Game 59 Spillover thread

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  1. Pastafarian says:

    Basketball is on….

  2. My disgust and frustration with this “Woe is me we’re cursed and suck now” segment of Yankees fans >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> My disgust and frustration with this poor showing by the Yankees thus far tonight

  3. dkidd says:

    i believe tomko will get some keys out for us this year

  4. dkidd says:

    starting today, when he holds down the sox as we storm back!

  5. Rey22 says:

    Ugh. sounds about right..

  6. Accent Shallow says:

    Is there a less likable player in the majors than Youkilis?

  7. Yankees_Universe says:

    Field day for Mike F. tomorrow…His man crush on Youkilis and Beckett grows..

    • Hova says:

      At this point, everything he’s said is valid in terms of the Red Sux owning the Yankees this season. I don’t know what the solution is, but it sucks losing to this team over and over.

      • Yankees_Universe says:

        I know it sucks but didn’t Yankees start 1-5 against them couple years ago and finished like 11-8 or something? I don’t buy the whole mental thing that if they meet later in the season it would be in Yankees head. If it was true Yanks would have never lost in ’04.

        I am not giving up on this game yet though.

      • BIG BOY says:

        LOL big poopi is garbage.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      As well as Beckett has pitched so far tonight, he’s arguably the most overrated pitcher in the majors.

  8. The Artist says:

    If AJ Burnett had any decency, he’d throw a pie in his own face.

  9. pc69 says:

    Well, only down 6 now,.

  10. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I remember a time the Red Sox caught up from 6 nothing in an inning to come back and eventually defeat us. It’s certainly possible for us.

  11. Dorian says:

    A STRIKE. My Mo what a novel concept

  12. pat says:

    papi finally realizes he’s big sloppy this year.

  13. Hova says:

    The scary thing is that this Red Sox team still has some solid pitching coming up. Smoltz and Buchholz are only days away at this point.

  14. YankeeScribe says:

    I give up following this game. Hopefully they can still take 2 out of 3

  15. arlok789 says:

    Arod should have asked the sox fans if they wanted the ball before laughing at them, telling them they root for the wrong team, and taking the ball back to the dugout. Make a young red sox fan cry. Am i cruel? Maybe but do you blame me? It is Boston.

  16. Riddering says:

    I’m never giving up, never surrendering!

  17. Drew says:

    I can’t believe they shortened games to 4 innings. I figured I would’ve heard something about that.

  18. Dorian says:

    It’s over. The Yankees will never win again. We can’t compete with the big bad red sox. They are just better.

    Jesus. Some of you sicken me.

  19. pc69 says:

    Well what the fuck else can go wrong. Just found out a friend has cancer in the brain, the Yankees are losing, and everyone on this blog become a fucking asshole when people gripe about the Yankees, people in general are assholes, and like my friend the good ones get it in the ass while losers survive.


    • yankeefan91 Arod fan says:


    • kunaldo says:

      wow dude….real sorry to hear that…i lost my best friend to a brain tumor when he was just 20 years old…it’s going to be a tough journey, but I sure hope everything turns out ok for your friend…best of wishes to him and his family…

    • thurdonpaul says:

      try to be strong for your friend, fuckin cancer sucks, your friend will need you, best of luck to your friend

  20. Accent Shallow says:

    Strike 3 to Melky sure looked outside.

  21. Hova says:

    Andy Pettitte is a pitcha!!!!!!!!!

  22. Reggie C. says:

    The smile from the Slade heathcott pick has faded.

    Aj burnett….damn.

  23. Accent Shallow says:

    Really? We need to see 2003 World Series highlights?


  24. Jordan says:

    Good to see Cano showed up to work tonight for the Yanks.

  25. Dorian says:

    I hope they pitch Robertson tonight. Something also tells me that Wang will be outstanding tomorrow.

  26. Drew says:

    Dang, I thought we were going to have a 123 inning.

  27. DCR says:

    Both sides of this argument should calm down. No, its not the end of the world that the Yankees are probably losing this game. At the same time its perfectly fine to get frustrated at the Yankees looking inept against the Red Sox. This series is a good opportunity to add to a division lead. Instead, Burnett was awful and the Yankees are getting one hit. At least Beckett is at 87 pitches.

  28. Nice catch, Swish.

    Let’s take all the positives we can out of this game.

