigley. There are so many freaking sports bars surrounding the place and they are always jammed on game days. There will be plenty of business for all the bars. It’s not like they moved to the Lower East Side.

  • Lanny

    It is ridiculous. It’s not like the stadium has moved to the North Bronx. It’s down the block!

  • steve (different one)

    Fans like me, though, will still head down to Stan’s, or maybe even Billy’s, for a pre-game drink.

    funny you should mention Billy’s, b/c haven’t they done the exact same thing with their renovations?

    unless i am thinking of the wrong place, Billy’s renovated last year and put in chandeliers(!), the bar is backlit with blue lights, they painted over the spray paint murals, etc.

    i’d say the “midtown in the Bronx” is exactly the vibe that Billy’s is going for now.

  • jadl27

    the two bars I remember from that neighborhood are the one with attractive (OK hot) barmaids and the one with bartenders that look like they are firemen or cops, but I can’t remember the names. The former was my preferred watering hole, but the latter was $2 cheaper per beer and had better service, so sometimes that’s where I ended up.

  • Chad D

    Maybe charging $7 (probably $8 this year) for a bottle of beer is scaring away customers. I go to a bodega for normally priced beer pre game.

    • jsbrendog

      i got a liquor store and put some of that in my gatorade.

  • Jim M.

    I never felt that Stan’s was all that special. More like a crowded Frat party in college where you had to be very tall or a girl to have any hope of getting a beer. It was fine for what it was. Maybe now that it is slightly out of the way, it will become a cool place to get a beer and hang with friends, without being pushed and shoved constantly.