Bruney encouraged by today’s bullpen session

Game 56 Spillover Thread
Open Thread: Athletes and the public

Via Marc Carig, injured reliever Brian Bruney took what he called a “huge positive step” today, throwing 30 pitches in a bullpen session. He again reiterated that he feels no pain in his elbow. Bruney expects to throw a similar bullpen session when the team goes to Boston on Tuesday. Even though he hasn’t been able to do upper body work since the injury, Bruney says his arm strength is just fine, and that’s all that matters.

Game 56 Spillover Thread
Open Thread: Athletes and the public
  • Accent Shallow

    A healthy Bruney would be huge, obviously.

  • crawdaddy

    I wonder if they gave him a cortisone shot to relieve the pain.

    • Accent Shallow

      I’d be extremely surprised if any baseball team would give a cortisone shot to a joint to relieve pain. That just sounds like asking for the guy to severely hurt himself.

      • crawdaddy

        Well they gave him some kind of some anti-inflammatory medication to relieve the pain since his injury has been diagnose as being a muscular injury and not ligament/tendon related.

      • Chris

        Really? They give out cortisone shots like they’re candy. Tex got one in his wrist earlier this year, didn’t he?

  • John

    He can’t be back soon enough. He’ll help us improve a lot and he’ll save a few of us Yankees fans some heart-attacks by reducing some Coke appearances, even though I have faith in him but at times he is just shaky, in close games.

  • Zack

    i’ll believe bruney when hes back on the roster and pitching

    • Some call me…tim

      After making 5-10 innings successfully…

  • Charlie

    it’d be awesome to have bruney back for the rest of the season, but i have my doubts that he’ll stay healthy.

  • Some call me…tim

    If we used all of our 25 slots effectively, we would have more days off for fragile pitchers or slumping hitters.

    Yeah Angel, I’m looking at you…

  • Dan

    I’ll believe it when he goes back to back days. Even healthy we need another arm

  • Drew

    Ugh, I turn to ESPN and first thing I hear is Yankees, eighth inning, blah blah.
    We need Bruney big time. Hopefully this time he’s back for good.

  • Joba-to-the-pen

    How can anyone say Bruney healthy.He did say he was fine before and lied like Pavano and Hughes.Hopefully he’s serious because he still not the answer to the bullpen problem.

    • Steve H

      Neither is Joba.