  29. Dorian says:

    Hey look on the bright side we will get to see the greatest bullpen to ever grace a baseball field.

    On another note, this has been an extremely sloppy game from the yankees. It just seems like one of those rough nights. The rough night just happens to be against the Sawkx. Anyone wanna tell me what Francesa leads with tomorrow.

  30. Hova says:

    WTF. At least make them work fellas!!!! 2 outs on 3 pitches!? WTF.

  31. JeffG says:

    1 game – Beckett was great. If we’re going to have shitty starting pitching good to get it out of the way. In some ways better than losing a game 2-1.

    Anyways, I still think we won’t leave Boston behind in the standings.

    A nice plus for tonight could be a good showing from Veras… positives, it’s all about the positives.

    • Drew says:

      How about a positive being a win? God, everyone throwing in the towel with the way this team has performed this year is pathetic.

      • JeffG says:

        Dude it’s not pathetic. It’s realizing a pretty good starter brought his A game and another didn’t. No big deal we’ll get them later or if by a huge stretch of amazing luck we come back great… but get ready to move on if it doesn’t happen.

  32. Dorian says:

    It seems as if Beckett left something on Flahrety’s chin.

  33. putt says:

    I sneezed and that inning was over…

  34. This thread >>>>> last thread

    The difference, of course, is that people are venting their frustrations here, while the last thread was full of doom & gloom. I hope people can look at both threads and see the difference.

  35. MattG says:

    Scheppers! NOOOOO!

  36. Drew says:

    My heart just dropped.

  37. YankeeScribe says:

    Is Beckett really that good tonite or are the Yanks that bad?

  38. Riddering says:

    It’s definitely not easy to see Beckett having such a good night when Burnett struggled so much, but it’s not an apocalyptic event for the Yankees season.

  39. arlok789 says:

    I desperately want Veras to drill Youkledick in the kneecap or elbow. Something that will hurt like hell and make him sit for a few days. Does that make me a bad person?

  40. Accent Shallow says:

    Youkilis made an out? Is that allowed?

  41. Hova says:

    I vote for Jorge to call a team meeting after this one and rally the troops. They can’t walk away from this trip down 8-0 on the season. I understand we’re only 60 games in, but this is quite possibly the team we will be battling for the AL East title.

    Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

    • I vote for Jorge to call a team meeting and tell the guys, “Hey, guys, we don’t need a team meeting, we’re really fucking good and no loss, even one against the Sox, should make us freak out to the point where we need a team meeting.”

      • Hova says:

        Yea, you’re right. No worries. Bring no pitching to Boston, bring no hitting to Boston. No worries at all. Let’s just keep the same attitude and game plan we’ve been using against them all season. Excellent.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      0-8 would suck, but it’s not even 0-6 yet. Besides, you’re forgetting this is a good team.

      (Although I’m not thrilled about Wang pitching in a Little League field tomorrow, but who knows?)

  42. Accent Shallow says:

    While I’m sure that wasn’t intentional, I sure hope it stings.

  43. arlok789 says:

    Why hit bay when hitting Youkilis or Pedroia is so much more satisfying.

  44. Accent Shallow says:

    Slower: Mike Lowell, or Jose Molina?

  45. Axl says:

    Sorry guys, I know you all missed me. I had piano lessons. What did I miss? Just a lot more of “I told you so’s”? lol

  46. Dorian says:

    Is there anything worse than a Bostonian.

    • arlok789 says:

      Nope. They think Boston is better than New York. Its the worst inferiority complex in the world. Pathetic bunch.

  47. Drew says:

    no more beckett

  48. Riddering says:

    Awww, look at Ortiz going the Charlie Brown walk. I can hear the music in my head even.

  49. Dorian says:

    The Greatest Bullpen to ever grace mankind.

  50. BigBlueAL says:

    4 HR’s for the Phillies vs Johan, plus Ryan Church went deep into the apple in straightaway CF. Citi Field = Bandbox!!!!

  51. What was Beckett’s pitch count?

  52. Can we please beat Delcarmen up for a long inning and a few runs so he’s unavailable for at least tomorrow?

  53. JeffG says:

    Pretty surprising that Beckett gets pulled.

