Filling X’s spot

Yanks, Nady still unsure of prognosis
Yanks call-up Claggett

We’re still waiting for the official diagnosis and treatment needed for Xavier Nady‘s injured elbow, but everyone expects grim news that will sideline X for the remainder of the season. The Yanks called up Juan Miranda yesterday to replace Nady on the roster, but more than likely this is just a temporary solution. This morning MLBTR pointed us to a report indicating that two possible options are Jason Repko of the Dodgers and Austin Kearns of the Nationals. The problem is that both Repko and Kearns kinda stink.

Let’s just eliminate Kearns as an option right now. He’s hitting .167-.310-.375 this year after hitting .217-.311-.316 last year. He’s owed $8M this year with a $1M buyout on his $10M option for next year. Sure he sort of has a big name after being an elite prospect back in the day, but Kearns doesn’t offer the Yanks anything they don’t already have in John Rodriguez. So he hits righthanded, big deal. I’ll take a good lefty hitter over an inferior righty hitter any day of the week. Pass. Pass emphatically.

Repko, on the other hand, is only slightly less useless. In nearly 500 big league plate appearances he’s hit .229-.300-.375 but has a spiffy 8.9 UZR rating in the outfield (primarily in center). Melky Cabrera‘s career line is .268-.329-.375 and his UZR is a combined -2.4 in the various outfield spots, but he’s four years younger than Repko. Where’s the upgrade? Really, the best replacement option would have been Delwyn Young, who the Dodgers traded to the Pirates the day before Nady got hurt. It’s just a case of unfortunate timing.

I understand that the Yankees have likely just lost an everyday outfielder for the rest of the season, but given their current roster construction, why does he have to be replaced with another outfielder? They’re already carrying four players on their roster capable of manning the big swath of grass past the infield, and all four of those guys can play center in a pinch. That’s normally what a team carries. They could use this opportunity to upgrade the black hole that is currently third base, perhaps by picking up Mark Grudzielanek. That, of course, assumes he would be willing to assume a utility infielder role once Alex Rodriguez comes back.

We do know one thing for sure, Brian Cashman won’t rush into finding a replacement for Nady outside of the organization. He’ll let the market come to him like he did with Bobby Abreu and … well … Xavier Nady.

Yanks, Nady still unsure of prognosis
Yanks call-up Claggett
  • Jake H

    Hopefully the team hits and they can take their time. Once A-Rod comes back things will be better.

  • Mike Pop

    Luis Gonzalez!!!!!

  • Tripp

    Seems like Clagget was called up. Maybe they sent Miranda back down.

    • Mike Pop

      Heh, they’re preparing for another Wang 1 inning outing if it happens.

    • anonymous

      Guess again

      • andrew

        you guess again.

      • Double-J

        I’d buy THAT for a dollar…

  • steve (different one)

    i think you missed the 800 pound gorilla in the room with this post: Matsui.

    the Yankees will need a bat, much more than a better Utility Infielder.

    the good news is that Matsui was the DH. that means you can go after almost anyone at any position and he can be fit into the lineup.

    but yeah, agreed on Kearns, unless the Nats are eating about $6M.

  • Rich

    I don’t think they have to replace Nady if Matsui starts to hit. If he doesn’t, they need a bat at some point, LH or RH.

    • andrew

      Looks like a big if right now

  • Doug

    Assuming Matsui remains ineffective and/or possibly goes on the DL, how about signing Frank Thomas to platoon at DH with Miranda? Even at 40, think he can still mash lefties.

    • anonymous

      Melky can hit with more power then Frank right now. No.

    • http://deleted RollingWave

      Barry Bonds

  • Tony

    Lastings Milledge anyone??

    Young troubled CF from the nats

    • http://deleted RollingWave

      I would if he hadn’t literally made Adam Dunn look like a contact hitter before he was demoted this year.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        It’s called “Buying Low”.

        • http://deleted RollingWave

          it’s low alright.

          buying low is one thing, buying low on a guy with luck issues (I.E Swisher) isn’t a particularly bad idea. but somehow I don’t feel that this is the case….

          • steve (different one)

            based on about 5 games?

            • http://deleted RollingWave

              alright, good point. it depends as always on what they’re giving.

