The RAB Radio Show – April 2, 2009 – Episode 21

Hughes strong in minor league start
MTA to open Yankees Metro-North stop on May 23

There’s but one battle left for a Yankees roster spot, and it’s for the backup infielder. The in-camp battle is between Angel Berroa and Ramiro Pena, but if it comes down to just those two the winner is pretty obvious — or at least so think Mike and I. We break down the reasons why, plus we elaborate a bit more on Dallas McPherson, who presents the Yanks with an interesting opportunity in A-Rod‘s absence.

After that it’s onto the reader questions, which revolve mostly around roster issues. We delve into some general baseball stuff, too, like the Tigers’ decision to place Rick Porcello in their rotation. Thankfully, the Yankees aren’t in that kind of situation this year. Things are set up so that the guys who still need some work are still in the minors. This is mostly notable for Phil Hughes, who pitched excellently yesterday, and will have plenty of time in AAA to hone his cutter and changeup. Armed with a 4-seamer, curve, cutter, and change, he could be a difference-maker on the Yanks in the years to come.

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Hughes strong in minor league start
MTA to open Yankees Metro-North stop on May 23
  • Matt

    FWIW, I did a pitiful attempt at FJM-ing that Wallace Matthews piece.

  • GG

    Is A-Rod definitely going to go on the DL? We can expect that roster move before the first game?? 15-day? Seems to me he’ll be back in April.

    • Dan

      I assume that he will after the Cubs games. I don’t think A-Rod will be back till early May, but he certainly has made a lot of progress lately.

      I wish the weather was warmer in Scranton. That way there would be a slight chance he would pass through.

      • Matt

        I’m hoping he’s with Trenton and they take a road trip to play the CT Defenders before school’s over.

  • Reggie C.

    Influenza-B sucks.

  • Simon B.

    Darvish surprised me in the WBC with his velocity, but he still isn’t close to Felix, and not within miles of Lincecum.

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