  54. Accent Shallow says:

    A-Rod’s injury has made me overreact a lot. Whenever he gets fooled or swings and misses, I wonder if it’s due to favoring the hip, him being in pain, etc etc.

  55. arlok789 says:

    Delcarmen looks extremely stupid in his Gameday photo. What dumb facial hair. Liner off his face? Plz?

  56. Accent Shallow says:

    Damn, thought Kotsay was going to misplay that.

  57. Damn, just one of those days. Hardest hit ball goes pretty much right to Kotsay.

  58. Tom Zig says:

    Was it just me or did Pudge Jorge call a ridiculous amount of fastballs for AJ tonight

  59. Drew says:

    Swisha blast pleaseeeee

  60. MattG says:

    The sound you hear is Lane Meyer’s heart breaking. The Giants selected Tommy Joseph–but my reason for posting is that, in showing video of Joseph, I swear I have never seen a slower runner in all my life. I would’ve thought it was slow motion, except his legs and arms were pumping like some kind of cartoon character–he just wasn’t moving otherwise.

  61. Axl says:

    Why is it every single team out there can beat the Red Sox at least once but the 2nd best record in baseball New York Yankees?? Do they just have the perfect compilation to beat up on us continuously?

  62. Drew says:

    Only 2 innings left… C’mon guys

  63. Dorian says:

    I really never thought I dislike that many Red Sox, but FUCK DO I HATE THOSE FUCKERZ. I’m a North Carolina basketball fan and I was always say that I hate Duke basketball players way more then Red Sox but everytime I see one of them I think of doing something so horrible to them. I would urinate in their cornflakes. FUCK I HATE THEM DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT

  64. YankeeScribe says:

    The Yanks didn’t even need to bring their bats to the plate tonite…

  65. I love Posada’s mask toss.

  66. Drew says:

    Why are they still showing the radar..

  67. Veras looks surprisingly non-shitty thus far.

  68. Accent Shallow says:

    The scary thing about Veras in mopup duty is that he may throw together a few scoreless outings and be back setting up.

    (Although I hope the Yankees wouldn’t do that until he can show an improvement in his command)

    As I’m typing, Nick Green goes yard. Thanks, Veras.

    • No, he’s basically pitched himself into the LaTroy Hawkins zone already. This appearance is prime example of that.

      He’s killin’ time.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        The thing with Veras is that he’s always been hittable, despite having above average stuff. Although like I said, I would imagine the Yankees don’t throw him back into the setup role unless he can suddenly greatly improve his command (and show that that’s a real improvement)

        • I doubt Veras really gets back into a high-leverage setup role at this point, even if he starts pitching well.

          Girardi tends give the guys he trusts every opportunity to right themselves, and then, when they don’t and he moves them to the back of the pen, they don’t ever come back in the trusted zone.

          It would take Mo-level dominance for Veras to leapfrog Bruney, Marte, Aceves, and Coke in the pecking order.

  69. Dorian says:

    Would it be unethical for me to say if they dropped a bomb on Fenway Park I would give a Papelbum like fist pump?

  70. Accent Shallow says:

    Veras, if Posada is hurt . . .

  71. Lance says:

    …and now Posada gets hit in the throat with a foul ball, awesome

  72. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    i really wish it was hughes tomorrow instead of Wang.

  73. Drew says:

    I can’t stand watching Jose Veras pitch..

  74. Accent Shallow says:

    Seriously, Nick Green? Really?

    Boy, it’ll be hilarious for the Sox when he comes crashing back to Earth.

  75. Accent Shallow says:

    The Sox won’t even deign to dip into their pen for another reliever?

    Those fuckers!

  76. Axl says:

    When it rains…it certainly pours.

    But when Wang comes out and pitches ineffectively like I’ve always stated. Make sure you blame me and launch more personal insults my way to make yourselves feel better about it all.

    It’s kind of like if Beethoven started playing piano and people were upset about it and started hurling personal insults at him because of it. lol.

    • pat says:

      It would be like if beethoven started playing the piano but only played the mexican hat dance and everybody wanted the piano player to die. Then it would be similar.

      • Axl says:

        Yeah, the only difference is I have a gift. I said that Burnett looked shitty immediately and everybody thought I was crazy and a jerk for saying what I saw. Then I turned out being right and everybody got even MORE upset and angry. Including yourself.