          • andrew

            The two times when buying low work is on guys who had a bad luck season, or young guys with tons of potential who may just need a fresh start. It’s tough to give up on a guy like Milledge, especially when he’s still so young.

    • CW

      I’d personally love for the Yanks to pick up Milledge for a few reasons:
      1)I thought the NY Media was a bit unfair with him from jump, and I’d like to see him succeed to get vindication
      2)It will stick it to the Mets
      3)I really think he has the potential to be a corner OF (mainly the big Stadium LF)contributor, and will add some more life to the line up…

      There is the attitude thing, but I think having players like Jeter, Posada, Tex, and yes, even A-Rod in his ear might straighten him out.

  • Chip

    Why not use a platoon of Miranda and Shelley at DH? Both have absolutely rediculous platoon splits, it’s like they were made for eachother. They could probably put up a combined .260/.340/.480 line which has to be more than we’ll be getting out of Melky.

    Sure it would take away from them learning to hit pitchers from the other side but does anybody think it’s gonna happen with the age these guys are?

    • Drew

      The age? Dude, Miranda is 25.

      • Chip

        Miranda MIGHT be 25. And it’s not like he has a small platoon split, he has a crazy-huge platoon split. Also, it’s not like he’s going to win the starting base job over the next 10 years so why not give him a shot while the DH job is open? If he hits well, it ups his trade value

        • Drew

          Well if you want to question his birth certificate that’s fine.
          The point of Milb is to develop guys weaknesses. I think he can be a good hitter but I don’t like the idea of having Miranda/Duncan as our DH. If Matsui’s knee is too bad to go, we need to pick up a DH, not platoon one career minor leaguer and one young guy.

  • Mearl

    I hate to say it, and I know that people my disagree with me, but not resigning Bobby Abreu hurt the Yankees. I mean there was no reason to resign him (though a price tag of merely $5 million for Abreu wouldn’t have hurt) since they had a plethora of outfielders already. However, in the confines of the new park we have already seen the importance of left handed batters. Being at the first winning game in New Yankee Stadium history, I was able to see a total of 6 solo homers in that day… 5 of which coming off Yankee bats. Here is even a greater breakdown.

    Home runs by a batter batting left handed:
    Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera and Johnny Damon (Note: Nick Swisher was only inches away from one while batting lefty)

    Home runs by a righty:
    Derek Jeter and Mark DeRosa

    However, both of these righty home runs were hit the other way. Every home run in this game went to right field. Looking back at opening day at New Yankee Stadium there were three home runs, two by right-handers and one by a left-hander. However, one of the batters who hit righty (Posada) hit it to center.

    So what does it mean? Well the right vs. lefty comparison is close: 4 right handed homers vs. 5 left handed homers. However, the placement of the homeruns is already skewed: 1 homer to left field, 1 homer to center, 7 homers to right field.

    So, in replacing Nady, if they choose to go outside of the organization, I believe they will be looking for a left handed bat, or at least a righty with considerable opposite field power. With half of the games played being at home and having a field with a short right field (and short right field wall as well), why not? Perhaps the best replacement would come in the form of Rick Ankiel, and not only now, but also as a free agent next year. Many people believe Holliday will fill the outfield void once most of the current ones are let go next season, but he has yet to homer this year (still early, I know!) but it will be something to keep an eye on now that he is playing in a park with a deep left field.
    That’s just my thoughts, know people will disagree, but I think it’s an interesting look at the situation.

    • Chip

      I don’t agree in trading for much now as the market hasn’t come down so we’d have to give up a TON in order to pick up a bat. I agree that Ankiel is going to be a great trade target but probably not until July or so.

      I really don’t think we should stack our lineup with lefties just because in the first 4 games there have been a lot of homeruns hit. And besides, we’ve tried this super lefty heavy lineup before and suddenly good left handed starter completely shuts us down in the postseason.

      The thing with Bobby Abreu is, where would he have played if nobody got hurt? I mean you had a starting OF of Damon/Gardner/Nady with both Matsui and Swisher on the bench. There’s absolutely no place to put him. If we had offered him arbitration and he accepted, we would have never been able to steal Swisher away from the White Sox

      • Mearl

        I agree that at the time, before injury, Abreu was not worth resigning. And the Yankees had 4 or 5 switch hitters starting today, so don’t need to worry about a lefty lineup.

  • Billy Shears

    Jim Edmonds, anyone?

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