Yanks, Nady still unsure of prognosis


Xavier Nady, the Yanks’ shelved right fielder, has been for an MRI and a CT scan. He knows he has some bone damage in his elbow, and he thinks he has some ligament damage there as well. However, the Yanks and Nady are just not sure about the extent of his injury, and they’re not sure what part of the elbow abnormalities are new and what remains as scar tissue. As Bryan Hoch reports today, Nady will soon be undergoing a second MRI in an effort to isolate the damage and attempt a diagnosis. There’s still a chance Nady could rehab the injury and return this year, but right now, I’m not expecting much from number 22.

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  • History Teacher

    Losing Nady is a huge blow to the team. That totally destroys our bench, especially if Matsui isn’t right. Can Juan Miranda play any outfield? I’m sorry, but Melky is NOT the answer. Swish is doing great, and I like the energy he brings, but I’m thinking we need to make a move for an outfielder. I feel so bad for Nady, I thought he was going to have a huge year and he really seems upset.


    PS I can’t wait till we DESTROY Pavano Sunday…that is, unless he gets an injury between now and then. He might pull a muscle getting dressed.

  • Tripp

    Ben, what do you think the most prudent move is to make? Austin Kearns or Jim Edmonds? Or just stick with Melky until it becomes apparent that depth is an issue?

  • Paulie

    Losing Nady is definitely a huge blow to the Yankees. However, we can live with it if Matsui is healthy enough to slot into the DH position, but that does not appear to be the case. I love Melky, but we can run him out there on a regular basis. We need someone who can provide some offense from the outfield… internal solutions (Miranda if he can play the outfield…) , trade for someone (Edmunds…), free agent (Frank Catalanotto…)?

    • Tripp

      I’m 99% sure that Miranda can not play the outfield. He is barely serviceable at 1B.

    • http://heavysoundsandtheabstracttruth.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/alg_burnett-sabathia-3.jpg Mike Pop

      Edmonds is a FA, my friend.

      • Paulie

        Oh, that was stupid on my part.

  • Jake H

    It’s a big lost for the Yanks if Nady is done for the year.

  • A.D.

    Well the nature of Nady not being out for the season yet still provides hope that he can come back

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  • http://heavysoundsandtheabstracttruth.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/alg_burnett-sabathia-3.jpg Mike Pop

    I think they should go with one of three options. Mike Cameron, Jim Edmonds, or Austin Kearns. Cameron in my opinion, is the obvious choice out of those 3. Edmonds can still hit pretty well and could be pretty useful, not to mention real cheap if he wants to play in New York. Kearns because he has an option for next year and maybe the Yanks could pick it up if he does well in his tenure here. I don’t think Kearns would take much to get, maybe clear up some spots from the 40 man? Same goes for Cameron.

  • Tony

    I agree with brining Cameron here and having Melky and Gardner on the bench. This would be exceptional depth. Hopefully Matsui starts to come around