        I know it’s hard to admit somebody else is right…especially when you “vocally” disagreed with him and called him childish names. But it still doesn’t change the fact that he was right. And in this case, “he” is me. And the person who underestimated greatness…would be you…and mostly everybody else in here.

        • No, the difference is you THINK you have a gift. What you actually have is delusions of grandeur.

          Hence, you’re a megalomaniac.

          • Please stop. You’re playing his game, and since he makes the rules to his game, he wins.

            Upon further reflection, I tip my cap to Axl. He has EVERYONE going.

            • Fine, you got it.

              I have patience for a lot of things, but not megalomania. My bad. I’ll bite my tongue.

              • But it’s not megalomania. It’s an act. He wants to elicit these types of responses. He’s laughing his ass off at his computer. He knows what buttons to push, and pushes them repeatedly.

                I quit commenting on the game thread for a good hour because I was ashamed that I fell for it too.

                • You’re right, it’s an act. But it is megalomania. Axl’s not that good of an actor for there not to be a root of megalomania and paranoia at the root of all of that.

                • I think he is. I think he vented some frustration with Burnett, saw everyone piling on him, and knew exactly what to do to piss everyone off.

                  I have no idea what the guy’s like in real life, but I know that he knows how to push people’s buttons.

                • The Artist says:

                  When guys like you who have something to contribute quit commenting, that’s a victory for the trolls as well. Don’t let stuff like that bug you so much, my friend. You’re better than that.

                • You know what a real life megalomaniac does?

                  Go on internet blogs and feign super-arrogant ignorant genius just to try and annoy people.

                  Megalomaniacs push buttons just to delight in pushing buttons. Megalomaniacs piss people off just to watch them get pissed off.

                  Axl either seriously has mental problems, or he likes fucking with people by pretending he has mental problems, which is a classic symptom of actually having mental problems.

                  EIther way, he’s one seriously demented little crazy fucker.

                • Axl says:

                  Sorry Tommie. But as smart and megalomaniacal you actually are…the answer is none of the above.

                  Unfortunately, my frustrations pissed a lot of people off when I first got here…and I’ve been cordial at times too..but as soon as I say even the littlest thing…people jump all over me because they already have this reputation of me or something…so even if I make the lightest comment…if it even has a HINT of negativity…it’s pig pile time. Everybody jumps all over me regardless. So instead of going back and forth like a child with insults, which gets absolutely nothing accomplished, I choose to go another route.

                  But you people hold the key though. If you want to get on my case and start a crusade against me for doing barely anything at all…that’s your problem. I can be quite cordial as most of you have seen before. But once everybody starts tag teaming and ganging up on me because of some insignificant thing I notice…the rest is your fault.

                  I never start it. I don’t come on here trying to piss anybody off. I say something and people piss me off…so I retaliate in my own way (without use of insults). I apologize if it riles you up even more.

          • Axl says:

            So me noticing something legitimate (in this case Burnett sucking literally immediately) and YOU insulting me instead of believing me…somehow this makes me a megalomaniac…

            Man, I’d hate to see how you guys treat other people with super powers…

        • Drew says:

          You may be insane.

        • thurdonpaul says:

          can you give me the lottery numbers for tomorrow ?

  77. Dorian says:

    That AB Melky just took looked just like the ones Melk and Robby were taking in August last year. Those I don’t really give a fuck AB’s. There the same AB’s that made me want to get rid of both of them.

    • Drew says:

      Yeah, Melky doesn’t give a shit.

      • Dorian says:

        That’s not what I’m saying. He just kinda gave away an AB. I hate to reference the old yankee teams but it’s the reason they were so good. Even when guys like Tino and O’Neil were old they took great at bats everytime they stepped in the box.

  78. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    lets start a rally.

  79. Rollins just straight ran through Alex Cora to keep the game alive. Great play.

  80. Accent Shallow says:

    Hey, we get a “good” reliever!

    • Ramon Ramirez gets one of the guys who notoriously doesn’t hit into a DP to hit into a DP. Great.

      That baffling .171 BABIP rears it’s ugly head again.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        I was going to post that he induces groundballs, but according to Fangraphs, he has a 36% GB% and a 47% FB%.


        He also has a HR/FB% of 2.9.

        Maybe there is a correction coming.

        That was a relatively well struck ball by Damon, too. A few feet either way, and it’s a hit or a force, not a DP.

  81. Riddering says:

    Two on base, top of lineup, only one out.

    I would love to see our offense heat up here like we know they can late in the game.

  82. Tom Zig says:

    whats with the my9 channel and sucking?

  83. Accent Shallow says:

    Argh. What rally?

  84. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:


  85. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    yay that was such an uplifting moment.

  86. Axl says:

    Mets and Red Sox win…

    Pretty terrible.

    • Peter Lacock (anyone that boos a Yankee is the enemy) says:

      Man, you are very defeatist and depressing. You must be very young.

      • Axl says:

        Huh? Yeah, because when I think of little kids running around and playing with out any responsibilities what-so-ever…”depression” usually comes to mind. LOL

    • Zach says:

      Johan gave up 5 runs, he sucks right?

      • Axl says:

        He sucked tonight, sure. I don’t recall saying that Burnett plain sucked all the time. I recall noticing that he sucked tonight right away…and everybody banding together to start a crusade against me regardless of me being right.

  87. Riddering says:

    Even though that DP has reduced me to broken shadow of my former self, there is a part of me glad that at least Jeter can’t be ragged on for it.

  88. Manimal says:

    Absolute disaster.

  89. John Murphy, C, #76.

    Now, that’s something to be frustrated with. We shoulda went big, we went small.

    • Axl says:

      When it rains…it pours.

    • Zach says:

      “The scouting consensus seemed to be that Murphy had risen to the top of the pile of Florida prep catchers by the end of the season, after an amazing spring playing for the IMG Academy in Bradenton. Murphy hit .627 with 11 home runs in 102 at-bats, rapping 34 extra-base hits overall and striking out just four times. That built off a strong summer and fall performance, as Murphy starred for the Florida Bombers during Connie Mack play and the World Wood Bat tournament in Jupiter, Fla., in October 2008. Murphy’s bat attracts most of the attention, as he has a short, sharp righthanded swing that generates good bat speed and plate coverage. Scouts grade his hit tool ahead of his power, though he’s expected to produce average power with wood. He’s also athletic, having made a shift from outfield (and occasionally third base) to catcher. He’s shown he’s more than capable of handling catcher, showing plus arm strength, solid receiving ability and a quick transfer. The Miami recruit has intelligence and makeup needed for the position, as well, and had hit his way into supplemental round consideration.”

  90. I love Dave Robertson’s curve ball so much.

  91. Riddering says:

    There’s nothing worse than watching Youk at bat when you have a stomach ache.

  92. WesternYankeeFan says:

    Nice show out of Robertson so far.

  93. Drew says:

    Let’s start with a run. Go from there.

  94. Dorian says:

    I would take a beating of Bard as consolation.

  95. Accent Shallow says:

    Oh, hey, Daniel Bard. Let’s see what he’s got.

  96. Hova says:

    God fcuking damn it. Can we show anything at all? One fcuking run for God’s sake?

  97. Accent Shallow says:

    Goofy looking fucker throws gas. 99, 98, 100, 98 to A-Rod.

  98. Charlie says:

    what a disgusting game. Glad i didn’t watch it, but I’m not overly thrilled with the yanks’ first draft day either. They did alright.

  99. Accent Shallow says:

    Bard does the Papelbon face, too?

    Could this team really be more unlikeable?

  100. Dorian says:


  101. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    that gun is bad its worser than the yes its imposible to throw a 98 mph changeup.

  102. pat says:

    Fist pump. classy. Guess who ate shit tonight besides the Yankees?



  103. Drew says:

    Eh, we lost.
    That curveball was 100mph! At what point does YES and Co. buy a fucking radar gun that works? I don’t know if I should be as pissed about it as I am but it REALLY pisses me off.

  104. YankeeScribe says:

    2 hits? Really???

  105. BigBlueAL says:

    I know most of you like to make fun of the Red Sox, but Im sorry their bullpen is pretty fuckin nasty.

  106. Mattingly's Love Child says:

    Well that was a shitty night…..

    Let’s turn it around tomorrow, some good draft picks and a victory!

  107. LB says:

    So..that was bad.
    Win the next 2 and all is well

  108. Hova says:

    First shutout of the season has to come against these bastards. Fcuk.

  109. Charlie says:

    Pathetic showing by the Yanks, we just can’t seem to beat this team. AJ Burnett is wild and overrated, and the yankees pounded the Red Sox for TWO HITS. TWo fucking hits!! Thats not how you win ballgames.

  110. ranger11 says:

    Hey, what happened to the NY symbol that indicates whether a comment has been read or not? I hate fucking Fenway!

  111. Bryan says:

    This game was a travesty. It was a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.

  112. Drew says:

    I can’t wait to hear what Burnett says. He’s gonna be pissssssed.

  113. Dorian says:

    Zach McAllister of A.J. Burnett. Who yu got more confidence in right now?

    I mean when you see the guy on an every 5th day basis you understand why people clowned us for that contract. The guy has no command and he is 30+ years old. I won’t kill cashman for it because I even endorsed it, but watching this guy all the time is frustrating as hell. How are 30 years old with no 3rd pitch? As of right now I loathe him the most of any player on the yankees. With that type of stuff he should be second to none in MLB but the guy has yet to attend a mid-summer classic. Doesn’t that say something?

    • Zach says:

      His lack of all start appearances mean absolutely nothing

      • Dorian says:

        Coaches select the Pitchers. That says something to me about a guy who just got 80 mil over 5 years. When you have the best stuff, I just don’t understand why a coach, one time, doesn’t think you are worthy of an All-Star appearance.

        • No, not really.

          Using AS appearances (or any award, for that matter) just isn’t really a good way to evaluate a guy. Every year, there’s a good 5-6 guys who make it that make everyone scratch their heads, and 5-6 guys who don’t make it that deserve it.

          The fact that he’s got no appearances doesn’t mean he never deserved an appearance.

    • It hasn’t been pretty thus far.

      It’s early, though. A.J. Burnett pre-ASB 2008 was fairly worthless. A.J. Burnett post-ASB 2008 was one of the three or four best pitchers in all of baseball.

      He can look like crap for months and then be Don Drysdale in his prime for months.

  114. dkidd says:

    some will call this a panic move, but i don’t care:

    slade heathcott should lead off tomorrow

  115. Clayton says:

    Game 7 Baby!

    • Clayton says:

      Sorry the hockey game was better to watch than the game tonight.

      FYI hockey? Don’t worry, you’ll never get it

  116. Axl says:

    What’s funny is that AJ Burnett was 5-0 with sick numbers against the Red Sox in his career…especially at Fenway…then IMMEDIATELY when he puts the pinstripes on…they own him. They batter him around.

    Make any sense? Of course not…

  117. DCR says:

    Really nervous about Wang tomorrow.

    • LB says:

      I’m very nervous about him too.

      Watch him give us 8 innings and give up only 1 run tomorrow. All our nervousness will be for nothing (I’m really hoping this scenario happens).

  118. Sergio Mitre had a nice game for SWB tonight: 6 3 1 1 1 7

    Montero DH’d for Trenton: 1-4 with a walk
    WDLR tok the loss, 6 6 4 4 2 3

    Hector Noesi w/a tough luck loss for Charleston: 8 6 2 2 2 7

  119. Drew says:

    I completely forgot that AJ hasn’t pitched in 7 days. I guess that explains the lack of control.

    • Axl says:

      AJ on 7 days. Wang not being 100%. Better get prepared for a 0-8 against the Red Sox start…

      Fortunately for you…most of you don’t have to listen to it. Unfortunately for me, I hear it everyday. Hence my frustrations and venting…

  120. Dorian says:

    On a brighter note, David Robertson’s ERA is now 1.86 and he is striking out close to 12 per 9

  121. Axl says:

    So who does this Heathcott guy compare too? They said the #2 pick the Mariners took compares to Darren Earstad…I mean he was good…but #2 worthy…after a guy like Strasburg? I would have expected better. And if the #2 guy is Darren Earstad…then our guy we picked must be like the 2nd coming of Ricky Ledee or something haha.

  122. Hova says:

    One other important outcome from tonight’s game. We have Hughes and Aceves ready to rock if Wang struggles.

  123. Hova says:

    From PeteAbe. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

    The last time a team from Boston started the season 6-0 against a team from New York was 1912 when the Red Sox won 14 straight against the Highlanders.

  124. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

    Let’s not get crazy here. If we take one out of the next two we leave in a tie–no blood.

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